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alpha stage of mi-6 heli - under construction, in plan is implementatiin of advanced configuration as near to real one as it is possibile so:
- Animation of rotor blades like smooth blade dive during startup of engine,
- real time of startup rotor RPMs.
- animated heads of rotors,
- dive blur blades during change value of thrust,
- also change shape and plain of main rotor forward and side,
- added animated gear wheels and dumpers suspension
- RTD configuration.
- ability to slingload about 8000kg of cargo external and about 15000kg vehicles or cargo in cargo bay,
- animated hook bay and real point of slingload,
- animated side and ramp doors and engine covers,
- animated propellers of engines,
- detailed interior (improove of 3d model)
- improove of existing textures and materials,
- improve of damage config,

Unfortunatelly due to source model from A2 (NightIntruder) textures still not very detailed (so if any texture specialist would like to improove it will be great i am not good in this part - thanks to Jove Chiere for base texture preparations).
This vehicle will be fill of needed type of havy lift heli from real world for opfor side in RHS, like on blufor is ch53 or ch47. Maybe it will be added to RHS in future, or when i make remake of Mi-26 from A2 in future (sorce model is prepared so only time is a limit).

Special thanks for consultations/photo-materials and his time to master of reduction modeling Mr. Andrzej Ziober (

Addon in based on version created oryginally for ARMA 2 by:

Sgt Savage
Michel Gérard
Gerrit Kranenbarg
Joe Binka
Aplion staff and users especially MaxPowers, hcpookie, GnaT and others
gamers community of Polish Arma Coop Corps (
ACC's Tactical Wing (ACC SLT)
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Predator14 Sep 26 @ 10:54am 
Nice progress ! ;) continue !
Tug RubNuts Sep 20 @ 11:48am 
Love this mod. I really hope you do create a remake of the Mi-26! The one currently on the workshop can't sling load and tends to malfunction and crash when I try to make it do so by using the advanced sling loading mod. Keep up the good work!
Klopsenator Sep 17 @ 3:46am 
it is in alpha stage still even better then the mi-26 from the workshop. Keep up the good work :steamhappy:
bigman801 Aug 10 @ 7:00am 
[EC] HAWK  [author] Aug 5 @ 12:06am 
Yea sorry there is new command what will be added in new uppdate of arma (I forgot to turn it off before relase - in DEV version of arma it working).
Nuka Aug 4 @ 8:07am 
Script Error (missing ; ) when I load a new map in the editor
file: fn_MI6_loop.sqf
[EC] HAWK  [author] Jul 30 @ 5:37am 
It is possibile but the real users of this machine was countries from this llist: (the textures of other countries and markings is another stage of addon rebuilding - now are temporary)
ZSRR, Algieria, Białoruś, Bułgaria, Chiny, Egipt, Etiopia, Indonezja, Irak, Kazachstan, Peru, Polska, Rosja, Syria, Ukraina, Uzbekistan, Wietnam
Nuka Jul 29 @ 4:34am 
The CHDkZ texture is now Uzbekistan, can we get an CHDkZ texture with only the red star?
Nuka Jul 16 @ 5:51am 
Thank you fpr your work. The heli is still in development, but already very impressive.
[EC] HAWK  [author] Jul 7 @ 12:37pm 
To dzięki za krzyż na drogę :)