Call of Juarez

Call of Juarez

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Customize and play the X-Box 360 version of Call of Juarez on PC
By Cowboy(UA)
Call of Juarez for X-Box 360 is now posible to play on PC. For details and differences, see the manual.
Downloading an X-Box 360 emulator
Here is always the latest version of the emulator:

http s:// m/api/projects/benvanik/xenia/artifacts/xenia_master.zi p?branch=master&job=Configuratio n:%20Release&pr=false ( remove the four spaces )
Need an ISO image of the game
At this point... never mind. We go further in order.) I can advise you to search for a disk on Ebay or use Google search. In any case, I do not call for anything. Or just ask me private about. ^^

I want to warn you about one thing.

The correct right, and most likely not broken, ISO image of any original English language non-modified dual-layer disk for the X-Box 360 should always have a size of 7,29 GB.
Game launch and configure
The emulator is very easy to use. You don't need to configure anything. Configure the game itself like always. And, yes – you'll need a gamepad. Definitely!

To start the game, click: "File > Open...", select the Disk image and that's it. ;)

Option " Show content directory... " opens the folder with your current saves.

"F11 " – full-screen mode.

You can found several utilities on the network for allow you to emulate any gamepad and reconfigure it to the keyboard/mouse control it at your own choise. In my opinion, this is the most useful: http s://w m / #Help (remove the three spaces ).

However, this method does not work with my wireless gamepad from the X-Box 360 for some reason. Developers of the emulator has plans to add an option with the possibility of manual configuration in the future. Well, we just need wait for the update. Or you can try test this feature on other gamepads. I read all the comments.
Differences from the PC version

— Graphical & technical boost
— Enhanced AI
— Re-Designed Levels
— Improved cut scenes for a richer and more believable experience;
— Additional intro level: players are able to play a fragment of the final level and then are moved to the beginning with a “One week earlier” note. This will help them to understand the game and see some intense shooting sequences before moving to Billy tutorial level.

2 new single player modes:

— «Extra Missions» mode - play 3 completely new levels with a new character (a sheriff);
— «Duels» mode - based on the most recognizable element of Wild West: fast drawing.

You can notice the hidden additional exclusive weapons with improved characteristics. In some cases, this will allow you to take a different look at the already familiar levels, getting an unforgettable experience.

Damage recovery system is revised. Health is restored over some time, if you wait in a safe shelter. Red bottles also restore health.

20 new music tracks.

New multiplayer content:

— 3 new Multiplayer Maps – more than on PC;
— «Horse-Riding Mode» - players fight online in special maps with the help of their faithful horses;
— Xbox Live features - additional maps as downloadable content;
— 24 Multiplayer skins (3/class/team) let the gamers customize the characters when playing online.
Save files on 100%
Install my saves.

All the secrets are collected, all the duels are opened. Open access to all levels and most importantly - to additional exclusive levels available only in the version for X-Box 360.

Unpack and put it in a folder: "C:\Users\User name\Documents\Xenia\content".

s:// om/file/d/182Uegrd1J2O7Fnbq32qav_uOybWxzYLP/view?usp=sharing

( remove the two spaces )

Content Unlocked:
- Three exclusive levels unlocked;
- Completed all duels;
- All story missions are unlocked;
- All the posters are collected.
Playthrough of 3 additional levels
Who is interested or still not have a gamepad for play himself - watch the playthrough of three exclusive additional levels:
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Cowboy(UA)  [author] Nov 2, 2021 @ 8:58pm 
On real console than.
jackal_0387 Nov 2, 2021 @ 11:16am 
I would like to play this episode without emulator but how?