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Widescreen (Black Bars) Fix
By Zeikar
The purpose of this guide is to help users use ReShade and some files to adjust the widescreen coverage of the game images, the values can be changed for different resolutions and can allow some of the black bars to be shown if the user simply wants to keep the vertical or horizontal bars or just reduce them in size.
Using ReShade:

First off download ReShade 4.3.0 from and launch the exe to install to the game. Browse for FFVIII.exe in \Steam\steamapps\common\FINAL FANTASY VIII Remastered\

Choose OpenGL as the API, you can uncheck all the shaders unless you want to download them. YOU DO NEED to download at least one effect for it to load at all. I would recommend against having all of them installed because it would be a long load time.

After that's installed do not run the game yet. download one of these 3 files and unzip them into the game directory (\Steam\steamapps\common\FINAL FANTASY VIII Remastered\):

For the 1920x1080 Width stretch only download this file:

For the 1920x1080 Height and Width stretch download this file:

For the 1920x1080 Height only stretch download this file:


For those still having trouble try this download AFTER DOWNLOADING ReShade from and DOWNLOADING ONE OF THE FILES ABOVE.

for the needed EXTRA files, You will still need one of the above!
Configurations (Under Construction)
The files I provide are for 1920x1080 Resolution and will require adjustment for other resolutions.

To Edit these values look under
\FINAL FANTASY VIII Remastered\reshade-shaders\Shaders\ReShade
For BasicFX.cfg and find the line pertaining to Magnify

For 1360x768 Resolution Widescreen Fix try changing this under Magnify in BasicFX.cfg:

#define magnifyStartPixelWidth 180 //[undef] //-
#define magnifyStartPixelHeight 0 //[undef] //-
#define magnifyEndPixelWidth 1180 //[undef] //-
#define magnifyEndPixelHeight 768 //[undef] //-

For 1366x768 Resolution (Untested Values May Be Wrong)

#define magnifyStartPixelWidth 186 //[undef] //-
#define magnifyStartPixelHeight 0 //[undef] //-
#define magnifyEndPixelWidth 1174 //[undef] //-
#define magnifyEndPixelHeight 768 //[undef] //-

For 4K RES Try Doubling the numbers like SO:
(Also Untested; Only Reported To Work By a Few Users)

//>Magnify Shader Settings<\\
#define magnifyStartPixelWidth 480 //[undef] //-
#define magnifyStartPixelHeight 72 //[undef] //-
#define magnifyEndPixelWidth 3360 //[undef] //-
#define magnifyEndPixelHeight 2048 //[undef] //-

1360x768 with Height and Width elimination:
#define magnifyStartPixelWidth 180 //[undef] //-
#define magnifyStartPixelHeight 36 //[undef] //-
#define magnifyEndPixelWidth 1180 //[undef] //-
#define magnifyEndPixelHeight 732 //[undef] //-

1360x768 with height elimination and only some width reduced:
#define magnifyStartPixelWidth 80 //[undef] //-
#define magnifyStartPixelHeight 36 //[undef] //-
#define magnifyEndPixelWidth 1300 //[undef] //-
#define magnifyEndPixelHeight 732 //[undef] //-

1920x1080 width reduction, no height change:
#define magnifyStartPixelWidth 180 //[undef] //-
#define magnifyStartPixelHeight 0 //[undef] //-
#define magnifyEndPixelWidth 1740 //[undef] //-
#define magnifyEndPixelHeight 1080 //[undef] //-

1920x1080 slight width reduction, no height change:
#define magnifyStartPixelWidth 80 //[undef] //-
#define magnifyStartPixelHeight 0 //[undef] //-
#define magnifyEndPixelWidth 1840 //[undef] //-
#define magnifyEndPixelHeight 1080 //[undef] //-

1920x1080 Alternate for width & height stretch to allow you to see boost and cheat menu buttons:
#define magnifyStartPixelWidth 240 //[undef] //-
#define magnifyStartPixelHeight 31 //[undef] //-
#define magnifyEndPixelWidth 1680 //[undef] //-
#define magnifyEndPixelHeight 1049 //[undef] //-

1920x1080 Half stretch for Width and Height:
#define magnifyStartPixelWidth 120 //[undef] //-
#define magnifyStartPixelHeight 18 //[undef] //-
#define magnifyEndPixelWidth 1800 //[undef] //-
#define magnifyEndPixelHeight 1062 //[undef] //-
#define USE_Magnify 1 //[Magnify] //-

//>Magnify Shader Settings<\\
#define magnifyStartPixelWidth 10 //[undef] //- <----- this is how much you take away from width
#define magnifyStartPixelHeight 10 //[undef] //- <----- this is how much you take away from height
#define magnifyEndPixelWidth 1910 //[undef] //- <----- this is how much is left after taking away
#define magnifyEndPixelHeight 1070 //[undef] //- <------ this is how much is left after taking away
#define Magnify_ToggleKey RFX_ToggleKey //[undef] //-Toggles the magnify shader

If you wish not to press Home for Tutorial edit ReShade.ini change TutorialProgress to TutorialProgress=4
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Nintendo Gamer Nov 5, 2021 @ 11:33pm 
So this SHOULD work for Ultrawide 3440 x 1440 too right?
Zeikar  [author] Aug 27, 2021 @ 11:26am 
I would ask in the Special K Steam group.
Ei Aug 27, 2021 @ 12:27am 
Is there any way to make it work with this FPS fix mods?
Zeikar  [author] Aug 26, 2021 @ 9:43am 
You can't remove the startup one, but the main one on latest versions is toggled with the HOME key.
Ei Aug 26, 2021 @ 9:08am 
Hi there is a reshade overlay notification on the top of the screen. Is there any way to close that overlay menu?
Zeikar  [author] May 1, 2021 @ 1:59pm 
You tried Aspect Ratio. Legacy shaders is more than one.
♐Raptor227™ May 1, 2021 @ 1:15pm 
I tried legacy, it works, but I did not understand why Magnify is better, because magnify does a good job of this task.
Zeikar  [author] May 1, 2021 @ 10:44am 
Sure but the magnify shader is useless, just use Legacy shader AspectRatio.fx
♐Raptor227™ May 1, 2021 @ 10:35am 
For russian users, I created my guide based on yours, I also indicated a link to your guide, I hope you do not mind.
Zeikar  [author] Dec 9, 2020 @ 9:24am 
@ThieveryisanArt have you tried installing the latest reshade and choosing legacy shaders install of aspect ratio? See how that works as opposed to magnify.