Creepy Tale

Creepy Tale

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Full walkthrough and all the achievements
By Catherine Chu and 1 collaborators
Detailed text walkthrough of the entire game.
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Chapter 1 - Beautiful Butterfly
Episode 1
At the very beginning of the game, we need to collect four mushrooms hidden under the leaves, then follow the brother of the main character who ran after the magic butterfly. Jump over a boulder and a tree, run on. When the boy runs into the house, look through the window and watch a terrible scene in which two monsters put a cage on the head of the brother, then drag him out the door.

As soon as we get back control, take the mushroom that fell out of the basket and put it on the stump in front of the house.
Then knock on the door and move closer to the window so that you are not noticed. As soon as the monster goes for the mushroom, you need to run into the house.
Episode 2
When we find ourselves in the house , immediately climb into the chest and close the lid.
If you climb into the chest and don't close the lid, you get an achievement - Naivety
After the monster sits on a chair and a butterfly flies out of it, you have to get out of the chest, go to the door and pull a bone out of the bolt. Fix the stool with the bone, then drag it to the table over which the key to the door hangs. Climb on the stool, wait for the action and take the key.
then open the door lock and leave the house.
Episode 3
Once again in the forest, run to the right, not far from the signpost will lie the first button of the three that we can collect.
Take it and go on. Jump over a large pile of leaves and grab a stump, dragging it into the leaves, when the stump falls down, jump after it. Again, run to the right, in front of you will be a few purple mushrooms and a sleeping monster. Take one mushroom and jump over the rest, you can just pass the monster, it will wake up only if you catch the mushrooms while running. When you reach a huge plant, plant a mushroom at its trunk and brush off the spores from it.
After that, you need to hurry up to get on the leaves of the plant so that you don't get grabbed by the awakened monster.
After a failed chase, the monster will fall clumsily down. Go down again, then to the left where the chest located and see how the monster cowardly hiding, come closer and get the achievement -Dominance
If going up the plant we go to the left and drown in the swamp then we will be given an achievement - Incorrigible researcher
After climbing up the plant, go right to the bridge. Consistently shift the pieces of wood to be able to pass on. At the end of the bridge, you need to leave a small gap, this will be useful for us later. Jump over it and take the broken post. Run right to the new bridge, it will have a small square hole.
Insert the post into the hole and run on. As soon as you notice a small monster in the cage, a big one will wake up and rush at you. Run to the left, to the first bridge. Jump over your pit and wait for the monster to go back.
As soon as it starts to return, just follow without overtaking it. When you reach the lever, click the action and the monster falls into the water.
As soon as the monster is in the water, you also need to jump down to get the achievement - Dead together
Return the bridge to its original position and go right to the next chapter.
Chapter 2 - Obscure side of the forest
Episode 4
Go right, near the house take the hanging meat and go further. Jump down and pick up a small mushroom, then next to the well, break off the branch that sticks out, and a little to the right under the leaves will lie the second button
As soon as you collect everything go back and go into the house.
Don't pay attention to the cowardly devil, go to the center of the room and take the bucket, then go to the huge pot and plant the mushroom there. Leave the house and run to the well. Hang the bucket on the rope, push the counterweight and thus collect water, take the bucket of water and run back to the house to put out the fire, then use the branch on the extinct fire and collect the coals. After that, go back to the well, collect water and go back to the house. In the house, water the mushroom, which instantly grows.
Drag the pot with the mushroom to the center of the room and jump to the second floor. Take the needle from the pincushion, leave the house and run to the right to the ritual stone. Use the coal, needle, and meat. After a small cutscene, run into the opened door in the tree.
Episode 5
We find ourselves in the witch's house. As soon as the hero goes down the stairs, you need to go to the next room and hide in the closet without the witch seeing you. After the witch has moved to the far left room, go to the kitchen, take the flint off the table and grab the cauldron of water on the right, then go to the lower part of the house. Approach the fireplace and light the fire, then put the cauldron there. Jump on the bed and throw off the pillow under which the key will be found. Remember the colour and sequence of the mushrooms in the picture and then go to the table with mushrooms, take the right ones and throw them into the cauldron.
If you throw a bunch of wrong mushrooms into the pot, then you will be rewarded with an achievement - Crazy chef
After we put the right mushrooms in the pot
The water in the cauldron will turn green and you will have to go back to the upper part of the house at the very beginning where you came from. Move the curtain and open the locker with the key, then take a small bottle, after which it is necessary to close the locker door again, otherwise the witch will suspect that someone was rummaging around.
Go down again to the lower part of the house and fill the jar with "witch elixir", wait for the witch to go to the far-left room, quickly run to her cauldron and pour the “Witch elixir” in, go back downstairs and wait until she drinks. Her face will become the same colour as the contents of our bottle, you will be awarded the achievement - Alchemist. Approach the witch, take her key, go down and open the door on the right.
Episode 6
Once again in the forest, run right, to the tree.
Next to it will be the third and last button for which we will be given an achievement - Follow to the brother
Then examine the lower hollow and take the clarinet. Jump from the mushroom to the branch and after examining another hollow pick up the glowing stone. Go right to the next tree, insert this stone into the door and go inside. Inside you will meet a monster that immediately runs out
If you immediately follow the monster, jumping on a branch, and then play the clarinet, the monster will throw a stone at the hero and this will reward you with an achievement - Fake tune
In the house, "dream catchers" will hang above the ceiling. The lever to move the amulets is against the wall on the right side of the room, you need to find a blue owl and leave it over the bed
After that, you need to go to bed, look at the dream about how to play the clarinet, go out of the house, jump on a tree branch and play the instrument.
If you watch all five proper dreams, you will be rewarded with an achievement, this is done by watching all 4 specific dreams (including the clarinet one) and then leaving the dreamcatchers moving for a 5th and final jumbled dream) - Idler
After playing the clarinet, the monster will throw us a glowing stone. We go down, pick up the stone from the bottom hollow and go left to the first bush. Play the clarinet twice until the berry becomes red, then go to the next bush and play twice again. Go in the house, open the locked door with the glowing stone. Once in a new part of the forest we play in front of another bush, and after that, you can safely walk in front of the tree with a face. The tree will let us pass on, then there will be a small meeting with the girl and her servants, then go further to the right into the final chapter of the game.
Chapter 3 - Little Evil
Episode 7
Cross the bridge and go to the first tower. Collect stones with runes and a fishing rod, after that, go outside and go to the next tower. There will be platforms with buttons, you need to go up and pull the lever. This puzzle is randomized every time you restart the game, so you will need to figure this one out yourself ;)
If you passed the platforms puzzle and made no more than three mistakes, we get an achievement - Intuition
After the platform on the right drops, we can stand on it and climb up. At the top, take the bell and go down on the same platform. Leave the tower and watch a small cutscene.
If you throw a fishing rod where there is no fish and wait for the hero to get it out of the water, then you will be rewarded with an achievement - True fisherman
After the cutscene with the girl and monsters, run to the right where the fish jumps, use the fishing rod and pull the fish out of the water, then run to the first tower.

There are two options for passing, let's start with a quick one. First: run to the second floor and hang the bell on the rope, go down and pull the rightmost rope, quickly run to the second floor and stand to the left of the passage, nothing suspicious, while the angry librarian Is busy, run upstairs, and then to the attic. The second option: hang the bell on the second floor, go to the first, move the plant to the right corner of the room. Pull the rightmost rope, run to the second floor and remove the bell, then run down, hang it on the far rope on the left, wait for the librarian to be on the second floor, pull the other rope to ring the bell and quickly stand on the plant, thereby hiding in the leaves While the librarian is looking for a troublemaker, quickly run to the third floor and then immediately to the attic.

Once in the attic, take the mask in the right corner and pick up a stone with a rune near the red book. Use the mask on the bird cage and then pick up the last stone.
Next to it will be a lifting mechanism with a hook, lower it to the desired level so that you can attach the fish to the hook. After that, lower it down so that the hungry librarian notices it, then immediately raise the fish to about the 4th shelf from the bottom and watch the librarian's desperate attempts to get the fish. Go down to the third floor and click the action on the game board. Here you need to pass the stones in the correct order and then pick up the key
Go down and exit the tower. Run to the second tower, climb the already lowered platform and insert the key. Climb to the top of the plates, at the very last one, use the fishing rod to pull the lever from below. From the new platform, jump to the left side of the tower and again use the fishing rod to lower the ladder. Go up, run past the cages and go out on the balcony. Once on the balcony, jump down, so that you're picked up by the ghosts and moved to another tower
Episode 8
Now we're in the house of a very evil creature. First of all, examine the lying book, it will prompt you to solve the next puzzleGo up to the second floor, from the shelf on the left you take a jar with a butterfly and go to the alchemical table. Mix the three colours as shown in the bookuse the butterfly on the product you just made, to get a blue one. Go to the monster in the right room and use the butterfly. Then go down and take the carrot from the table, and try not to be noticed. Go upstairs, remover the old brew using a valve, remember the illustration from the book and cook a new brew
Soak the carrot in the brew and give it to the monster. Now you can control it.
After getting control of the monster and grabbing the guard of the evil girl, wait for twenty seconds before pressing the throw enemy button, then you will be rewarded with another achievement - Sweet feeling
Go down, strangle the monster, and then grab the evil midget and interrupt her nefarious business. When we return to control the boy run down to the "abacus" in the wall, there will be a simple puzzle.
When complete, the door opens and run down. At the bottom there will be a lot of shelves with jars, go to the right corner, take the ladder and drag it to one of the jars where there is a key
Take the key, go to the left corner, activate the platform and go down. When the elevator stops, ignore all the victims of the maniac and run to the right corner of the tower, hanging there will be the brother of the main character, click the action, the hero will remove him, crush the vile worm and get a happy ending.
Congratulations! You passed the game!
- Happy ending
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paolalessio Dec 3, 2023 @ 3:20pm 
HELP ! I cannot plant the mushroom at the plant's trunk. Is there a different command ?
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Thanks for the guide! :superb:
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Yeah, that's not a stone.
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.rousa May 18, 2022 @ 10:48pm 
Some solutions for the lazier of us;

Lever puzzle for intuition
Solution is either
or (1 being left most, 4 being right most);

434 321 2??
I forgot to note the last two but the next switch is always adjacent to the previous one. I think the ?? is 12.

Abacus puzzle
Hawkling Feb 14, 2022 @ 6:51pm 
You need to hold the monster for 20 seconds, not the girl. The guide didn't really specify.
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thank you so much, i was stuck at the potion part
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