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Encyclopedia Damnedica
By PAL-18 🐢
An easy to read guide with tips in point form.
Learn to play a better game and how to think like the enemy.

This guide is extremely out of date as i no longer play this game. Some tips might still be valid, so i won't delete it.

An easy to read guide with tips in point form.
Learn to play a better game and how to think like the enemy.

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Controls aka How To Do Stuff
The controls are the same as every other FPS you've played but opening things is done very differently.

There is one additional unchangeable key that isn't displayed on the controls page, the enter key. To chat; press the "enter" key, type your message and press the "enter" key again.

To open a room door, cabinet door or oven door you need to click and hold your left mouse button while simultaneously moving your mouse to/away from the door or by moving yourself to the side or backwards. To close a door, you hold the left mouse button while simultaneously moving your mouse toward/away the door or by moving yourself to the side or backwards (depending if the door opens outward or inward). This will take some practice and at times it might seem like the door isn't moving. If this happens, try from a different angle.

NOTE: Some doors can only be opened if you have the right key. If you're stuck in a room and you can't open the door, look around on all surfaces for the key. If you still can't find it, then one of your teammates will need to find the key to let you out.
How To Be The Best Survivor
As a survivor you win the round by escaping the building you're in. You do this by finding items randomly scattered throughout the map. At the same time you need to avoid the monster. This is easier said than done.

  • Light is your enemy including your flashlight. You can use your flashlight but don't flick it on and off as doing so will alert your presence to the monster (and make you visible for a brief period to the Phantom!) It's even bad when the monster is a Lurker because the lurker can spot you easier when it changes to physical form.
  • Your flashlight has limited battery life. When it runs out, you won't be able to use it anymore and you will need to find a battery (its randomly scattered around the map). So for this reason, you shouldn't keep your flashlight on all the time.
  • All items you can pick up (keys, codes, crowbar, etc.) give off a red and white shine. So you don’t really need a flashlight to find them. Also check on the surface of all objects (tables, drawers, ovens, shelves, etc.) as items can be placed on and in them.
  • When your fellow survivors are killed, they scream in pain. You can use the location of their scream to figure out where they died. At some point you need to go to their body and take any of the items they may have as they are required for your escape. Of course the monster might be waiting for you to do this so as you walk up to the body spin around to make sure you aren't being followed, use the body to grab any items and immediately spin around again and get away from the body.
  • Stay away from traps (Wall Light, Wall Heater, Ladder, Piano, Wooden Plank, Bed Frame, Ceiling Fluorescent light, Kitchen Egg Timer, Radio). Make your way as far away from them as possible. Even if you have to walk further away. If you do have to walk by a trap because it’s the only path to your destination, try to stay as far away as possible. If you're running from a monster just run by the trap, get around a corner or behind something and hide.
  • The moment you hear a trap sound, listen for where the sound came from and run in the opposite direction. Run about 10 feet or so or until you get to something you can hide behind. If a fellow survivor followed you, tell him/her to spread out as you will both be an easy target to spot.
  • At least 75% of the gameplay is about paying attention to sounds. As its the sounds which will tell you where the monster is and if you triggered a trap. So its for this reason alone i suggest you don't use Skype, Mumble, etc. to chat with anyone while playing as you will miss important audio cues.
  • Wear headphones as it makes it easier to figure out which direction a trap sound comes from and run in the opposite direction but stay against the walls as the monster usually runs in the center of the room toward the noise.
  • If you find a room (for instance the exit room) with only one entrance and you're waiting for a fellow survivor to come to you, close the door and hold it closed until they get to you. This cuts down on the chances that the monster kills you while you're waiting.
  • When navigating the map, try to hug the walls. Most monsters walk in the center and they will miss you.
  • Use sprinting sparingly. You should only use it if you've set off a trap, you're near a trap that was set off by someone else or you're trying to get away from the monster. Sprinting only lasts for around 8 seconds on its full charge. It takes 5 seconds of rest to charge 2 seconds of sprint and 20 seconds to fully recharge sprint. When you do run out of sprint you can use your 2 second sprint for every 5 seconds you're moving so keep hitting your sprint key for that little boost.
  • Communication is key! Every time you find an item, announce to everyone what you found. They can often help out by telling you a room they noticed that had a locked door, boarded up door or safe. It also helps because sometimes the survivors spawn in different places and there's only one way out of the room and you have the key they need so you need to let them out.
  • 3D voice positioning is enabled by default so if you don’t get a fast enough response from your fellow survivors, try using text as all survivors can read it regardless of where they are located.
  • When you hear dramatic music, a monster is nearby and you need to stop whatever you're doing and hide. If the music gets faster, it means the monster is getting closer so you'll need to find a room with a single entrance and barricade yourself inside. When the music stops, immediately run out and find another hiding place. The tactics in this step only work for the Lurker monster. If you're up against the Phantom, then you need to get as far away from it as possible (a minimum of 16 feet) and outside his line of sight so that he can't find you.
  • When walking into a new room you should always start sneaking in. Once you're sure there's no monster in the room then you can walk at normal speed in short bursts. Every few seconds move back the sneaking speed so your footsteps are at their quietest.
  • When you hear a heartbeat sound or a growling type sound as you're walking around a Lurker just walked through you. Immediately run in whichever direction you can and hide.
  • Use your strafe keys often when you're running from a monster. It confuses them and they will miss a lot. Combine this with your mouse to do a circling act in front of the monster and you will truly be a hard target to hit. Don't keep strafing with the same pattern as the monster might figure it out. Keep it random (eg. left strafe, right strafe, left strafe, left strafe, right strafe).
  • Different monsters require different strategies. Currently you can see the type of monster by looking at the scoreboard, this will likely be changed in the future though so the following information is being included if and when that change occurs. The easy way to tell if the monster is a Lurker is by trap sounds. If you're in an area with lots of traps and you walk by and they all go off, then chances are the monster is a Lurker. If only one goes off and it happens randomly, then the monster is probably a Phantom. If you're able to survive an encounter with a monster, take note of what it looks like and tell your teammates in text chat so they can adjust their strategies as well. The Lurker looks like a giant ape with no skin and the Phantom looks like a see through upper torso with head and arms.
  • If you find yourself in the unfortunate situation where everyone or some of your team are idiots, then stay away from them as much as possible. When they come near you, move as far away as possible. They will only get themselves and you killed. Quickly. If you're the monster and the survivors are all idiots, then you can take your time savouring the easy kills >:] You can also use this time to develop new strategies.
  • For the survivors to win you need to escape and you do this by finding the correct keys that lead out of the building. Often other keys will be located inside locked rooms so you need to find those ones first. You won't know which keys open doors either so you'll be doing a lot of door clicking. On some maps you also need a crowbar to escape (its used to pry off wooden boards blocking the exit).
How To Be The Best Lurker
As a Lurker your goal is to kill all the survivors before they can escape. The Lurker is invisible while in ghost mode and visible while in physical mode. It can also choose which traps to enable. It can't see doors or survivors while in ghost mode. Physical mode is only available after a variable amount of ghost time. Also, attacks can only be made in physical mode and there is a small delay between attacks.

  • The moment the map starts run toward where the players spawn and place traps on the way as you get there. Stay outside of the survivor spawn room and just wait until a trap is set off and if you can change to physical mode, then run toward the trap and kill anyone you can.
  • Immediately after you make a kill spin around in a quick 360 to see if there's anyone else you can kill. If there's no one or they're too far away, go back to ghost mode.
  • Don’t bother setting a trap in every single room as it can make determining which trap was set off difficult (if the same types of traps are duplicated in the room). Instead set a path you think survivors would take.
  • Wear headphones as it makes it easier to figure out which direction the trap sounds come from.
  • When you can't find any survivors pick a central area near a bunch of traps (for example in the doorway between two rooms), wait and listen carefully. If you haven't heard anything for a minute or more, the survivors are likely elsewhere on your floor or another floor so change your location. If you still can't find them then you're up against some really skilled players and you need to change your tactic. I call this tactic "pinging" because you find a location you think they might be in, change to physical mode move around while trying to find them and then change back to ghost mode. You do this in various places around the map until you find the survivor(s).
How To Be The Best Phantom
As a Phantom your goal is to kill all the survivors before they can escape. The Phantom is visible while in ghost and physical mode but can attack rather quickly at all times. It can also move through closed doors.

  • Since the Phantom is visible at all times, you need to be stealthy or else survivors will always stay away from you. Hide around corners and behind things and wait for them to walk by.
  • The moment the map starts run toward where the players spawn. Stay outside of the survivor spawn room against the wall near the entrance and just wait for people to walk by and kill them.
  • The Phantom can't set traps but as you walk around traps will randomly arm themselves so listen for when they go off.
  • Wear headphones as it makes it easier to figure out which direction the trap sound comes from.
  • Immediately after you make a kill spin around in a quick 360 to see if there's anyone else you can kill. If there's no one or they're too far away, run to another room, find a nice place to hide and wait for your next victim.
  • If you find a survivor but can't catch them but saw where they went. Hide nearby behind something outside of their view. Chances are they will walk by once they think they're safe and you can easily kill them!
  • When you can't find any survivors try to find a place that's in the center of the map where there's high traffic. Find a corner or stand next to the door and wait. If you haven't heard or seen anything for a minute or more, the survivors are likely elsewhere on your floor or another floor so change your location.
Learn To Think Like Your Enemy
Now comes the key to all this. Whatever you're playing you must always remember how the enemy is strategizing (what they do when they enter a room, where they might go, where they might hide, etc.). This is why it’s important to play as both survivor and monster so you can get behind the psychology of the strategy and learn how to avoid or chase and kill your opponent.
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Aaru May 28, 2016 @ 11:32am 
Great guide. This game deserves more recognition. With a few updates could be the great. A lot of strategy behind a simply idea of playing. This is how the games become funny.
PAL-18 🐢  [author] Jan 10, 2014 @ 11:26pm 
Ah, ok thanks for the info. I'll update the guide. As for judging distances in-game, and easy way would be body widths so ill update the guide with those units.
MegaMan Jan 10, 2014 @ 7:11pm 
I wouldn't say "be x feet away from the monster". How are you supposed to tell the distance in game?

Confirming that the flashlight does not attract the Phantom to you if it's on. Only the noise it makes if you turn it on/off does.
ShadoWwolF Jan 8, 2014 @ 3:48am 
also i think you should add the tab key to the controls as not many player seem to realize they can hold it and see who is the monster and what monster they are, so they end up unaware that the monster is a phantom and they go off sprinting which makes the phantom able to see them
ShadoWwolF Jan 8, 2014 @ 3:36am 
watch the bit again listening for the music shift, whenever he clicks his flashlight you can hear the music meaning the phanton can see him, then a few seconds later it goes back to normal until he clicks it again, its the clicking noise not the light itself
ShadoWwolF Jan 8, 2014 @ 3:31am 
that music change is what lets you know the phantom can see you
ShadoWwolF Jan 8, 2014 @ 3:31am 
in the video its actually the clicking noise giving him away. when you make noise like sprint or set off a trap or click your flashlight whether you're turning it on or off it will let the phantom see you for a limited amount of time. in that video when he turns the flashlight OFF you can hear the music change meaning the phantom can see him, that first happened when he turned it off because of the noise it makes
PAL-18 🐢  [author] Jan 8, 2014 @ 3:07am 
@Wolf i also confirmed it by watching people dissappear when they turned off their flashlight and the closer i got, they then reappeared.
PAL-18 🐢  [author] Jan 8, 2014 @ 3:05am 
@Wolf, i saw a video that shows proof of it. Check it out at http://youtu.be/OMIwGUwVuug?t=7m28s
ShadoWwolF Jan 8, 2014 @ 2:51am 
For the record you can press tab in game to see the player list and see if you're dealing with a lurker or phantom, no need for guessing. and secondly is it confirmed that the flashlight makes a difference with how far away the phantom can see you? i have never noticed any difference unless the survivor clicks the flashlight on or off as that makes noise and will give away the survivor but just having it on seems to make no difference. (phantom is blind and relies on sound so logically the light by itself wouldnt matter)