Luna's Fishing Garden

Luna's Fishing Garden

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100% Achievements Guide
By Calcifer
A guide to unlock all 100% of achievements for Luna's Fishing Garden including hidden achievements.
This guide contains spoilers and help to complete achievements, Use at your own choosing.
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Fish Appreciation
Feed Sam avocados

To unlock Sam you need to clear the fog with the lighthouse a second time for 750 Take your boat into the new area and talk to the giant fish Sam who will give you a new task "Taking Flight" requesting 10 coconuts, completing this will give you a new task "Visions of the Sky" requesting 5 avocados.
Each Avocado tree costs 400 to plant and will produce an avocado every 50 seconds.
Use balloons 3 times

After completing the task "Taking Flight" from Sam you will unlock balloon travel. Now you are able to automatically float between islands instead of having to take the boat. To use the balloons simply walk off the edge of an island, fly with the balloons 3 times to unlock this achievement.

You can upgrade the speed of the balloons by completing tasks from Sam.
A Feel for the Reel
Catch every fish in one spot

Jellybean will give you a fishing rod which will allow you to fish! Row your boat out to a fishing spot in the water and begin to fish. Each fishing spot has it's own set of fish, If you manage to catch one of each fish in a single fishing spot you will unlock this achievement.

Purchase fishing rod upgrades with from Jellybean to make fishing slightly easier each upgrade!
Master Angler
Catch every fish

Once you have discovered all the fishing spots you will be able to unlock this achievement by catching one of every single fish in the game! Remember to hand in any new unique fish to Nigel to complete his tasks.

You can check Nigel's field journal on Fauna to see all the different types of fish in the game and check your progress.
Bird Breeder
Build 10 bird nests

Unlocking Gustav's island and talking to him will unlock the new Eggs category in the build menu allowing you to place down bird nests which can automatically sell fruit from trees and produce for you.

Kea nests costs 600 each and will harvest fruit to sell. The birds can also fly around to other island trees.
Science Enthusiast
Complete any of Nigel's field journals

Clear the fog with the lighthouse for 250 to unlock Nigel's island. You will need to donate one of every unique item you find to Nigel. Completing any of the Flora or Fauna field journals will award you with this achievement. Nigel's tasks will also reward you with backpack upgrades allowing you to carry more items.

You can check your progress on either field journal by talking to Nigel.
Jump off the island into the ocean 3 times

This is easy to do at the beginning of the game before you acquire balloon travel. Simply walk off the edge of an island into the water 3 times to unlock this achievement.

Don't worry thankfully you won't die! You will quickly respawn on the island as if that never happened.
Cleanup Duty
Clean up the archipelago

After you have unlocked the entire map with the lighthouse, clean up every single piece of scrap. When all pieces of scrap laying around have been picked up you will unlock this achievement. Luna will give you tasks to clean up islands as you unlock them.

Scrap sells for 5 each when sold to Luna who will reward you with even more for completing the tasks.
Anything Else?
Catch the same fish 3 times in a row

This takes a special kind of luck to catch 3 of the same fish in a row, Simply just keep fishing until you manage to hit a streak. The catch rates are random and are completely decided on luck. It's recommended that you fish at a fishing spot which only has 4 total fish to increase your chances.

If you are having trouble with fishing, the game settings has a speed modifier which you can adjust.
Be Like the Lotus
Plant 15 lotuses

Open the build menu and place down 15 lotuses in the water, They can only be placed in certain areas. If a placement is invalid, a red highlight box will appear indicating you need to find a more suitable spot.

Lotuses cost 40 and produce Lotus seeds every 25 seconds which sell for 10 each.
We're Gonna Need a Bigger Screen
Catch an oarfish

Once you unlock the last fishing spot you will be able to catch an Oarfish which is a huge fish that can be difficult to catch without fishing upgrades. If you manage to catch one of these, you will unlock this achievement. The oarfish is required to complete the Fauna field journal for Nigel.

The Oarfish sells for 75 each and is needed to complete Jellybean's last fishing tour task.
The Ones that Got Away
Fail to catch 10 fish

Hopefully you will be doing this on purpose and not on accident, Simply fail to catch a fish 10 times. Easiest way to do this is to set the fishing speed modifier in the game settings to maximum so the fish escape very quickly.

Can be done as early as the beginning of the game, right after you receive your fishing rod from Jellybean.
Hide and Seek
Find Poppy in a cave

After unlocking the balloons to travel between islands go to Gustav's island and float over to the cave where Poppy appears from, you will unlock the achievement once you land by the cave. Once the bridge is completed Poppy will be waiting for you by your boat asking you to sail to each of the Elm saplings in hopes of restoring them.

You can upgrade your boat with by talking to Gustav.
A Work of Art
Help Gustav rebuild a bridge

If you have Gustav's island island unlocked, Talking to Gustav will give you the task "A Bridge Too Few" which requires 50 to repair the bridge. Place down bird nests on islands that allow them to slowly produce enough wood then return and talk to Gustav.

Takahe nest is the best investment, it produces +3 over time but requires 999 to build.
Siannah Mar 22, 2023 @ 12:45am 
"Anything Else?" is easiest to do on the second fishing spot, as the Goldfish reels in a lot faster than the other three - if it reels in slower, let the catch get away. That way you're guaranteed to catch 3 Goldfish in a row.
... and you likely finish "The Ones That Got Away" too.
Calcifer  [author] Sep 29, 2021 @ 5:05pm 
Thanks for the feedback, I rearranged the achievements as requested :winter2019happyyul:
Pri Sep 29, 2021 @ 4:02pm 
Great guide, thank you! :tslike: Although I think it would be a good idea to move up Hide and Seek section so it shows up before A Work of Art, as if you repair the bridge before flying over the cave, unlocking its relative achievement will be impossible.
tutuba ruindade pura Jul 27, 2021 @ 12:56am 
Thank u :cadrialie::cadrialove:
Calcifer  [author] Jul 7, 2021 @ 3:50am 
thanks for letting me know, I'll update the guide :nekoheart:
Yulia Jul 7, 2021 @ 1:42am 
Hey! Because of the update, you need to use the balloons to go through the broken bridge to get the achievement Hide and Seek :slimetabby:
Cotton Jun 30, 2021 @ 7:52am 
Is a nice simple guide <3