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The Infected

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Help with Finding Tech Blueprints (OBSOLETE for V14+)
By Shinigami

The scope of this guide is simply to help new players (EARLY GAME SPOILERISH) that are having difficulty finding Tech Blueprints. My hope is that new players find this guide before getting into the trouble of more and more searching.
Intro and Thanks to Contributors
Players can have difficulties finding tech blueprints and when they are not found, the player is often convinced that there is a bug. Though there have been a couple bugs in previous versions, there have been no actual bugs (involving BP spawns) since v12. I believe it is safe to say that the blueprints are there and just simply not found in these cases. I hope that this guide will help those that do not know every nuance and how to best find the blueprints.
The info ahead comes from my own experience and also from many helpful community members. I do my best to revise this guide as more helpful information and helpful suggestions are received and if any game updates change the tech blueprint system. Obviously, this guide needs to be fully correct in order to help others effectively, so if anyone sees a statement that differs from their own experience, please leave a comment below.
I am also always on the lookout for more info or screenshots of blueprints that are found in unusual places. They can be posted here:

I want to give the following players my special thanks for their contributions:

@Freake420 for all map shots. If you don't know of this guy's creative works, he has his own current screenshot thread here:
And some of his older fine work can be found in the long running community thread here:

Thanks to @sleepygamer for support and offering her great maps that show POI and ore locations that can be seen here:

Previous versions.
Fotolit- for creating the awesome village maps and allowing me to use them in this guide.

Thanks to Jaunitta, Xynth, shGaming599 and Beartlaoi for their support and providing screenshots.
Without your contributions, this guide would be lacking.

Thanks to the following players for adding helpful information in the comments section that lead to further edits:

Important Note About Playing Pre- Version 12 Saves
It is essential to know that those players attempting to continue from saves that were made prior to Version 12 will not have access to the 2 new blueprints. Blueprints, --including the new ones (very important in this case)-- , only spawn at the start of a new save game. Beyond that, the whole map has changed. It has doubled in size and all villages have been redesigned and relocated with the addition of 1 village. Also... by now you probably already know that your previous builds and inventories have been severely displaced among the new map. It's time for a restart.

Tech Blueprint Basics
Technology Blueprints, once acquired, will allow the player to learn technologies needed to craft more advanced workstations, items, tools, etc. Some techs are needed to fully experience all of the game mechanics/features and some are for QOL (Quality of Life).

When acquiring a tech, it will automatically be learned by the player and will not take up any storage space. To see the list of techs, open your inventory ("i" by default) and click the gears icon at the top of the screen shown here:

This will open up the tech menu screen which shows all techs. The techs with a checkmark on the right note the technologies that have been found and are available to the player.

Notice in this case that only 6 of 14 have been found as noted by the check marks next to them.

More information on tech blueprints can be found on the game's wiki page here:
The curators of the wiki page do an amazing job with everything including keeping information up to date.
Overall Map and Spawn Behavior
As there are currently 14 total techs, know that they all spawn inside houses that lie within 7 villages. Each of the 7 villages will have 2 blueprints. To reiterate, no more and no less than 2 tech blueprints spawn per village.

This map notes each village location.

The techs will spawn randomly in each village in separate buildings upon each new gamesave creation and they will remain in their original spawn location even though other village loot respawns over time. Again...
Only two techs will spawn per village
Once spawned, they will remain at that location until found

Since BP Techs spawn randomly for each save, asking another player where they found a specific tech is moot because it is likely that a particular tech will be in a different location compared to another player.

Though there are other tips mentioned later, one main tip that I believe is essential when searching for Tech Blueprints is to:
Keep Track of How Many Techs You Find in Each Village!

While doing so, you will know which village(s) to revisit if you must leave before finding both.

Individual Village Maps
Special thanks to @Freake420 for providing a hi-res map for each village which shows each building. Clicking on the thumbnail will open the large image. Each map number corresponds to the numbers in the main map above.

Exploring Villages and Identifying Tech Blueprints
As previously mentioned, there are 7 villages that each have 2 blueprints. Once you get to a village, it is important to search EVERY house if you want to acquire both blueprints. Marking each house after fully searching is recommended. Keeping the exterior doors open to mark a house is only effective until you reload the game. When a save file is loaded, ALL doors on the map are closed. The most effective method of marking a house that players do is to place a ghost construction. For example, an un-built foundation, in front of each house after fully searching. When doing this, be 100% sure that there is no tech BP in that house or else you will have to search again if the missing tech(s) are not found in the other houses within that village.

When attempting to find Tech Blueprints, it is always best to have a light source
A torch is good but the yellow helmet light is best. Even in daytime, this will help since there are no light sources within the buildings.

Searching in the dark with no light is futile.

A bit of light obviously makes a big difference.

In either case, when hovering your cross hair (dot in this case) over a tech BP, it will show the info on screen.

Tech Blueprints appear as white books that are always standing upright and will stand out compared to other books when found on a bookshelf. Normally, there is no need to scan every book in a shelf as they will stand out and not be within the other stacks of books but they can be close to them.

This one (pictured above) gets a little lost in the shuffle. I'm not sure if they still spawn this way since V12 but be on the lookout as these can be easily missed.

In my gameplay experience, the majority of tech blueprints are found in bookshelves as shown above ^^^

Not to be confused with wall mounted shelves shown here:

However, some blueprints can also be found sitting on other objects as seen in these cases:

I have never seen a BP spawn outdoors. In prior versions, there had been reports of BPs spawning in other difficult to notice spots such as on couches, under tables, on top of bookcases, and even outside of buildings on a table, etc.
If a player does find one in an odd place, be sure to get a screenshot and post Here and I will happily add them to the guide.

Tips and Review
It is very important to keep track of how many you find in each village.
If you are missing blueprints, you need to know which village to return to as opposed to having to re-search all villages.

You will not find more than one BP in a single building
In my own experience and no other instances have been reported of more than one tech blueprint being found in a single building.

When searching villages you will want to keep track of which houses and buildings that you have covered.
Some will simply keep both doors open to buildings (that have them) but all doors will close upon reload. Many players will place a ghost construct in front of the house or building. Be absolutely certain that you have fully searched that building or it will defeat the whole purpose of marking it. Use the individual village maps (above) to their full potential.

In all of my gameplay, I have never found tech BPs outside of buildings, in bathrooms, or unfurnished attics like this one:

While searching for tech BP, be on the lookout for "The Beast" as it is also only found in villages.

But that's another story. Sleepygamer has a great guide on this here:

Thanks for reading and I do hope this guide was helpful

圆白菜 Feb 12, 2023 @ 5:47pm 
helpful. and how to get more eggs?
dmtdeadpool May 11, 2022 @ 3:34pm 
Taking a cart with two storage boxes on it is also a good idea for searching villages, so you can dump resources. This gives you the ability to clear an entire village in one go reducing the need to return before clearing a village.

I put large items in one crate and the small items in the other. Helps to quickly empty everything between houses. Between the two crates and your inventory you can easily clear a village with room to spare. It honestly doesn't take long to clear an entire village. Start at the first house and clear one side of the road then the other side one house at a time.
redneckcowboy Apr 23, 2022 @ 3:21pm 
Hallo Leute, ich spiele die Version V12.3, ich habe da mal ne Frage, ist es so gewollt das man den Truck nicht mehr mit Holzkisten oder Steinkisten beladen kann? Sie lassen sich zwar auf die Ladefläche setzen bleiben aber nach dem Anfahren in der Luft hängen.
sleepygamer Mar 16, 2022 @ 4:36pm 
re the ghost blueprints, if ya a big cheat like me and play in free build mode quite often then a good tip is to chuck down a pumpkin lantern instead or a fire pot which is even better as you can one click those on and off but not as notifiable from a distance, handy for re visits
Shinigami  [author] Mar 16, 2022 @ 4:25pm 
I always loved that nickname for the truck that YOU gave it ;) It IS a beast!
Freake420 Mar 16, 2022 @ 4:22pm 
Nice work Shini! lol@The Beast
sleepygamer Mar 16, 2022 @ 3:54pm 
very nice guide now lets just hope people read it lol
79CamaroZ28 Feb 27, 2022 @ 11:19pm 
I'm a little late to the game, but this is extremely helpful. Thank you!
Shinigami  [author] Nov 5, 2021 @ 2:58pm 
Thank you Caz! My hope is for players to see this guide prior to spending so much time searching and having to go back over each village. Cheers!
Caz Nov 5, 2021 @ 2:25pm 
Thanks for this guide, Shinigami. I just went through a village and probably spent 3 or 4 times longer than necessary.