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SteamOS Basic Guide Installation on VirtualBox & VMWare Player
By rebelholic
Its my basic guide to help beginner users to install SteamOS on Virtual Box & VMWare Player till finish from my experiences. If you follow this guide with careful you can figure it with yourself till finish.
My reason install SteamOS to VirtualBox: SteamOS is still in beta stage and purpose for IT experts only and I don't want to waste my time to install steamOS on my machine before Valve release SteamOS final version.
Things You Must Need to Know Before Install SteamOS
Before Install SteamOS on VirtualBox You Must Download All Files like below:

1. Free Iso Creator 0.1 ---> Download here! []
2. Virtual Box ---> Download here! []
3. SteamOS ---> Download here!

After you download these applications (except SteamOS) you should install till completed (I can't give more detail on this guide but I hope you can figure it).

System Requirements:
Your Machine must have hardware virtualization support to running SteamOS on Virtualbox and you can enable it on BIOS setting. Like screenshot from my laptop:

For further information about hardware virtualization support you can visit this link and read "chapter 3.1.2. 64-bit guests"[]
Guide to build ISO for SteamOS
I recommended you to using Free ISO creator because its simple tool to build ISO for SteamOS than other tools also freeware. After downloaded and installed from link above you can build your steamOS (after extracted from like screenshot below:

After you build SteamOS ISO, you can use it to install on VirtualBox or burn it to DVD.

Alternative way if you want finished ISO build and worry will get error when installing SteamOS you can download official SteamOS ISO on this link
Guide to Setup Virtual Box Before Install SteamOS
After you installed virtualbox with success, you must follow my guide to setup virtualbox before install SteamOS like below:
1. Open VirtualBox and click New button after that it will show dialog window like screenshot below:

You must setup like screenshot above and if you don't get "Debian64" for linux version, its mean you must enable hardware virtualization on your BIOS setting or you can't install SteamOS. Don't forget click OK to continue.

2. After "Create Virtual Machine" window show like screenshot below, you must choose "create a virtual hard drive now" and click ok to continue.

3. For "Memory Size" you must set to 1024 MB or more.

4. For Virtual Hard Drive you must choose "Virtualbox Disk Image (VDI)", Dynamically Allocated for "Storage on Physical Hard Drive" window.

5. For "File Location and Size" you should set more than 30 GB and type a name for this file what do you like. Don't forget click "create" to finish this task.

6. Click "setting" button to show setting menu and choose system option to enable EFI and disable floppy disk like screenshot below:

7. Choose display option on setting menu to set RAM video to 128 MB and enable 3d acceleration like screenshot below:

8. Choose storage option on setting menu to browse steamos.iso to attach to "cd/dvd drive" like screenshot below:

9. Finish and its time you ready to move next guide to install steamOS.
Guide to Install SteamOS
After you follow all instructions from last guide with success you can follow my final guide to Install SteamOS till finish.
1. Click "Start" button to boot virtual machine on virtualbox.
2. After that it will show a screen like screenshot below:

3. You must type FS0:\EFI\BOOT\BOOTX640 into the "2.0 Shell>" prompt, and press enter. After that it will show "error: prefix is not set" thing for a minute before GRUB actually comes up.

4. If success, you should choose "Automated Install" for begin installation like screenshot below:

5. You should wait installation till finish like screenshot below:

6. After installation finish you should click "continue" button to reboot.

7. After reboot it will show GRUB bootloader and you must choose "recovery mode" to enter to terminal session like screenshot below:

8. You should follow steps below to remove NVIDIA package and install vboxadditions:
Instructions to remove nvidia package
a. Remove these packages with the command:
apt-get purge ".*nvidia.*"
b. Regenerate a new configuration file:
dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg
C. You can install vboxadditions package with next guide

Instructions to install vboxadditions package
You must install Vbox additions package with properly because very useful for (the graphical engine) to work properly, as it contains the correct (video) drivers for the VM. Without it you'll just end up with a blank screen whenever you try to boot Steam OS.

a. Click "Devices-Insert Guest Additions CD Image" to mount Guest additions ISO via virtual box like this screenshot below:

b. Mount the CD-ROM to be able to access the contents.
mount /dev/cdrom /media/cdrom
c. Run the VBox additions installer, via the "sh" shell.
sh /media/cdrom/
d. Reboot the computer.

9. After reboot you will back to GRUB bootloader and you must choose SteamOS not recovery mode again like screenshot below:

10. Finally, you only type "steam" for login and password to continue to SteamOS desktop like screenshot below:

11. Congratulations, you finish all my basic guide and you can use SteamOS desktop what do you like screenshot below:

Quick Guide Installation SteamOS on VMWare Player
You should check out my quick guide about installation SteamOS on VMPlayer on youtube. Before begin you can download VMWare Player with free on this link[].

Please check out my guide on my youtube channel:

Tips to enable access to the linux desktop:

1. Select setting-interface
2. Choose "enable access to the linux desktop" and click "done" button.
3. Select "exit" and return to desktop.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
I hope you should read this FAQ with carefully if got common problem when installing SteamOS.

  • When I type "FS0:\BOOT\BOOTX640" I've got nothing like this screenshot below before install SteamOS?

    A: Please read step no. 1 on "Guide to Setup Virtual Box Before Install SteamOS" to solve your problem.

  • For some reason the FSO:\EFI\STEAMOS\BOOTX640 isnt working. It says its not recognized as an internal or external command.
    A: Please read step no. 1 on "Guide to Setup Virtual Box Before Install SteamOS" to solve your problem and also make sure you are making the correct letter O and 0 look similar as does l and 1.

  • How I can back to SteamOS again after close VirtualBox?
    A: Launch the machine and you will enter to Shell and type commands below:

    or you can see my screenshot below:

  • I have still get endless problem till now, can you provide VirtualBox Image for me as alternative solution?
    A: Sure, you can download on this link.[] (Big thanks to ruthan)

    Note: These FAQ can be changed at any time according to the prevailing conditions
If you want video tutorial via youtube you can check out awesome video tutorial below by Widgetaah:

Hopefully it will helpful a lots for beginner users to understand about basic installation linux/steamOS. If you have still confuse or feedback regarding this basic guide please feel free to leave a comment below or get in touch with me through my website[].

Big thanks to the uncanny netcode valley for basic tutorial but I still confuse and must figure it with myself to make this basic guide till finished.

Extra Time:

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Unalk Feb 10 @ 4:53am 
Hello, could you provide the VirtualBox Image ? the link is down.
Thx you, have nice day
toficor Nov 28, 2017 @ 3:20am 
After install only what i have it's this picture . Anyone knows how to solve this ?
mithron Apr 6, 2017 @ 9:16am 
Pressing ESC key on reboot brings the grub menu. Should really be added into guide. Also it seems a bit outdated...
RossBoylan Jan 14, 2017 @ 3:43pm 
Somewhat better luck starting from the iso downloaded directly from steam, though I still don't have anything that works. I still do not see an EFI boot menu. It started directly with the screen on which I selected "automated install." When it finished and rebooted it never presented a grub menu allowing me to boot in rescue mode (went through the whole install twice to be sure I didn't just miss it because I wasn't paying attention). I attempted to install the video drivers from a text based virtual terminal in the VM, but I was never able to shut down the graphical session (it respawned when I killed it) and couldn't get things working.
RossBoylan Jan 9, 2017 @ 11:05am 
After doing the initial steps I boot off the iso in VirtualBox 4.3.36 but never see the UEFI menu shown in step 2 of "Guide to Install SteamOS".

Instead I'm dumped into a grub command line. Character limits prevent a full description of what I tried; I eventually got the grub menu and some way through the install, but never succeeded.

The VirtualBox manual says EFI support is experimental in this version, but shows it working with a slightly earlier version of VirtualBox.

I used k3b to build the iso image from the unzipped, downloaded file. My host system (amd64) has UEFI disabled on boot. The VM has EFI enabled, it's 64 bit, and has all the other settings or better.
codyavenger May 13, 2016 @ 8:27am 
I dont know if this is any good - I did not try it yet but it looks better than the shi-tty wine install of steam
aggrressor Mar 13, 2016 @ 1:27am 
I'd like to point out, that for me, it was FS0:\EFI\BOOT\BOOTX641
I was constantly getting errors that no such file available for 640... obviously.
Basic Linux commands to help some of you - cd will navigate to a directory. ls will display contents


at this point you'll see the contents of the BOOT folder. find something that looks like BOOTX641, and the actual number might be different, and in the command line enter the command, substituting the number with the one in your directory


This will get you past that error, if the name was different.
This gave me the idea:
But knowledge of Linux also helped.
MetalAult Feb 3, 2016 @ 7:38pm 
Is it necessary for the SteamOS iso to be like the picture? Like "attached to: not attached'' ????
SeriousCCIE Dec 29, 2015 @ 10:26am 
I had followed this guide a while back and determined that running modern games in an emulated version of a beta copy of an OS that doesn't directly support the video options I have, let alone properly through emulation -- no amount of hoping could allow me to do much more than use it to view ads and play a choppily performing game of Monaco.

But, the journey is sometimes worth more than the destination.

I hope to install the SteamOS on an older desktop (and benefit to direct and complete access to that hardware), but... this is not quite yet ready as a serious undertaking for those of us unwilling to upgrade to Windows 10.
rebelholic  [author] Nov 26, 2015 @ 6:40pm 
Please check out my video above for more detail...