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This mod is a work in progress! Bug reports, feedback, and comments are appreciated!

This mod was inspired by Orion's Hospitality and my desire to have longer-term interations with NPC colonists. This is not intended as a replacement for Hospitality; Hospitality enhances the visitor system in Rimworld while Tenants are more like regular colonists that simply have restrictions on what they do. Both mods work together just fine!

Tenants are colonists that you cannot directly control or assign to tasks. So long as you have a regular colonists present, they can randomly offer to make a contract to stay at your colony, and you will receive payment at the end of a contract period. If you prove to be a good host, they may ask to stay longer. If you mistreat them, they might leave or worse!

  • Non-controllable tenant colonists that pay you for being able to live in your colony.
  • Invite tenants to stay at your colony via the Comms Console.
  • Tenants may ask to extend their contract.
  • Happy tenants may ask to join your colony.
  • Rent money is received at the end of the contract period.
  • Evicting a tenant will receive in no money paid.
  • Mistreating tenants may result in future consequences.
  • Tenant that don't have the colony's best interest in mind.
  • New Tenant tab to manage your tenants!
  • Customizable mod settings!

  • This mod can be added mid-game.
  • This mod should not cause any issues if removed mid-game; any tenants should become regular colonists. Please let me know if something breaks!
  • Tenants will occasionally take your stuff. This is normal, however you can restrict their clothing options by using vanilla clothing restriction.

  • I am not aware of any hard incompatible mods and this mod can be safely added mid-save. This mod could be
  • Multiplayer-compatible, but I have not personally tested it. Please tell me should you try it.
  • There might be strange behaviors with tenants and equipment if you use Combat Extended.
  • Some stack mods cause strange behaviour upon silver spawning. I use LWM's Deep Storage as it is more immersive in my opinion and it works perfectly well with spawning silver for tenants.
  • Tenants riding animals from 'Giddy up', upon contract end leaves with said animal.

Known Issues
  • I've recieved reports that tenants can at time decide that food is bad m'kay thus only eat raw food if any or whatever.

Steam Workshop

I created a Patreon account[www.patreon.com] since some people have asked for a way to support me!

Special Thanks to
  • Pardeike: cause of his work on Harmony.
  • Orion: For his Hospitality mod.
  • Chicken Plucker: For the lovely images!
  • Aelanna: For the language help!

Another update today. Unfortunately, this update makes a big change in how tenancy is calculated. That means, all current tenants in your game are now colonists. Apologies but it was a necessary evil to solve a lot of future issues.
-Lowered Raid strategy points for redemption raid.
-Reverted code for silver spawning to debug spawning again. Stacking mods are still an issue for generation.
-Checks for tenant retribution now make sure tenants are contracted.
-Faulty check for inspirations made correctly.
-Remade check for tenant table so that broken tenants are listed as well.
-Lowered opportunist chance of spawning from 33% to 20%.
-Remade tenant generation code to include hidden faction belonging.
-Added new event Moles. Prevent them indefinitely by keeping tenants happy.

You may use this code as however you want. However, do let me know if you do as I'd love to hear about what you've created with it! :)
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16 hours ago
Sep 18 @ 10:45am
< >
агент JvlaDeYa Sep 22 @ 1:58am 
it stopped at a point, which is good tbh but yea I couldn't handle so many raids at once my colony is mostly new I don't have anything to defend
LimeTreeSnake  [author] Sep 22 @ 1:02am 
@Maal I have compatibility with the second one. The code as it's now searches for buildings containing the comms console something within its def. I believe the tribal signal fire does not contain said name as it simply works on the standard fireplace I believe?

@агент JvlaDeYa Apologies, the mod should be updated now to handle this issue!

@ironboy32 It is not 100% confirmed, what can happen is that tenants spawn huge stacks of silver instead of small stacks of silver depending on the mod used. I use LWM's deep storage mod instead without issue. I prefer that one as it is a tad more immersive!
LimeTreeSnake  [author] Sep 22 @ 12:57am 
-Mole event message when used.
-No stacking mole events
ironboy32 Sep 21 @ 11:16pm 
@limetreesnake is this incompatible with stack mods?
агент JvlaDeYa Sep 21 @ 6:59pm 
and the tenant was happy !
агент JvlaDeYa Sep 21 @ 6:58pm 
seems like you broke ur mod with the mole update. I just got a mole raid ... wait let me correct this: I got multiple moles raid at once they just keep comming in waves and it just won't fucking stop I need to kill them with devmode
"The" SeanMacLeod Sep 21 @ 5:47pm 
I cannot say about the Tribal Signal Fire, but @LimeTreeSnake did mention the "[sd] nopower comms console" mod in his last post.
Happy Modding! :smile_KR:
Maal Sep 21 @ 3:48pm 
Would these mods fix the (no coms) issues?
Tribal Signal Fire: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1556062693
[sd] nopower comms console: https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=818870378

These aren't the vanilla consoles but serve the same purpose for tribal and medieval.
LimeTreeSnake  [author] Sep 21 @ 2:37pm 
Yes, although the mole evens wont spawn unless you use the no power comms mod. They need a comms console to send a message for a raid to happen. If you have any issues. Do share them with me!
Drake McTine Sep 21 @ 2:35pm 
compatible with medieval (no coms) runs?