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Driftmoon: Feather Locations
By Jedo
Welcome to my humble 100 feather guide! I hope you like it!
Northrop Inn (7)
This area includes the well, Northrop Inn and its vicinity.

Right after you get pushed off the well, a feather will be in the vicinity of the torch.

The next feather in the well can be located on a shelf in the second room.

Another feather is south east of Northrop Inn (the inn where you save Word) and east of a stone bridge.

Another feather can be located east of Northrop Inn along the road and beside the well that you were pushed into.

Very close to the inn (north east) there is a fountain with a feather on top.

There is a stable/barn north of the inn. At the end of the stable you will find Blotch jailed within magic glass. In between the first 2 cells is a feather.

Directly south west of the Northrop Inn is a feather along the outer wall.
Northrop - Outer City (11)
The outer city is the area right after you pass the gate.

Immediately after passing through the gate, a feather can be found just south of the road.

On the western edge of the Outer City (directly west from a blood fountain), you will find another feather.

This next feather can be found once again on the western edge of the Outer City. It's found near a Splinter Tree and under some planks along the shoreline.

South of the Alchemy shop is a tombstone with a feather beside it.

North of the Alchemy shop and along the rocky shoreline is a feather close to a Thanki Oyster.

East of the Alchemy shop is a small house with blueprints and clothing. The chest inside will contain a silver feather.

South of the Alchemy shop and south west of a haunted house you will find Seria's house. Inside you will find another chest containing a feather.

North east of the Outer City is Plotho's place. It's enclosed by a fence wherein you can find a feather along the left side.

Another feather is located south of Moon Island (in the middle of the Outer City).

There's a feather right beside Plotho. It's being hidden by the chair in front of the desk so move it around a bit.

In Granny Newmoon's house there is a feather hidden concealed by a flower pot.
Abandoned Mine (2)
The entrance to the abandoned mine is located south of the Outer City.

This area is pretty straightforward. The feathers are hard to miss if you have a torch lit up and have caps lock activated to highlight items.

The first feather inside the mine can be found on after the first corner on the left wall.

The last feather in the mine can be found at the very end of the tunnel. The mine itself is just one straightfoward path so it's almost impossible to miss this.
Eldar's Tomb (6)
When you first enter Eldar's Tomb via the world map, take the path leading to the left. A feather can be found at the end of that path.

Once you enter the middle path leading to the actual tomb, a feather can be found on the left side beside a table.

Further into the tomb you can find a feather south of the second sarcophagus you come across.

Right before you encounter Eldar you will see a 4-way split in the dungeon. Take the north west path to find a feather.

Right before you encounter Eldar you will come across a statue room. South of that statue room is a narrow passage leading to a sarcophagus containing a feather inside.

A bit north east from Fawn's room, there is a small room with a basket and 2 stone slabs. A feather can be found if you move the stone slabs around.

Labyrinth of Light (2)
The Labyrinth of Light is the area directly after meeting Eldar.

To get the feather in this labyrinth, take the first south, second west, and second west path all the way to the end. The silver feather will be directly in front of an arrow trap.

Further along the labyrinth (it's a bit harder to describe but easy to figure out) is another silver feather in front of an arrow trap.
Smithy (6)
Immediately after reaching the Smithy there is a Sundial north west of the entrance with a feather on top.

Along the western shore is a feather beside a food can.

Behind the wall of Robert's Forge/Smithy is a hidden silver feather. It's right beside what the main character calls a steam-powered toothbrush.

Inside the Smithy is a cellar door. Immediately after descending the cellar, there is a silver feather atop the shelf hidden by a spider web.

In the same cellar (at the very end) is another feather.

The last feather in this area requires you to complete a side quest (The Pirate Treasure) and in turn another achievement. There are 3 parts to the quest.

The first part (poem) is in the northern part of the map in a chest guarded by several snatchers. It tells you to head to the western shore for the next part.

Once at the western shore, the next piece of paper tells you to find a rubber duck and place it on an altar at south of the map. The rubber duck can be found in the cellar right as you enter it.

Once you've placed the duck on the altar, the final task is for you to cross 2 stones pillars that look like an entrance. The pillars are located north west of the map. Once you cross the stone pillars, a chest will appear with a silver feather inside (see screenshot).

Gaunt Grounds (11)
Close to Mr. Dore is a silver feather right beside a book (about silver feathers).

North of Mr. Dore's location is a feather beside a small body of water.

North west of that small body of water is another feather (along the northern border).

A little bit south from the road there is a pack of wolves. Behind them is a silver feather. Be careful not to stay too long or they will attack.

South of the wolf pack is another feather.

Along the western shore (north west of the ruined house) is another feather.

Along the road there is an unmarked building with a silver feather in a chest. It's the building with several ooze locked inside 2 doors.

Inside the abandoned house (marked on the map), move some wood pieces around to reveal a feather.

Within the labyrinth there is a hidden silver feather in a narrow path beside the 4 gates.

Outside the labyrinth (on the right side) there is a feather hidden under a stone slab.

At the magic shop there is a feather concealed/beside one of the chairs.
East Monastery (12)
In the Market-Nearly-Square, there is a barrel you can move in order to reveal a feather. The feather's text will not be visible even if you are close as long as the barrel is on top of it.

In the same area, check around Annie's stall. There's a feather hidden on the side.

At the end of the church (north of the garden) there is a glockenspiel. There is a feather right beside it.

In the Abbot's Office (south east inside the church) there is a shelf with a feather on the left side.

There is a kitchen area west of the garden. Loock near the cauldron for another feather.

In the same area (vicinity) you will find Brother Klegg's room (leftmost room). There is a feather near his bed.

Again in the same area there is a forge (west of Klegg's room). There is a silver feather near the flames.

East of the garden and in the second room is a wine tap. Move the barrels around on the right side in order to find a hidden silver feather.

Francine in the market is also selling a feather.

A little later after opening up the library you can find a feather concealed by a bookshelf. It won't be visible until the bookshelf is moved away.

There's another feather near another bookshelf. This time it's on top of one across from the other feather.

Inside the church there is a silver feather hidden under one of the benches (pews).
Deafly Caverns (2)
To gain access to this area you have to read some text in one of the monks' rooms (in the East Monastery).

Right before the cave entrance to the east there is a feather near a palm tree.

Inside the cave and after the rotating spike trap there are 2 barrels. Move them around in order to reveal a concealed feather.

Crypt (4)
Near the entrance you can move the second sarcophagus to reveal a silver feather.

Around the eastern side of the Crypt there is a rotating spike trap. Past that trap is a room with a silver feather hidden beneath a cobweb. It's beside a bottomless pit and above a sign.

South of the same bottomless pit is a movable sarcophagus. Move it to reveal a hidden feather.

Right before the urn chamber the sarcophagus on the left is concealing a feather.
Nomon Docks (9)
Aboard the Flying Shark there is a feather concealed under 4 chests.

North of the Lighthouse there is a broken ship with a feather under a chest.

Inside the smithy there is a silver feather close to the fire.

West of the smithy is an easy to spot silver feather right before the next building.

In the building west of the smithy is a silver feather hidden north of the room. It's concealed by movable tiles used for a small maze.

South of the hockey rink is a chest containing another feather.

On the left side of the door to the Steam Whale Company is a petrified plant. Move this plant a bit in order to reveal a hidden feather.

Down the cellar of Steam Whale Company you will find a feather on a box behind Sarah.

North west from the cellar ladder is another feather just along the narrow path.
Eione Island (6)
Right after you exit the submarine, head south to find an old stone shack. There is a feather on the right side of the shack that is covered by a giant shell.

On the left side of the shack, there is another feather hidden in plain sight.

While heading east along the shoreline you will come across a campfire (marked on the map). There's a silver feather on top of the roasting apparatus (the large stick used to roast pigs).

Head east along the shoreline in order to find a feather under a log.

Further east along the shoreline there is a feather beside some dismantled machinery.

At the fireflower shelter you can find a feather concealed by stone slabs.
Eione Island - Cave (7)
This next area is accessed via the talking rock.

As soon as you enter and right before the first set of hot steam traps there is a feather located under a chair along the right wall.

A bit further past the second set of traps take the road leading south. The sarcophagus at the bottom of the next room has a silver feather inside.

The top sarcophagus in the same room also has a feather.

Again in the same room there is a table with a feather right beside a huge ring.

In a room with a lot of rusted weapons you will find a silver feather right beside the door.

In the room with the cutter of doom there is a feather hidden behind a thin pillar on the eastern side.

Right after you exit the cave via a ladder, you'll be on a small island with a feather in plain sight.
Mors-Sarmeth (15)
As soon as you enter, go south east down the road (towards the corner of the map). There's an easy to miss feather near a tree.

After you leave the cube, head for the gate. Quan Sixfingers will be inside. He will be selling a silver feather.

In the kitchen (the room where Quan and Sherry are) there is a feather hidden by some barrels and mud boxes.

As soon as you enter the cellar you can spot a silver feather right on the shelf.

Once you progress a bit in Ixal's prison, you'll come across a box with 3 petrified people. Head west from there in order to run into a feather right under a petrified Gorn.

In the refrigirator there is a feather concealed by a Box of Frozen Smeba.

Past the cube factory there is a silver feather hidden beside a giant candle.

In the same room and under the giant trousers there is a sarcophagus with a feather inside.

In the south west corner of the same room you will run into a feather beside a large black rock.

North of the large ventilation fan is a feather surrounded by smoking planks and 2 evil bushes.

West of the ventilation room there is a narrow path with a feather within.

After you finish the quest to open the ventilation gateway, a narrow path will open up. Along this path is an even more narrow path with an easy to spot silver feather.

This area is the actual prison.
There is a feather hidden under a barrel in one of the western prison cells.

This area is the inner fortress.
After you get petrified by the forge, Bill will start up a shop near your location. He will be selling a feather.

Left of the forge (after you get petrified) will be a petrified Paul. Click on him twice to get a feather.
Are there more feathers?
There are probably a few that I missed. I can't really confirm it at this point.

I do know that you can.. melt silver equipment in order to get more high silver.
Thanks for reading!
If you have any suggestions or anything to add to the guide then feel free to voice out your ideas! I am open to any and all assistance.
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geopup1 May 31, 2022 @ 6:53pm 
How do you move the sarcophagus in the crypt. I can't pull them.
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Just got 110 feathers on the Enhanced Edition. This guide is mostly still accurate. The only changes I saw were really hard-to-find ones made way easier.
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Thanks, Now where is those cute small gold fish?
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Thanks for the guide.

I found a couple more, one in Northrop Inn, under the very first chest you find after leaving the cellar. And a second one in Northrop - Outer City, Belinda, the mother-wolf, has it, ask her about the silver feathers and she will tell you she has one.
NihlusGreen Aug 13, 2014 @ 4:10am 
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Cosmic Schwung Jun 16, 2014 @ 2:50pm 
I'm up to Nomon docks and two that I've come across that I don't think are in you're guide are one underneath a wardrobe in the Steam Whale Company, and another hiden behind the front door of the Smithy when it's open.