Call of Duty: Black Ops III

Call of Duty: Black Ops III

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Jan 16 @ 1:57pm
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Prison Riot

Set 1 month before the events of The Damned of the Moor II, relive the final stand of last remaining Prison Guards as the Moorlands are invaded by the undead and the courtyard is overrun. With certain death imminent and with a limited arsenal, you must hold off for as long as you can.

"Prison Riot" is a Spin-off Survival map based on the Courtyard area from The Damned of the Moor II, with a limited amount of weapons and perks to defend yourself with against an endless, constant wave of Zombies, Hellhounds, and Wardens.

This map is an old and quick project that I wanted to resurrect while I continue to work on the next and final 2 maps in this storyline, which I will hopefully have more to share on soon (most likely on my Twitter). There isn't much to it so just have fun setting a new highest survived record, and share them in the comments/discussions along with any bugs reports/questions you may have :^)

To those who have Provided Assets and gave me Assistance/Support with this and previous maps (Let me know if I missed anybody)

-Treyarch & Activision
-Fil the Veteran
-UGO aka Wakka
-Mike Pence
-Frost Iceforge
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Jan 18 @ 1:01pm
PINNED: Post your Highest Rounds/Time here!
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AlfaTheseus  [author] Apr 15 @ 2:02pm 
Yeah I don’t recommend
el misifu Apr 15 @ 12:47pm 
this map is boring
YaBoiFrenzy Mar 5 @ 8:41pm 
This map is really well balanced. every time i died, it felt like my fault.
duvalknight420 Feb 12 @ 6:32am 
i really enjoyed the map maybe a expensive shield or something to earn for gettin up higher maybe ending deff fun for like 30mins heres my run for anyone who wants to check out have a wonderful day
JracoMeter Feb 8 @ 3:10pm 
Really, and I mean REALLY enjoyed this map! I like the concept behind infinite rounds where they never stop, made for some interesting situations in game. If you want to see what kind of situations, here are a few I included in my video . I also include a review of this map at the end of the video. Awesome work!
AlfaTheseus  [author] Feb 5 @ 9:26am 
publicENEMY Feb 5 @ 7:03am 
Got bored in this map.
gAMeSTERDAM Jan 27 @ 12:13am 
great map . would like to play this in coop. but got no friends. because everyone seems to be a youtube playback gamer. and i like to figure EE's out by my self .not that iits the case with this map. anyone in het chat a true zombies gamer. message my plz:steamhappy:
Royale Jan 26 @ 10:40am 
Survived 31 rounds and needed 31 minutes. Please don't add PaP because that would make the map way too easy but a buyable ending would be great.
Kari-Pekka Jan 25 @ 2:44am 
great map also did i miss the pap or isn't there one? here is some gameplay