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Feb 24, 2021 @ 8:27pm
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Advanced Banking

With this mod you can easily deposit / withdraw ruble (or other currencies aswell) in your bank account and even make clan accounts where Teams can stack their Money, but no need to worry, the Clan Account shows logs in the interface aswell, so if the money is gone someday, you can easily see which team member scammed your team!

Dont Worry, you don't need to wipe when switching from the Old Banking mod to the new one!

The Mod offers advanced banking features such as:
-Normal Banking features
-Paychecks whose amount can be edited in the Server config
-Clan / Team Bank Accounts
-Clan / Team Permission Framework
-Instant Money transfer to other players (even with customizable fees)
-Rob Atm feature (fully customizable in the Server config)
-Server Owner can decide whether players only can acces their Bank Accounts with the Credit Card (Included in the Pack "KR_BankingCard" or without aswell)
-AdminMenu to check out players bank accounts and clanaccounts you can also edit the server config with this AdminMenu!
-Super easy developer sdk to make addins!
-Perfect Modding Support (Samples are in Info folder).
-Discord Webhook to see the banking logs!

Easy Swap from dc_banking mod to this mod, with our Json Editor, just press one click and its automatically changed!

Download The Parser here []

Simply choose your profiles folder in our tool and it will automatically create the mods folder directory if its not created yet and automatically parse all the Player json Files from "DC_Banking" to "Advanced Banking", you dont need to Wipe or do something else, simply press one button!

This Mod needs the CF to work properly.

The Source Code of this Mod[]

For server owners

Make sure to have a look at the latest Update Notes when you already installed a previous Version!
Install Guide:
1. Subscribe the Mod.
2. Copy the @KR_Banking folder from your PC into the root folder on your DayZ server.
3. Open your local copy of the @KR_Banking folder and then open the Keys folder.
4. Copy the AdvancedBanking.bikey key file into the Keys folder on your DayZ server.
5. Open your server startup command files, or the server control web interface, locate the MOD settings and ensure @KR_Banking.
6. Edit your Server Config (Explanations in the InfoFolder after the download).
7. Start your server.

If you have Problems with the mod feel free to join our Discord []
If you have an issue feel free to report it direct on Github []

You are not allowed to Repack or Reupload this Mod without permission.
You can use this mod on your monetized server.
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Mama Foca May 23 @ 5:51am 
Hello, with this mod I can make the player have two simultaneous accounts? like an account in dollar and another in rubles? Grateful.
SlimPickins May 19 @ 11:28am 
Unable to deposit or withdraw money from the ATM, not sure why.
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Good morning!, I would like to have your permission to repackage your mod, to have it on my server. Thank you
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Hello guys,you can make a space between the numbers? for example 1 000 000
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Türkiye'nin tüm DayZ oyuncularına açık Steam grubumuza davetlisiniz. DayZ oynarken yeni bir takım arkadaşına ihtiyaç duyuyorsanız burda bulabilir, birlikte başka oyunlar oynayabilirsiniz.

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Hey, is there a possibility I could repack this mod?
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How the he'll do you Rob these atms anyone have any ideas?
Herb Ink Entertainment Apr 13 @ 9:04am 
Herb Ink Entertainment Apr 13 @ 9:03am 
Is there a way to send the Clan Created and members join info to another web hook in discord then persona & clan banking account info to the banking web hook?