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F1 1986 Simracers Edition
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Mar 9, 2020 @ 5:21am
Mar 25, 2020 @ 12:32pm
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F1 1986 Simracers Edition

for a Cup of Coffee:

The formula one cars of 1986 are the most powerful cars in Grand Prix history.The BMW-Turbo had around 1300 hp in qualifying.Now it’s your chance to experience these legendary monsters!

This mod provides you with all the cars from 1986:The McLaren-Tag of Alain Prost and Keke Rosberg,Nigel Mansell’s famous“Red Five”painted on his Williams-Honda and Ayrton Senna’s!0 beauty,the black John Player Special Lotus-Renault.

It is a League Edition with different sounds and cockpits but the same physics.

The physics of these cars are trying to be as accurate as possible.The engines are so powerful,you have to be very sensible with your right foot not to spin.You are able to change the boostmapping to make sure the engine will not blow up after a few laps.It is very important that the engine runs but doesn’t get too hot.The oil-temperature should not exceed 110°C.Make sure to lift off while changing gears and you will have a blast in this car.

This Mod is made for real racers who enjoy pure power with great physics.

There will be a big Championship with these cars.Check out: https://www.simracers.de/

Special Thanks:
Postipate for the Basic Physic
nericksenna for the superb Helmets
doddynco for Sound editing

Diese Autos sind echte Monster. Die turboaufgeladenen Formel 1 Motoren aus dem Jahre 1986 gelten als die stärksten in der Grand Prix-Historie.Mitüber 1300 PS im Qualifying lehrte der BMW Motor dem jungen Gerhard Berger das Fürchten.Das ist nun die Chance euren Mut zu beweisen.

Im Mod sind alle Wagen dieses Jahres vorhanden: Der McLaren-Tag mit Alain Prost und Keke Rosberg,Nigel Mansells berühmter“Red Five”Williams-Honda und Ayrton Sennas Schönheit,der schwarze John Player Special Lotus-Renault.

Es handelt sich hier um eine League Edition,demnach besitzen alle Wagen die gleiche Physik.

Der Mod versucht so authentisch wie möglich zu sein.Die sehr starken Motoren müssen mit großer Sorgfalt behandelt werden.Im Blick sollte auch immer die Öltemperatur bleiben,die nie höher als auf 110°C steigen darf. Zudem müssen die Fahrer beim Schalten lupfen.Saubere Schaltvorgänge machen es erst möglich den Wagen ins Ziel zu bringen.

Dieser Mod ist für echte Racer,die viel Leistung und tolle Physik verpackt in einem schönen Gewand suchen.

Ein Championship mit diesen Autos findet ihr hier: https://www.simracers.de/
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jepeto May 3 @ 6:48am 
there is a conflict in ukrain and two mods for 1986 petits petales
jepeto May 3 @ 6:42am 
la mairie est chape
jepeto May 1 @ 1:25pm 
i have send you a little "don" thanks again Andreas
jepeto May 1 @ 1:22pm 
i don t know if has this era exist this contribution
jepeto May 1 @ 1:21pm 
i put traction control on
jepeto May 1 @ 1:21pm 
fantastic work of my freind; sound is awesome, incredible from the mac laren
thanks so lot for a best freind
emerico Feb 13 @ 12:05pm 
Ok, i will try it
ChiefWiggum  [author] Feb 13 @ 6:19am 
you can't shift under full throttle, you must lift the throttle when you shift, and the RPM should be not too high, and this happens when you shift under full throttle
emerico Feb 12 @ 1:53pm 
My engine is blow up after 1-2 laps, i tried on 1 boost, and again. What's the solution for it?
ChiefWiggum  [author] Jan 28 @ 10:27am 
1984 would be a nice Saison, we will see, I work also on am 80's mod, like the 70's Style Mod, this will have the big Rear Wings from 1984 also