First Feudal

First Feudal

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Game Development Progress
By Tassadar and 2 collaborators
List of features made during early access and upcoming development plans
Version 0.4

- Release to the early access!
- Changing game speed
- Barrel building
- Mover's logic for peasants without current tasks
- "Favorite" resource list in the top right corner
- Lots of UI improvements
- UI scale setting
Update 0.5
- Benches production efficiency system
- Reworked food science tree
- New buildings: lacquered floor and bronze kitchen
- New items
- Art improvements
- Vsync setting
Update "Dark & Light" (0.6)

- Day&night system
- Shadows
- New buildings for illumination during the night and torches
- Decoration and lighting map
- Iron quarry
- Improved archers interaction with towers
Update "Brave New World" (0.7)

- Fully reworked map generation
- New terrain types
- Terrain, trees, farms and buildings art improvements
- Buff/debuff system
- Road building
- Whip weapon
- Equipment craft quality/speed setting
- Floors and walls can be built over old ones
- Three new achievements
Update "Trade and production" (0.8)

- Trade tent building and trader peasant profession
- Three types of incoming merchants
- Ingame tips system
- Trap buildings (wooden spikes and bear traps)
- Animal feeder building
- Chest to benches connection system
- Localization modding
- Art improvements for buildings
- Corpses artwork instead of bags with loot
- New music
- Additional filter settings
- Inventory and chest sorting
Update "Cask, Pier and Two Smoking Peasants" (0.9)

- Prolonged craft system
- New buildings: cask, pier, well, big monument, charcoal kiln
- Peasant rest buff
- Peasant rest and craft animations
- Steam trading cards
- New music
Update "Innovations" (0.10)

- Science upgrades system
- Lot of UI improvements including popup system
- Rain
- "Wet" debuff for peasants
- New buildings: creamery, flowerbed, stockade
- Roof shadows
- Starting help screen
Update "Reforged" (0.11)

- Fully reworked art for peasants, armor, weapon and attack animations
- Event system
- Traits system for peasants and feudal lord
- Wild animals (bears and wolves)
- Stone and ivory throne buildings
- Christmas artwork
Update "Disasters" (0.12)

- Apiary building; honey and mead production
- Crossbow trap building
- Fence building for animals
- Two new events
- Wolf animations
- Art improvements for the main square
Update "Food spoilage" (0.13)
- Food spoilage system
- Reworked food happiness system
- Fully reworked food items and supplies science tree
- Two new events
- Smokehouse building
- Art improvements and animations for cows and sheeps
Update "Seasons" (0.14)

- Seasons system
- Art improvements for all icons
- Chinese translation
- Halloween artwork
- Four new events
- Reworked stamina and vigor
- New science upgrades and upgrade points exchange system
- Cellar building
- New achievements
Update "Customization" (0.15)

- Fully refactored notification system
- Second profession for peasants
- Mover profession
- Peasant name customization
- Slaughterhouse building with detailed info and settings for domestic animals
- Reworked farm menu
Update "New Horizons" (0.16)

- Improvements for pathfind logic: peasant choose path considering roads, wetlands and darkness and enemies more often attack walls instead of walking around
- Map size customization
- Map generation improvements
- Fishing from pier, fish traps and fish food recipes
- Wind turbine building which increases craft speed on adjusted benches
- Embankment building which can be built for walking over water areas
- Other new buildings: smelting furnace, bloomery, iron barrel
- Building relocation ability
- UI and art improvements
- Optimizations for slow video cards
Update "Pause, UI, Tutorial" (0.17)

- New tutorial system
- Game pause
- Fully reworked science tree
- Reworked interface for the game start menu, build, craft, science and city info screens
- Added starting bonus (copper sword or stone throne)
- Improved artwork for all walls, doors, gates and tower
- Added building/planting for selected area for walls, floors, roads, chests and farms
- Added recommendation system for peasant professions, new buildings and farms
- Game start become more comfortable
Update "Multiplayer" (0.18)

- Cooperative multiplayer for up to 6 players!
- Removed 30 FPS lock: standard game speed supports 60 FPS now and reduced requirements for x2 and x3 game speed
- Reworked trade interface and trade logic
- Added multithreading which increases performance on most PCs
- Hairstyle customization (for peasants and feudal lords) and emblems (for feudal lords in coop)
- New building: Windmill increases production speed of attached craft bench by 100%
- Four new events: Thiefs, Weaponsmith, Armor master and Smith
- Voting system for events in cooperative game
- In multiplayer game feudal lord will be knocked down after taking lethal damage. Knocked down person can only slowly move until another feudal lord will help him
- Added ability to sheer and milking for feudal lord
- Reworked science tree to make village development smoother
Release! Update 1.0
- Three victory goals (scientific, military, and economic)
- New events, including lore events
- Ironman (game mode with only one save which automatically will be erased after the feudal lord's death)
- Map (available in the game menu)
- Game statistics
- Five new science upgrades
- "Mini-games" for mining, felling, and farming which makes these activities more fun and effective for players
- Six new buildings
- Added French localization
Update "Interface is on fire" (1.1)
- Peasants' notification description became more detailed and also notifications displayed in the peasant's inventory menu
- Improved notification's displaying and added new types of notifications
- New buildings: Arrow Brazier, Barn, Seed Extraction Table
- Added informational event with detailed description after researching a science
- Added information with science points for every building, craft and other actions
- Improved science interface
- Improved chest's filter interface
- Added recommendation system for new craft recipes
- Added German localization
Update "Origins" (1.2)
- Origin is a special trait that affects all villagers, giving significant bonuses, new mechanics, and also penalties. You can choose one of five origins before starting a game: Tribe, Druids, Highlanders, Nomads, Merchants. Origin allows you to emphasize your play style from the beginning or try a new challenge when you become an experienced feudal lord.
- The fortress system is completely reworked: the current fortress walls and towers are removed from the game, and they replaced by a wide fortress wall on which archers can climb to receive bonuses on defense, accuracy and firing range. So you can use all of your archers power to defend your village from any side. Also, durability of the walls will become much higher and enemies will have more archers and less melee warriors
- Added new event: lightning can strike a storage placed not under the roof
- Improved art of some game elements: crosshair cursor, mountains, death animation, burning animation
- Main square can be relocated and throne can be built/relocated on the square now
- Added saving for new game difficulty settings
Update "Karma" (1.3)
- Added two new events. Happening of these events depends on player's behavior - how aggressive or friendly decisions he make during other events
- Balance changes for Druid, Nomad and Highlander origins
- Interface improvements
- Significantly increased stamina regeneration rate
Update "Map Editor" (1.4)

- Map editor to create custom maps and share it with steam workshop. Map pack from developers is already available in the game
- We've reworked map generation: it became much faster, you can preview the map before launching a game and you can choose one of six different terrain types
- New "Aristocrat" origin: noble feudal lord who serves his suzerain to gain his loyalty, which can be traded to various useful things
- New trade events affecting goods price. Price changes during winter also moved to this system
- New building: Arrow Basket. It can be placed on fortress wall. People shooting from this wall have 50% chance not to spend ammo on shot
- Added crossplay between Steam and GOG game versions
- Developer mode with additional functions. This mode can be enabled by creating a game with name "GodModeOn" and achievements will be disabled for this game
Update "Wikipedia" (1.5)
- External game Wikipedia
Lots of content is already added by the dev team, but feel free to expand existing articles or add a new one!
- Import map feature which allows you to make a map based on an uploaded png image (you can use a part from the real world or some fantasy map, for example)
- Rebalanced prices for almost all goods and rebalanced resource amounts for all events
- Spend and given resources are displayed near to the citize
- Added new edicts
Currently developing features
High priority:
- Dynamite (to destroy mountains or to use in the battle)

Medium priority:
- Battle menu for advanced settings for warriors and war tactics

Low priority:
- Hotkeys for consumables
- More enemy types/enemy tactics

- World map and interactions with other (NPC) villages
- Modding for buildings, items, recipes, sciences, etc
- Horses for feudal lord
- Natural disasters