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Sci-fi Military Uniforms
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Dec 28, 2020 @ 11:11am
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Sci-fi Military Uniforms

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Waypoint: First Contact Reboot
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These are uniforms that were made for a project that has since become defunct. They were meant to be used as the uniform for modular characters models that would be bonemerged piece by piece, but that was never realized due to the death of the project.

The playermodels includes 13 female head variations and 17 male head variations. They also contain a few color variations for the suit itself.

These models are free to use by anyone for any purpose as they no longer serve me any. As such, any work derived from this will be expected to be treated the same way.

The credits for the wonderful model and texture work go to Engys Epangelmatikes, who I thank greatly for having made them.
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