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How to access Midway Branch of Penkura
By LionsArt
This Guide will showcase the entire process of how to access the "Midway" branch of Penkura.
Accessing the Branch
Accessing the Midway Penkura branch can be done in 3 easy steps.

Step 1.
Go to your Steam Library find and click Penkura with your Right Mouse Button (RMB), a small window will appear, click on "Properties..."

Step 2.
A new window will appear, on the left side of the window under the Blue name Penkura, click on "BETAS"

Step 3.
Then at the right side of the screen click on the "None" button, another small window will appear, click on the "penkura_midway_public".

Done. You will notice that a new build is being downloaded, this is your "Midway" branch.

Please keep in mind that, saves from the main branch WILL WORK on the Midway branch, BUT, saves made on Midway branch WON'T WORK on the main branch as it will contain content that is not yet available in the main branch.

In case of any problems, or help with accessing the Midway Branch feel free to contact the dev team on Steam or Directly on the Discord server. ( )

Over and out.