MarineVerse Cup

MarineVerse Cup

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By Greg
MarineVerse Cup is a perfect solution for your event or boat show.

Virtual reality will attract visitors to your booth and offer a memorable experience with as little as 5min per visitor session.
Basics of VR sailing at your event

Account setup

  • Make sure you have a MarineVerse account[].
  • Reach out to and ask for the "event mode" to be activated on your account.
  • Make sure you log in into MarineVerse account on your headset ( in MarineVerse Cup app )

What to bring

Running a demo
In sequence
  • Make sure the game is in the Main Menu
  • Make sure headset view is being casted to the TV
  • Show on TV screen that headset and controllers are being tracked
  • Show them controllers and which button they will need to use ( joysticks )
  • Ask them person to start "Sailing Terms" level
  • When done, ask them to go back to the menu, sit down and start "Sail" level
  • Monitor constantly for troubles or issues or signs that they "are done" and want out.
  • If they are doing well, consider Race

Out sequence
  • Take off the headset ( and plug in for charging if there is time )
  • Take away controllers
  • Place headset in a safe spot - make sure lenses are not pointing into direct sunlight - as this will destroy the headset
  • Thank you for demo - ask them for feedback ( if possible, pass them to a second person to take feedback / debrief, while you prepare the headset for the next person )
  • Clear the lenses of the headset and wipe cover with hygienic wipes ( wipe controllers also )

Social media
Make sure to promote your event by sharing lots of photos on social media. You hashtags #marineverse & #vr #sailing

VR Sailing at past events