Secret World Legends

Secret World Legends

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Investigation Mission: Digging Deeper
By like a dream...
A complete guide for the investigation mission. Includes the clues given and the deductions that lead to the resolution of the mission.
Tier 1
So we have to find a tunnel in this "huge" town? There's a shorter way. If you listened to the introductory video, the mission giver says something about the tunnels being below main street, so there's where we're going. Walk around until you see a sound under your feet.

Right here. You can click on the ground and...


Clavis Aurea

Or in latin, golden key. Which is the city's key. Which must be in the City Hall!

There it is! Let's use it to get in the tunnel now.
Tier 2
This tunnels are a bit difficult to give directions in though not really labyrinthic, so here's a wonderfully drawn map that took me 5 minutes in MS Paint:

First of all, you should go to Door 2. The text there says:

Oculus, Rara avis

Now to open the door you can randomly click symbols, or use your extensive knowledge of Latin to translate that to "eye, rare bird". So those are the ones you have to click. The "eye" would be the Illuminati eye (well, pyramid with an eye) and the "rare bird" would be the phoenix symbol. Both of them you picked up in the previous investigation mission, so you should know which ones they are.

Tier 3
So you've unlocked the door, enter the tomb, and do what should be obvious:

  • Open the coffin
  • Read the confession
  • Grab the artifact
  • Find out what the lever does and realize you didn't want to close the door when you go up the stairs and find yourself outside so go back in and use the lever again to open the door.

Now go to Door 1. On your way you might want to read the book, but it's not necessary yet.

So, Door 1 says:

of Khufu, Grand Lodge

Our friend Wikipedia ( says:

Khufu: A Pharaoh
Grand Lodge: A Masonic thing

So, you have to click the egyptian symbol (pyramid), and the masonic symbol (which you just picked up, looks like an arrow pointing down)

Tier 4
Now we're in a more comfortable room, with books and deadly traps.

There's three rooms, each with a different puzzle to solve.

Room 1

In this first room, you'll find a paper on the ground. Pick it up, it's your clue:

To proceed, write as a Learned Man would. Look to Jerome's Work on the two score and first Pslam, the eigth part, the first Darkness

The thing is about stepping on the letters in the correct order. Failing means smelling some delicious poisonous gas.

So, let's decipher this clue:

  • "Write as a learned man would": Since everything we've found was Latin, we'll write in Latin too.
  • "two score and first psalm": If you google "two score", the meaning is "being ten more than thirty", therefore forty. And first is one. So psalm 41
  • At this point we can google "psalm 41 latin":
  • "the eigth part": "Abyssus abyssum invocat, in voce cataractarum tuarum; omnia excelsa tua, et fluctus tui super me transierunt."
  • "the first Darkness": "Abyssus" means abyss, which is a "deep or seemingly bottomless chasm" (thanks, google), which is kind of like a darkness.

SO the word we have to spell out is "ABYSSUS". When you step above the first S, jump to "spell it" again, then to the U and back to the S.

And the door is open!

Room 2

Next room is easier. There's two clues. One is a sheet of music that lacks a bit. The other says:

Should thy desires be thwarted; weep not for thyself, but for Dolandi.

This instruments you have here are meant to be used to play notes: Only one of the levers can be ON at the time. Clicking on one of the tubes on the wall creates the appropriate note, and plays it during the time the lever indicates. If no lever is ON, no note is played. Oh, and failing a note also means death by poison gas.

Now to understand the clue:

Googling Dolandi directs you to the wikipedia page

So maybe the other clue is that song. Maybe we have to play the missing part of the song. So we find the "flow my tears sheet music" and there you go:

The only difficulty now is to know how to read sheet music. We can follow this to know what note is which. The # next to the note means that the note has to be raised by half a tone and blah blah blah.

In conclusion, the notes for the missing part are:

  • Lever 2, A
  • Lever 1, E,
  • Lever 3, E
  • Lever 3, G
  • Lever 3, G

And to the next room!

Room 3

Oh, but there's not clues in this room! Well, remember the book in the tunnels? Now is when you need it. The book says:

A man who seeks enlightenment shall set himself in motion:
He shall show appreciation for the exertions of his fellows.
And make as a church-going man does before holy symbols.
He shall show great disdain for the trappings of old empire,
And avert his gaze from schemes coiled and chaotic.

What do we make of this 4 orders?
  • To show appreciation: /clap
  • To make as a church-going man: /pray
  • To show disdain: /spit
  • To avert his gaze: /covereyes

And the 4 subjects?
  • Exertions of his fellows: The discus throwing statue
  • Holy symbols: Winged angel
  • Trappings of old empire: The soldier
  • Coiled and Chaotic: The snake

So, clap to the greek statue, pray to the angel, spit to the soldier and cover your eyes to the snake. And you're done!
Tiers 5 and 6
So now you only have to read the faded page next to the skeleton (second part of the confessions in the beginning), get back to Kingsmouth, and you're done!
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