Legend of Hand

Legend of Hand

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Legend of Hand Walkthrough
By Coach Gamer
A walkthrough for the game.
Start New game.
You wake up. Complete your workout clicking the DUMMY a few times. Then click the PUNCHING BAG a few times. Click the MAT a few times. Morning workout is complete.
Roguh enters and says you are late.
Find your Gi. It is in the pile of clothes near the bed (next to pillow). You wear it. Exit. Talk to grandmasters. Put your name or randomise it.
Watch cutscene.
Special moves required for SPECIALIST achievement
The game features 8 special moves. Some of them you will acquire during the story, others you have to buy from vendors. Here's a list of moves and where I got them (maybe you can get them somewhere else):

  • Healing through breathing: not sure, I guess I got it from a fight on Blue Island?;
  • Poison stopping iron lung: Red island - when you get kidnapped to snake people, accept of king's offer of training;
  • Swordfish power: Blue Island/Red Island (top tier) - when you buy Super Swordfish Potion;
  • Deity Delight: Green Island/Blue Island - when you pray at some sacred statues;
  • Marathon Mauler: Yellow Island - after your training with Sanook - unmissable;
  • Drunken Master: Yellow Island - after your dance at the bar - unmissable;
  • Tornado Feet: when you get on a boat to fish for some guy, on the right side of the screen there will be a floating bottle. I'm not sure if you get this on Yellow or Blue Island;
  • Healing Hands: Red Island (Prison) - unmissable.
Green Island
Try to enter the temple. The woman doesn't let you enter, and she is hungry.
Talk to boy near the cart, and he will come back to take care of his chickens.
Talk to herbalist.
Talk to monk.
Take a leaf from the plant in the shoreline.
Talk to tall man that appeared near where you came. You will play a challenge. If you win, you get a new a new move.
Examine the statue and the sign near the food stand. The monk collects donations. Talk to the monk, and you will be able to collect money. Wear the robe and collect money from the beggar, fisherman, and herbalist. Talk to monk again. You get 3 bronze coins. Buy a beef noodle from the stall owner. Give it to the woman guarding the temple.
She throws away your food. :-(
Buy a cup of hot water from the herbalist. Combine in your inventory the green leaf with the cup of hot water. Give it to the man with the cart. He sleeps. Get bird feed.
Talk to stall owner again. He says you should talk with Lin Bei.
Talk to congee chef (inside little house). He is depressed. Pip mocks him.
Get out. It's raining. Talk to Pip. Talk to lady.
Talk to monk. You can choose a gift. Choose the ENGRAVED PLUM. Give the ENGRAVED PLUM to the LADY. She gives a NOTE to deliver to Lin Bei. Deliver it and the chef will get happy and willl cook for you.
You need a chicken. Talk to boy. Enter chicken coop. Use bird feed with tray and get a chicken. Give the chicken to Lin bei. Open door and take a log and put it. use POKER.
Use Stove TOP.
Use RICE on POT. Add water. Stir it with the SPOON (2x). Put the lid.
Take off the lid. Add chicken meat. Stir it with SPOON. Chop spring onion with knife four times.
Add salt to rice. Add special sauce.
Put the rice on POT and add GARNISH ONION.

You got a congee dish. Give it to Gran. She likes it and you enter the temple.
Talk to OLD MAN. Fight Rai. Select any schemes.
Select STONE SPLITTER, in STANDARD MOVES, until Rai is defeated.
If you lose, talk to Pip. He says you should use the uppercut he told you.
Select STONE SPLITTER, in STANDARD MOVES, until Rai is defeated.

You completed this island. Let's head to the next island and continue the game.
Blue Island
Talk to fisherman. Knock on the door with fish hanging. You'll meet Old Gaoda. Look at amulet. Take off clothes. Sit on bed. She needs rainbow trout. Take your clothes. There's fish in pond near her house, but you can't take them. Try to enter cave. Bad guys are there. Knock on the door on lower right. You'll meet the Artisan. Take knife on desk. Exit house. Talk to boy on the left. Use GIANT CRAB. Talk to fisherman again. He needs bait (buffalo worm). Go to right, take SHINY SHELLO and put it near the old shell. You'll find an oyster inside old shell. Combine oyster with knife, and get pearl. Give pearl to artisan. He gives you 4 bronze coins and free shelter at his brother. Exit, go right and look at nest. The mommy bird gives worms to hatchlings. Talk to boy. He's sad because of his mill. Go to artisan, go to back area and get stuffed toy and things on desk (string and hammer and nails). Use stuffed toy on nest. Mommy bird doesn't care. Combine knife with stuffed toy and get puppet. Use puppet with nest and get BUFFALO WORM. Give the worm to fisherman. He will teach your how to fish. Now try to grab that fish in pond.

Originally posted by Cloak and Dagger Games:
You need to gradually lower you hand to under the fish, when it is not looking up. You do this by clicking in the space to the right of the screen (you will see that the space is highlighted when you hover the cursor over it)
Then, when your hand is under the fish, what until the pupil dilates then click on the fish.
Then, wait until the pupil dilates even bigger, then click on the fish again.

You get rainbow trout, but thugs will get you and beat you. Get rainbow trout and go to Old Gaoda's house. Give her the RAINBOW TROUT. Sit on bed. Talk to Old Gaoda's. When she gets her medicine, Kiki will get up and ask for food. Give her food. Whoa, that was unexpected!!!
Enter cave and fight thug. If you win, you'll meet Wilson. Take a look at mushroom. Exit to the right. You reached a new area. Enter pub and talk to people here. Talk to cart guy right next to pub. Go to hotel and talk to innkeeper. Talk to fisherman. Talk to man guarding entrance, he won't let you enter. Go to right, the mill's wheel is here! Talk to people.

The answers are:
"I'm not afraid of you!"
"You'll leave this village be!"
"Now begone, your foul serpent!"

Take the wheel. Put wheel on base. Use HAMMER AND NAILS on it. The kid gives you a token. Notice the cricket. Go back to right side of island and give TOKEN to man guarding tent.

Enter and talk to BEARDED MAN. You can't enter. Talk to FISHERMAN outside tent and ask about Dau. Go and talk to Dau. Go talk to BARMAN and Huan. He is sad because his cricket died.
Go to cave and talk to Wilson. Give him your knife. He will work on walls.

Enter the Store. Take cricket on ground. Talk to Old Gaoda and buy GLOVE. Enter cave and use GLOVE to take MUSHROOM. Talk to STALL OWNER again. Tell him you have a cricket. Your cricket will lose. Go to hotel and talk to INNKEEPER about crickets (you have to look at poster on wall before). Humm, I'll have to spin the cricket. Go to left side of island, combine STRING with CRICKET, and use it on WHEEL.

Fight again. Your cricket wins, and you'll gift it to Huan.

Go to hotel. Your room is ready. Enter room on the right. Sleep for the night.

You wake up. Click on your Gi to wear it. Try to exit through the door. It's jammed. Exit through front entrance. Eat breakfast on desk (Permanent +1 HP increase). Exit.

Look the cricket stand and watch the fight. Enter the tent. There are a lot of stands here.

Kiki is here. Try to talk with her.
Go to left side and talk to Fisherman Dau. He needs bamboo and grape wine to construct the bait.
Talk to fishermen near Old Gaoda's house and cave.

Go to right side of of island, enter the tent, and try to talk to Governor Cho. He will talk to you later.
Talk to Director Zangzi to watch the play.

Try to take the bamboo near the bar. Now try to use the axe. You can't. Buy a fish from the vendor near the hotel. Use the fish on hook near the man that doesn't let you use the axe. When he turns around, take the axe, and cut the bamboo.
Enter the bar and buy a bottle of GRAPE WINE.

Give the bamboo and grape wine to Fisherman Dau.

On the left side of island, talk to Greg Chen, fisherman on boat. Try to talk to Fisherman Dau. Take the fish. You need to make it red.

Go to Old Gaoda's Store. Talk to her about red dye. Use work area.
* You need to make Cherry Vermilion Splendour
* You have to add ingredients in order, according to the book.

Use mushroom on pestle and mortar to get MUSHROOM POWDER. Take a LOJI LEAF from the small tree and use it on mortar to get Loji Leaf Powder.
Add to bowl: butterfly wing dust, leaf powder (inventory), green island tea extract, kittendew powder, mushroom powder (inventory), and cave gold fibres.
Add to get red dye. Use RED DYE on FISH to paint it red. Click it and you will take it to right side of the island.

Go to hotel, eat rations (Permanent +1HP increase). Go to your room and sleep.

Next morning
Wear Gi. Exit through door in your room. Whoops, it rained and discolored your fish. Exit your room, enter the room next to your room, wear costume. Exit through door in your room. Enter tent and join the play. Exit the tent through the exit on right. Go to right and enter the Castle (notice small grave near castle). Talk to Huan. You have to fight Master Kong.
Fight him, and you'll lose.
Huan gave you a TOWER KEY.
Cross the bridge, and use the TOWER KEY on tower door. Take CANDLE, and use it on FLAMES. Exit castle
P.S: Bo is near the bridge (achievement True Brawler and Marathon Mauler special move), and there's a seller next to the castle (Super Swordfish Potion gives you a special - Swordfish Power).
Enter tent and talk to Wilson. He found some rocks that glow in the dark. Just what we need!! Take one of the candles on the left. Enter the tower again. Be sure the candle is lit, combine the candle with minerals, and go upwards.

Open the windows. Read book. Interesting. Use panel near fingers. Select the first button from top-down, then the second button. If you try the third button, you will die. You'll get a new SPECIAL. Exit the tower, and enter the house again. Go through door on the right and fight Master Kong. Use the techniques you just learnt. If you lose, pray at the sacred image behind Master Kong and get a new special (Deity Delight).

After the fight, Master Kong will give you a THIMBLE.

You will leave this island, and head to next island.
Yellow Island
You reached Yellow island

Talk to man (Ling Ling).
Talk to Ned (you can fight him).
Talk to Little Boy.
Talk to Man Mountain.
Talk to Niles The Artist.
Talk to man kicking tree. That's Sanook. He doesn't care about you.
Pray at the deity near the dojo (you'll earn a new special). Talk to Farmer Jyue and Man.
Try to enter the dojo. You can't. Talk to Ling Ling. He will follow you. Try to enter the windows at dojo. Talk to Ling Ling. He will help you. It didn't work. Use the shell at place oit under the window. Look through the windows. Enter the dojo. Say you are scheduled. The next class is Chain Breaking Lethal Hands and Feet. You can enter.
The movement sequence is random

Watch cutscene. You'll fight Karot and lose. You have to discover Karot's weakness.

Enter dojo and talk to Tudor. He will say "weak knees". You can choose Whirlwind Tree style. Tree Chopping Legs will defeat Tudor.

Talk to Ling Ling. He will follow you. Talk to Boy (be sure Ling Ling is near). The boy will leave. Look at drawing the boy made on sand. Talk to Niles The Artist (be sure Ling Ling is near you). Choose the drawing of a SNAKE.

Give the drawing to the boy. He will give you a necklace. Talk to Sanook. Take coconut from ground. Meet him at the barn. You will start your training.

Apple puzzle: you can skip if you want. An useful mark are the horse in the background. If you hit every apple, you'll earn an achievement.

Next training: you have to jump some logs.

After the training you'll go to local bar to have some drinks. Try to dance.

Dancing Puzzle: dance with every girl. They should all be moving to complete. If somebody bothers you, punch him.

The other day
Enter the barn and take a banana from box.
There's a man in a boat near the barn. You can earn money fishing. Also, if you are playing for achievements, you can BIG FISH achievement (save game before talking to him).
Talk to Jonah and say "I think I may know of a job you might be interested in". Climb ladder. Talk to man and get his brochure. Go to top of tree. You'll see the birds of brochure here.
Hunched man is here. Look at PAGES. There's a missing part. Pendi is here! Give the banana to him. He will give you a gift! Return to barn and take another banana, and give it to Pendi again. Click Pendi and the monkey will follow you. Go left (under the red bird) and click the bird. The TORN PAGE will go to inventory. Use it on MANUSCRIPT. Play the song on flute.

The Bird of Legend will carry you somewhere. Enter castle and talk to Master Liu. You'll fight him, and, maybe, lose. Fight him again. Notice his health reduced. Keep trying until you win. He will give you a THIMBLE.

Back to yellow island. Get down from tree. There's something happening. Click the posters to earn POSTER BOY achievement. Sanook is near the dojo. You'll escape the island.

Red Island
Oh no. You lost all your stuff.

Talk to man near horse. Near the tree, there's a blue bird, that will be scared by the aligator. Take FEATHER. Open stall. Take BOLT. Use BOLT to open BAG. The horse will eat it. Use FEATHER on HORSE, so the animal will kick the entrance. TAlk to man selling fireworks. Talk to guard. Give a bronze coin to BEGGAR near the wall, and you'll get an achievement. Some moment, the crocodile will enter make a mess. When Dingbang says, take the pig (Little De) and give it to him. Take the firework from the stand, the flag will fall and take down the fire pot. Use firework on fire.

You are in trouble now. You need to get that flower for Dishi. Open cabinet and take the RANCID MEAT and HATCHET. Exit house. Take VINE on TREE. Combine VINE and HATCHET. Throw RANCID MEAT on the swamp. You got to the other side!

Enter the Snake head. Go left and take the blue flower. The snake men came. Fight Snorkrak. After the fight, talk to Resulka. Exit room and talk to Snake King. After a cutscene, he will offer to teach you a new technique. Say "Sure, that sounds great". When you are ready, go to Resulka and say you are ready for training with king.

The Other Day

Exit the room. Scritzle will take you back to the other side of the bridge. Go to room and give the flower to Dishi.
Top tier of Red Island
Meet Dishi at his home. Talk with Dishi and Ramsick. Architect Leung will come and go. Exit, cross the bridge, knock on the door near the bridge (nobody's home) and walk until you see some big statues made of gold. Try to enter. You can't. Exit and you'll see Architect Leung entering his house. Talk to him, and he'll flee.

Kiki is in the bridge. Ask her to open the door. Analyze the middle painting. You found a key. Use the key on top drawer, you found another key and a piece of underwear (Achievement!). Use the first key you've found on lower drawer. You find a scroll and a lemon. Use the SCROLL on lit candle on desk. Use the SCULPTURE on the right. Use the key you've just found on keyhole and enter.

Keep walking. Climb the ladder. Open the little door.
You are inside the castle! Exit the room. Exit again. Analyze GRAND DOOR.

Look through the keyhole. Someone is coming. Exit to the top left door, and hide behind the desk. Watch. Go through door on the left. Open right wardrobe (take BLACK WIG) and left WARDROBE (DRESS), take ORANGES on table. You'll disguise as a woman. Go right and watch. A new door opened. Go through it.

You have to massage the King's daughter. To do that, you need to know how does she like it. Go left. Open CUPBOARD. You'll find a book regarding Princess preferences. Don't use the Drift into Eternity oil, and massage her to Sleep. To choose the oil, look at chart on the wall.

To massage the princess, first use OIL on her.
She will sleep. Search her clothes and you'll find STRANGE KEY. Exit the room, go back to room with GRAND DOOR. Use STRANGE KEY on door on the right. Enter, a fight with PRINCESS will start. I suppose even though you might win these fights, the outcome will be the same: PRISON.
"...just to not spoil in the title of section that you'll be in jail."

There's food near the window. Use it, you'll make a mess. Examine the room, after some time, it will go dark. Go to bed.

The next day, talk to guard and ask for a spoon. Take SPOON and NAPKIN. Use SPOON to open the air vent (screws). Put NAPKIN and SPOON there. After some time, it will go dark. Next day: take NAPKIN again from food. The third time you do that, time will advance one month. Open AIR PANEL. A lot of NAPKINS. You'll make a NAPKIN ROPE. Use it on WINDOW.
There's a STRANGE MAN lying on your bed. Talk to man. You'll receive a new special move: Healing Hands! Pay attention when STRANGE MAN says this:

"At some point ahead you will face a foe that will not yeld, no matter what. He will be so stubborn he will not fall. In a time such as this, remember: perhaps heal your opponent rather than throw your punches."

Go sleep. Wake up the other day. There's something in your bed. Dishi will come. You'll fight SNAKE RAIDER. Exit the prison.

Talk to some people. Next to the prison (on the left side of building), you'll find a GUARD. Talk to him, he will tell you to kill the snake prisoner and give a key. Use this key to open prison cell near yours. You'll free GRAWOL and earn achievement. Walk left. You'll fight LAKE KUBILIUS. Win this fight, and go to the other side of gate. Talk to some people. The guard near the door to top tier won't let you pass. talk to PIP, he will help you get to top tier. In TOP TIER, you'll fight the Red Lord.

You can't win this fight. Remember what did STRANGE MAN say to you? When Red Lord is at low HP (I don't remember how much), use Healing Hands (Special Move) on him. He will thank you and give a THIMBLE.

Go back to castle (that one with big yellow statues). Enter and you'll fight Xie. Win this fight, and exit top tier to "low tier". Go left, and enter the snakehead. Fight Snorkrak. Red Lord will come, and everybody will be happy, but you still didn't find Grandmaster Hand.

Some time later..

Did you notice your fight became bald?! Go left and exit the island. The other thimbles are in the boat, take them and the SCROLL.

Analyze boat interior. Right click THIMBLES. Look at each one.
Gray, green, blue, yellow and red. You'll get a FLUTE. Look at SCROLL (inventory). Play the first song in SCROLL.

Final place of the game
You are in a new place! Talk to Joachin. Talk to TREE (yes!). Go right. Exit through the rightmost exit (BTW did you notice this cave looks very similar to cave in Blue island?). Exit right again. Talk to Yammu (near pond). Talk to Suanni (near big eye, above pond). Return to first area and go through the other exit. You'll meet Gong Gong and Howgrundi (achievement!). Exit. Exit right two times. Play the MESMERIZE BEAST song of the scroll. Enter cave. Use FLUTE on BEAST. Play CONTROL BEAST song of SCROLL. The beast is following you. Go to first area. Near the TREE, talk to CREATURE and say: "Can you lay down under that tree?". Talk again and say: "Can you get that bird statue down for me?" Wear DRAGON CLOTHES. Go through DOOR that SUANNI is guarding (near pond). Ops, that didn't work.
Yammu will talk to you. Go to first are and take BIRD STATUE. Go back to YAMMU and give her the statue. Follow.

You are now a fish! You have to collect THIMBLES scattered through map. To do that, use following map.

Sorry for the red font!.

You are out of water!
Kiki is here! Exit right. Walk right until you find the person you were looking for!

Talk with Grandmaster Hand. When you are done, exit right. Analyze SYMBOL on ground. Put THIMBLES on this SYMBOL. You activated the portal. Exit and the game ends. During credits you can understand the story of what happened to this person.
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andriysurzhenko Jul 23, 2023 @ 10:39pm 
Fish PTSD expression is the best!
p.s. the backstory is sad.
andriysurzhenko Jul 23, 2023 @ 9:48am 
Do not miss fighting a girl on the blue island!
Nordom Nov 6, 2021 @ 7:10am 
During the prologue you can drink the elixir (green mug on your nightstand) which increases your HP by 1 point after completing training and finding your gi.
Captain Freakout Oct 10, 2021 @ 4:56pm 
Just for anyone else playing this, there's a cue for when you can use the Healing on the Red Lord - he'll say something when he's around 7 HP or so, and that's when you can use it.
MakoSipper Aug 4, 2021 @ 8:01pm 
Oh, ok, the map threw me off. There's a passage under the big grey fish area, but to the right, and that leads to the yellow thimble.
MakoSipper Aug 4, 2021 @ 7:57pm 
For the last part, the red thimble is actually where you say the grey thimble is, and the grey thimble is in the same area where the fugu was. However, when I get it, the giant fish comes after me, and I'm stuck trying to figure out what to do here. I've eaten the red fruit and tried to draw it away, but then I can't go past it.
Coach Gamer  [author] Jun 25, 2021 @ 3:54pm 
You should use a pearl on entrance to get the green thimble
prdxsrsr Jun 24, 2021 @ 10:00am 
Thank you! This has been a big help several times now. Can you point me to the green thimble, while you are a fish ?