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Floating Floors - 1 v 1 (Learn to Play)
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Floating Floors - 1 v 1 (Learn to Play)

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True to the nature and purpose of actual nightingale floors or “uguisubari,” you are tasked with constructing a labyrinth of precariously balancing yuka made to be impenetrable by the rival ninja, whilst navigating and mastering the floors laid before you as a ninja yourself.
I hope you enjoy Floating Floors as much as I enjoyed making it!

Obejctive: Be the first ninja to successfully cross the floating floor of yuka boards and reveal all four seals of the rival’s bansen, completing the word “bansenshukai”:
萬 (BAN) 川 (SEN) 集 (SHU) 海 (KAI)

To succeed, you will create a path of balancing yuka boards for your ninja to cross, reach the edge of the yuka where the seals lay hidden in the rival’s tokonoma (alcove) and carry out a surprise maneuver - rotating the yuka 90o in the direction that the arrows point in - to acquire each chit.

This is a great setup to learn the game, as a time filler or for some back to back tournament style duels! Each player only controls one ninja. Each game takes approximately 20-30 minutes to play including setup.
This two player game setup is designed to be easy to pick up as an entry level to the world of Floating Floors, which takes learning through experience to master the tactical strategy that goes into balancing your ninja on top of the Floating Floor of yuka boards. This rule-set does not include the advanced rules for storing jutsu on chakra, which only applies when playing in teams and is further explained in the standard rules.