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Cattails - Tips For Mining
By LuckyKipto
This is a guide for mining in cattails. I will include tips, items to bring, areas and more in this guide. I hope this is helpful to you and if not, I deeply apologise. This is my first time making a guide so it may not be that good. Once again, I hope this is helpful! All screenshots belong to me.
Where the mines are located
I think the first most important thing to know is where the mines are located. You may wish to skip this section as it is obvious where the mines are, but I will tell you at the end where the third, hidden mine is. Skip if you know where all three mines are or you do not want a spoiler for the third mine.

The Canyon Mine is located in a cave at Canyon Creek near the Forest Colony and the Mountain Domain. Molo is the mole that may greet you at the entrance to the mine.

The next mine is the Prairie Mine. It is located in Prairie Quarry near the Mystic Colony and the Mountain Domain. Molu is the mole who may greet you at the entrance.

The third mine is the Island Mine. Spoilers ahead.

As you can see from the image, the Canyon Mine and Prairie Mine are visible on the map. The Island Mine is not.

The Island Mine is a hidden mine that is invisible on the map. You can access it by swimming out to sea from Beach Central. Once you exit the tile, you will find a small island containing a cave. Molay is the mole that may greet you at the entrance.

You will need a high health level and high swimming skill to get to the Island Mine. Do not attempt to get to the Island Mine without a high level of health and swimming skill. You most likely will not last long.
What to bring
You will need to bring items with you if you are going to be mining for a while. The most obvious thing to bring is food. Mining makes you hungry faster than normal. You may also need to bring herbs. For the Canyon Mine and Prairie Mine, I suggest that you bring more food than herbs as ghosts are not a danger in either of those mines. For the Island Mine, I suggest that you half your inventory and bring 50% food and 50% herbs as ghosts are now a danger. I suggest that you fill up your inventory, especially if you are going into the two main mines as you will not find any gems for a while. I often fill up my inventory for going to the Island Mine and only collect the most rare gems, as they are more common in the Island Mine and worth a lot more Mole Cash.

Try to bring more filling food, for example rabbits, doves, crows, frogs and toads. Berries and mice do not fill you up as quick as those foods do. You may wish to bring Valerian to get to the island quicker, but I suggest that you bring Goldenseal and Marigold for healing.

One more tip is to bring one of your kits. They can help you fight enemies in the mines.
Skills are important for when you wish to go mining. I have a set four skills that I will equip before mining.

Active Skills

  • Sprint - I use this skill as it helps you get to any of the mines a lot faster, or if you are trying to run from an enemy, it can often help.
  • Deep Cuts - This skill is very useful and I highly suggest that you use it. When you use this skill on rocks, all of the nearby rocks will be broken. It can help you get lower into the mine faster or help you find more gems. Using this skill does not lower your hunger.
  • Return Home - I equip this skill because if I am on low health and the staircase is not nearby, it can be useful to get you home quicker. This skill may not be useful to you, but if you would like to try it, go for it.
  • Wild Slash - I equip this skill for the same reason as Deep Cuts. If this skill is fully upgraded, you are able to use it more often as the cool down does not last very long. Using this skill does not lower your hunger.

Summon Allies is also a good to skill to have. If you are deep into the Island Mine, it can be useful if you need backup when lots of enemies are around.

I suggest that you fully upgrade all of these skills. Upgrading these skills will make it so you can use them more often.

Passive Skills

  • Hunting - This skill does not need to be high to go mining.
  • Fighting - I suggest you upgrade this skill fairly high, especially if you will be in the Island Mine. You will need to fight enemies such as bats and ghosts. Having your fighting skill upgraded can be very useful.
  • Swimming - I suggest that you fully upgrade this skill if you are going to the Island Mine. You will need to swim a fair length to get to the mine, so having a low swimming skill means that you will probably drown. If you do not wish to go to the Island Mine, you do not really need to upgrade this skill.
  • Foraging - You do not need to upgrade this skill to go mining.
Enemies can often be found in the mines. There are only two kinds of enemies that can be found in mines.

Bats can be found in all three of the mines. They are quite weak and easy to kill. I suggest that if a bat has spotted you, you circle around it and try to make it lose sight of you. It's best not to interact with bats as they will make your health go down unnecessarily.
Ghosts cannot be found in the Canyon Mine or the Prairie Mine. They are only located in the Island Mine. They are stronger than bats and hard to avoid. If a ghost spots you, run into the nearest corner so no other enemy comes behind you or beside you. Kill the ghost once it has approached you in the corner.
In the mine
Once you have entered the mine (or if you are at the Island Mine, then outside of the mine) there will be a mole to greet you. These moles will give you mole cash if you give them gems. They will also sell you items for mole cash. You can get food, herbs, fur colours, accessories, mine warps and even pets. I suggest that once you have reached a stop, you go to the surface and purchase a warp that appears at the mine. Once you reach the stop it allows you to purchase that stop number for a certain amount of mole cash, so if you do not feel like going all the way back down to level 50 from level 1, you can easily hop into the hole and warp back to level 50. There are warps for level 25, level 50 and level 75. The warps look like this:

Once you are in the mine, you can break rocks which will contain either:
-mole cash

Rocks that sometimes sparkle contain gems. I was unable to capture a screenshot of a sparkling rock.

Mice can sometimes be located in the cave before the mine, just running around. This does not apply to the Island Mine.

Once you reach a stop in a mine, you will be greeted by a miner mole. These moles can talk to you and even have items to sell. I suggest that if you are going further into the mine and are low on food and/or herbs, you purchase some from a miner mole. Items from miner moles cost mews. Miner moles also have gems for sale. Another reason I suggest you bring a lot of food is that the miner mole's items are overpriced. One mouse costs 20 mews, one Goldenseal costs 30 mews and one Marigold costs 45 mews.

Finally, a small but maybe helpful tip is that you should mine rocks near the main staircase first. I often find the staircases near the main staircase.
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