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Everything you need to know about SpeedRunners
By Boffin
This is basically a manual for SpeedRunners.

All the game changes, items, History etc.

Want to learn about the things that are in the game? Perfect for you!
Want to see what maps have what? Perfect for you!
Want to get a better understanding of the game? PERFECT FOR YOU!
Want to learn some secret stratergies, that will make you a winner? Not perfect for you, PLAY THE GAME!

Overall, this is constantly updated and your one stop to everything the game has!
Hi there!
I'm Ninjaboffin and this is my first guide EVER on steam!
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Also, i realise i have not got every single item in the game, i will keep updating this guide whenever there is a new update and whatnot!
Now to the Game!
What is Speedrunners?
SpeedRunners is a 4 player competitive platformer with grappling hooks, power-ups, and interactive environments. Run, jump, swing around, fire rockets, grapple onto people to knock them off screen.

What is the Story behind SpeedRunners?
In a city filled with superheroes, getting to crimes becomes a competition on its own. Fortunately there are enough rockets, bombs, grappling hooks, spikes, and other goodies lying around -- to make the competition fun. Welcome to SpeedRunners.
There are currently 7 controls in the game, this is listing them when default.

Jump: Z, To jump! Nuff said

Grapple Hook: X, This will throw an arrow at a 45 degree angle in the direction you face, if it touches a wall with a white lining, then you will swing until you let go of X

Item Use: C, This will activate your pickups

Boost: Space Bar, use the boost in your speed/boost bar.

Run left: Left Arrow Key

Run Right: Right Arrow Key

Slide: Downwards Arrow Key, Normally used to slide under obstacles, but can be used to trip up other players.

You can change these controls through the options Menu.
Super Heroes
You can currently play 36 characters as your Super Heroes :

Unic- This super hero wears a pink outfit with a horn on his head (I'm guessing he is a guy!)

Hot Head- This super Hero is Orange in general with a tiki head that is always on fire (Personally my favourite)

Cosmonaut Comrade - This Super heros wears a red outfit with a golden star on his face.

Speedrunner- This is the hero that the game was named after! He wears an all black suit with a really long cap/helmet thingy, (This is supposed to show that it helps him with all the speed)

Moonraker - The first female character added in the game! Has a silver/grey outfit and red hair!

Buckshot - A man (ish) figure with a reindeers head that is in a lumberjack outfit.

招き猫 - A female chinese waving cat.

Gil - A man in a shark outfit. Bitey

The Falcon - Hates speedrunner (Doesn't everyone in the game?) and is dressed in a FALCON outfit.

Scout - This is the TF2 scout. Available in two colours Red and Blue.

Salem - A black cat dressed as a witch.

Skull Duggery - A skeleton wearing brown clothing and holds a shovel.

The now mentioned characters were added in update r40 and are all unlockables.

Luc J'adore - A stereotypical macho guy with a blue mask and rose.

Sherlock Bones - A dog with bright yellow colour, wears Sherlock Holmes' outfit.

Jailbird - A female prisoner, she has her hands bound together which make her animations unique.

Excel - He is a blonde, and typical business man, carries a suitcase around all the time. He is replaced with XL on weekends.

XL - The weekend version of Excel, he wears sunglasses, a cap, jacket and jeans, always carries a boombox around.

Burger - A man dressed like a burger, he is overweight and likes to eat a lot of ketchup and mayonnaise.

The Original Mr. Quick - Looks like he was Speedrunners' predecessor and got replaced by him at some point, looks like a typical old school superhero.

Flamenco - Man dressed like a bull, he runs like a bull too, and he wears a lot of red.

Fort Knight - A 'knight' wearing armor out of cardboard and crates, he is equipped with a wooden sword and wears a bag helmet.

Veloci-T-Rex - Has an unique moveset, it's a dinosaur (Velociraptor) and wears black jeans.

Special Characters

Goat - The goat from goat simulator. Get it by typing /BAAAAHHH!!! (removed)

Gang Beast - The character from gang beasts. Get it by typing /gangbeast

Hoxton - Character from the game PAYDAY 2. Type /hoxton to enable.

Dallas - Character from the game PAYDAY 2. Type /dallas to enable.

Wolf - Character from the game PAYDAY 2. Type /wolf to enable.

Cloaker - Special Enemy from the game PAYDAY 2. Type /cloaker to enable.

QWOP - The character from QWOP the game. type /QWOP to enable. (removed)

Octodad - The main character in Octodad: Dadliest Catch. Type /octodad to enable.

The following charcters are unlocked by buying the Youtubers pack DLC (1 and 2). This was launched on the 20th of October (2014) as a part of "King of Speed 2".

Youtuber Pack 1
Youtuber Pack 2


The Characters now have 4 different variants of colours! You press the "y" button in the game screen to change colours.[/b]

There is no difference between the heroes other than the name and looks, but there might be hero abilities in the future (The game is only in Beta)

There will also be new heroes added.
Game Modes
SpeedRunners currently has 3 modes (4 if you count the level editor):

  • Quick Match: This mode is for poeple that just want to jump in and have a speedy match.
  • Ranked Match: This is the newest addition in the game (21/04/14), You have to play matches and depending on how you score you get points. Get the most points in you league and advance to the next league. Bonus points for mathces if it's your first match of the day.
  • Cutom Match: You can invite who ever you want, add bots or even have a local player. This can all be done in custom matches

Local Party:
You play with 3 other bots on random maps

Just you running around the circuit, no timers what so ever

Level Editor: It's seriously in the name. You can make your own levels and play them. Even publish then through the steam workshop.
At the time of writing (13/09/14) there are exactly 11 levels with 0 that are prototypes (r31 has no prototypes):
There is now also steam workshop integration, so you can play maps made by the players (20/2/14)

Alley: Beginner Map (used for tutorial)

SS Royale: Beginner Map.

Warehouse: Intermediate Map. Spikes

Plaza: Intermediate Map. Also the introduction of spikes (Prototype)(Now is a fully released map)

Night Club: Intermediate Map. No Spikes or Lazers, but lots of white ceilings and boost. If you don't build your momentum, you will lose to a good player.

Theme Park: Intermediate Map: No spikes but lots of swinging options and path choices. Take caution while selecting your paths!

PowerPlant: Advanced Map. Spikes, Lazers and Rocket launchers

Factory: Advanced Map. This has a rocket launcher, lots of spikes and lots of switches and lots of grappling oppurtunities.

Zoo: Advanced map. Lots of path choices (TOO MANY!). Quite a few spikes and a good amount of swinging is required. Also the biggest map so far to be officially released.

Library: Expert Map. Lazers and Spikes and lots of swinging

Silo: Expert Map. Lazers and Spikes. Also quite a lot of path choices. The biggest one being in the beginning of the map.

Pickups will very often help you to outwit your opponents and annoy them in sime way or another. They are the Blue boxes with spikes, that can be collected by just running past them. The standard button used to activate these abilities is 'C', but this can be changed in the options menu
There are currently 7 abilites:

Golden Hook: This will hook on to the player in front of you and pull them towards you while you are being pulled forward. This can be dodged by slding under when the player behind you tries to hook you. This can also be interupted by obstacles that the player is hooking. If the hooker runs into boxes between the hook, then this is cancelled.

Homing Rockets: This will launch a rocket in the air and this will target the player in front of you, if there are however no players in front, it will target the player behind you. upon contact to either player or surface, it will explode and any player caught in that will be stunned for 1 second. This can be dodged if you run under some walls or if the rocket hits boxes along the way.

Boxes: Standard. You will get 3 boxes that you can place on the floor. It can be avoided by jumping over them! Simple!

Time Bomb: You will get a bomb and detonater. You will place down the bomb and to detonate it, you will have to press your action item again. Again, like the rocket explosion, if caaught in it, you will be stunned for 1 second.

Invicidrill: This is the rarest ability to get (In general). This will make you into a drill, making you faster and out you in God mode, where you can pass anything. You will still have to jump on walls, as it does not make you travel up the walls. This lasts for 3 seconds.

ShockWave (What if Thursdays) (Now Implemented in r16): This will set a pulse around you, that will push players in whatever direction. So if you are leading and set a pulse, the players will be pushed back. If you are at the back, then the players will be pushed forward. This can be used to dodge Hooks and Rockets. But the pulse can be countered by boosting through it.

Fireball: Sends a fireball in the direction you are facing and will roll for 6 seconds (Unless it hits a wall). This will generally destroy all the blocks in it's way (That are destroyable). Can be countered by either jumping over it, or using a shockwave (will repel the ball).
Items and Traps
These are the Items and obstacles that are currently have in the game (at the time of writing 13/09/2014).

Boxes: These are just obstcales that you jump over, otherwise you can get slowed down.

Barrels/Plants: Same as above

Pickup orbs: These give you pick ups (Duh!)

Red/Black boxes: These are normally attached to the walls (Above you) that you are meant to slide under, if you don't, then they slow you down.

Speed Boost Block: This will increase your speed bar, which can be used to run faster as long as there is speed in the speed bar. This button is normally your Spacbar, but again this can be changed.

Speed Air: This will make you go faster, regardless of what you do.

Spikes: Upon hitting these, it will result in an instant dropout/Kill. you will be stunned for around 3 second. (You can change this in custom lobbies, making the spikes lethal again)

Turning spike: Same as above, but they spin!

Rocket launchers: These will launch homing rocket on you if they are gone over.

Laser beam: This is a revolving laser that if hit will result in adropout/kill (if you are playing a Ranked match otherwise it's a stun).
*During the beta (For the time being), every Thursday there will be a new event that the devs add to make the game either fun, hard or they just want to try new things!
These last for 24 hours and they are Super Super fun.

(This will be constantly updated)
No more events! Much sad (for now)

The current events are (as of 08/10/2013):
10th October: QuakeRunners (now Known as BlastRunners, This update bought the new item "ShockWave")

17th October: SpeedRoulettes:
Now implemented in the game. So ever so often this wheel wil pop up
This changes all your modifiers.
At the beginning of a round, you get a wheel spinning with different modes you can play. They are selected at randdom and they are 4 rounds which get chosen :
SpeedHookers: All of your item pickups are now Hooks

SpeedRapture: It will rain rockets from the sky and it hit by a rocket, it'll stun you for a second. Non Controllable Rockets. Your item pickups stay unaffected.

Super Speerunners: This increases your general speed and you now run faster, swing faster boost fatser and the game tend to end faster ;)

RocketRunners: All your item pickups are now replaced by rockets and you get three rockets.

24th October:rennuRdeepS (Back again!):
In this event all the maps are now mirrored. So as an example, in the alley (First Level), instead of the ramp being on the left hand side, it's now in the right. And the player is running towards the left hand side.
Compared to the other "What if Thursdays", this wasn't as popular as people had hoped

31st October: SpookRunners
Halloween Special! :D
This changes all the artwork for all the levels and replaces boxes with pumpkins.
But the change is just in art, not the level design itself.
The characters are now more tranparent and their boost has a different eerrie colour behind them! Apart from that, there was nothing new added!

8th November: No Events :(
Speedrunners currently has 14 achievements in total. Some are very easy to achieve and some are quite hard (Just like every other game :P).

Here is a list of all the achievements and how to get them:

Swinging achievements
  • King of Swing: Don't touch the floor for 5 seconds.

  • Sultan of Swing: Don't touch the floor for 10 seconds

  • Ultimate Swing Lord: Don't touch the floor for 30 seconds
TIP: Select the Silo stage with a friend and use the wind to stay up for 30 seconds. Should unlock all the achievements.

Gotcha!: Grapple 100 opponents using the golden hook
  • TIP: This will take some time. You could wither just play the game normally and grapple 100 people or go in a custom lobby with a friend slect "Speed Hookers" and hook each other until you get the achievement.

See Ya!: Overtake 1000 opponents.
  • TIP: No other way apart from just playing the game until this achievement pops up

Dive, Kick: Tackle 10 opponents mid-air
  • TIP: In a custom lobby, call a friend and stand in the exact same place. Then both of you time your jump and while you jump, press down the "SLIDE" key. You should have tackled your friends once. Repeat until you get the achievements

Two Birds, One Stone: Use a bomb on two opponents at the same time
  • TIP: Call on 2 friends and get the bomb. Arm it and tell your 2 friends to go near the bomb. Detonate it when thet both are close to the bomb.
Vengeance, and running!: Graple someone who just grappled you.
  • TIP: Get a friend, select "SpeedHookers". Get your friend to hook you first, then hook them immediatley afterwards.

From Way Downtown: Grapple someone from far away
  • TIP: Get your friend, and you get a hook. Tell your friend to stand on the other side of the screen and just hook them

Backfired: Shoot yourself with your own rocket
  • TIP: When you get the rocket, tell your friend to stand near you and fire the rocket.

Get Lucky: Witness the SpeedRoulette
  • TIP: In the custom lobby select "SpeedRoulette". Then play until you get a Roulette wheel in the beginning of the map.

Smooth Moves!: Dodge the Golden Hook 10 times
  • TIP: Get a friend, select "SpeedHookers". Tell your friend to get a hook and stand him moderatley far. When he fires, you have to dodge the hook. To dodge, just slide when the hook comes near you. Repeat until you get the achievement.

Mind Your Head!: Drop a crate on an opponent's head 10 times
  • TIP: Get boxes, tell your friend to stay still. Drop boxes on his head.

Super Crate Blox: Block 10 Rockets with crates
  • TIP: Tell your friend to shoot a rocket. You need to run a bit, jump and drop the boxes mid air. The idea is the will block the rockets.

Cards and Badges
SpeedRunners has a total of 5 cards that you need to collect to make a badge.
When you first launch a game, you will get 3 card drops. To get the rest or different cards, you have to either trade for them or use the steam market.

These are the cards you will need:
Like every other game, you can craft the badge for this game 5 times. So in total, you will need 25 cards. Here are what the badges look like:

Emoticons and Backgrounds:

Emoticons are used in the steam chat with your friends or on the steam forums.
Backgrounds are used for your steam profile
XP is used to level up your steam account level
You get these by crafting the badges.
You get 1 Random Emoticon, 1 Random Background and 100 xp for every badge you craft.
Just like everything else, you can buy the emoticons and backgounds in the steam market.

Emoticons look like these:

Background looks like these:
Here are a few tips for the game, so you don't fall on your face against people (Even bots)!

Running: Obviously you say! But the amonunt of times i have seen people fail is quite embarrasing.

  • Avoid the traps!: Well Duh! But liitle do you know, boxes can be your greatest friend or your worst enemy in a pub match. I have seen people that are giving perfect rounds and then one box cost them the game. Overall, DON'T DO IT!
  • Don't go against the flow: This is applied everywhere (even in the real world!). If you are running in the front and you miss a item pickup, Don't be an idiot and run back to the pickup, it's bad! I have seen people stop and run backwards to get a box, they get killed and then rage quit! Why would you even run back!? You will get more chances to get pickups later in the game, i can guarantee you, if you are running forward, you will get another pickup in 30 secs (as long as you don't keep missing pickups)

Sliding: At somepoint in the level you WILL have to slide, unless running into boxes is your thing. But sliding can also be useful apart from just getting through narrow places

  • Slide to knock people over: You could to that?! Yes, you could always do that! This is best used if you are sliding under a narrow path, or even if you are first by a smidge. Slide for 1 second and run, the other people will have slowed down!
  • Keeping your speed: Sliding reduces your speed to only do it if you have to! Otherwise you will be left behind. Seen it happen to many people online and then they lose the round!

Grappling: This is one of the most important abilities in the game that seperates the good from the bad! If you can grapple properly, you are most likely to win!
That said you have to Practise, Practise, Practise!

  • Grappling timing: It really depend on where you want to go! If you want to go forward, you don't grapple for long, if you want to go up, then you grapple longer. But if you grapple while nearly touching the ceiling, you will bounce back! This has happened to me and it can get furstrating!

  • When given a choice, always swing!: If you are playing on a map where there are a lot of white ceilings, do not ignore them! Swinging is faster than running. People who use the swinging mechanism properly are more likely to win!

  • Swing to turn: Now, this is getting popular (or more people are trying to do it!). When you are turning and immediatley below if there is a white ceiling, you can jump, turn your position and swing, it'll give an immediate boost in swing!

Item Placement: This is where the elegance and stratergies are made! Brilliant item placement and usage will win you the game! Simple really! Now this part i won't spoil for you too much, as this is where the genius of people really shine, but i can start you off in the right direction:

  • Place boxes in the narrow paths: Sounds horrible, but it is really good. The others will have no choce but to trip up on these boxes, slowing them down and giving you an advantage.
Here you can see what's new in each version. (Up to date as of 11/11/15)

r45 - Resort level, New sound effects, Lobby overhaul, Replay player overhaul, Multiple types of controller support (November 9th, 2015)
    Prototype 2 is now called Resort and has all new art!Audio update:
  • Added new menu music track.
  • Updated game music tracks.
  • Added a bunch of new sound effects.
    Huge update on replays:
  • Playback control, fast forward, rewind, slomo!
  • Overhauled the replay menu so it can handle more replays.
  • Note that old replays can't be played back anymore (we'll keep an old version of the game live for a while on the obsolete branch, so you have some time to record videos of your old replays).
    Overhauled the lobby:
  • Focus on making local games and friend invites easier.
  • The friend invite system has changed in that only friends can join whom you've sent an invite to.
    Replaced the music player:
  • Starting music should not cause framelag anymore.
  • You don't need windows media player installed anymore.
  • For those who have +nomusic as a launch option, this may be the time to remove it.
    Replaced the gamepad code:
  • More types of gamepads are now supported natively.
  • You should not need x360ce, Xpadder, Key2Joy and the likes anymore.
  • Added a Ukrainian translation.
  • Added mouse support for the in-game pause menu.
  • You can't use weapons the first 1.5 seconds in a round anymore, we need feedback on this one!
  • Bug fixes and optimizations all over the place.

r44 - Multiple Replays, New art & music (September 24th, 2015)
  • Can now store multiple replays
  • Changes to Alley and SS Royale, allowing for a few more expert moves
  • Added a new section to Warehouse
  • Tweaked right section of Library
  • Placed a couple of spawnpoints in Plaza
  • You can now throw shockwave further ahead of you by holding down the shoot button
  • Improved singleplayer camera
  • Improved jumping out of a slide
  • You can now only tackle at the start of a slide
  • Slightly improved landing on slopes
  • Added 'unfair' bots, that run faster than you
  • Fixed a couple of editor crashes
  • Fixed a bug where dead players were recognized by the camera as being in the lead
  • Fixed a bug causing the random distribution of weapon chances to be wrong
  • Optimized game startup
  • Added two new music tracks
  • Added a 'party mode' for local multiplayer matches
  • Added a 'world ranking' list
  • Moved Origins to the Practice menu
  • Added Dutch translations
  • Added Russian translations
  • Improved some artwork in theme park and zoo
  • New art for Prototype 1, which is now called Festival
  • New art for Alley, which is now called Metro
  • New art for switchblocks

r43 - Main Menu Overhaul, New Music, Practice Mode (August 28th, 2015)
    Overhauled the Main Menu with a focus on the Community:
  • There's a dedicated 'Updates' box, with important information
  • Added a 'featured content' box, where we highlight cool stuff, like youtube videos
  • Added a dedicated box to the King of Speed tournament
  • Animated the background a bit
  • Level Select: the workshop list will show the level your opponent voted on, making it easier for you to vote on the same map, even if you are not subscribed to it
    New Music!
  • Added 2 new music tracks, played randomly
  • They're 'work in progress', and will get a quality-upgrade later
    Added a Practice Menu:
  • Has an option to quickly set up match against bots
  • Or, allows you to run any map all by yourself
  • Tweaked the camera movement, focusing more on the player in the lead
  • New artwork for the Shockwave, also changed the functionality a bit
  • The Shockwave should work a lot better and more consistent now
  • Doing quick turns with the grappling hook is a bit more forgiving with regards to which buttons you press
  • The golden hook-grab should feel a tiny bit more elastic now
  • Added a little swing ceiling in Prototype2
  • Improved some graphical feedback on gameplay events, like when you hook misses or is blocked
  • If you shoot a golden hook into a box, the box will be destroyed
  • Fixed a minor checkpoint issue in Casino
  • Made lethal spikes/lasers look different from non-lethal ones
  • Fireballs explode when they hit eachother
  • Reduced Handicapped-frozen time from 1.5 to 1.0 seconds
  • Superboost now also works when Frozen
  • You can now only trigger Triggers (with a bomb or fireball) that have Switches connected to them
  • Made Sherlock Bones and Doctor Smart fit the collision shape better.
    Improved feedback in the XP System:
  • The post-game screen is a lot quicker now,
  • and better communicates how many points you scored and for what
  • Added some in-game popups that tell you when you did a cool thing, like a Triple Freeze
  • Massive framerate improvements
  • Improved the camera movement
  • Press "I" to give yourself an item, during playtest
  • Shows the HUD during playtest
  • Disallowed moving box-selected Actors out of the levelBounds
  • Fixed a bug that caused the game not to start up sometimes
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes you would teleport upon landing
  • Fixed a desync issue causing the sudden death explosions to appear at the start of a round
  • Fixed some crashes and bugs in the editor, specifcally when switching themes
  • Fixed a bug which caused the item-box in the HUD to be stuck in its animation sometimes
  • Fixed a bug where your vote for a workshop map sometimes didnt register
  • Restored functionality where a newly subscribed level automatically shows up in the level list
  • The "Recently played with" steam list is now also filled if you are not a lobby host
  • The sudden death start stinger is now treated as music in terms volume.
Changelog 1
r42 - Handicapped characters (July 28th, 2015)
  • Added 5 handicapped characters, unlocked by getting a lot of XP
  • Added a Simplified Chinese translation (Thanks to the [CN]SpeedRunners group)
  • Made throwing fireballs up slopes and in corridors easier
  • You can now deflect fireballs with a well-timed explosion
  • Improved bots a little bit
  • There's now a 0.25 second delay after picking up an item during which you cannot pick up another item
  • Improved stunned movement behaviour
  • Reduced the duration of the taunt from 3.5 seconds to 1 second
  • Re-worked the right section of SS Royale
  • Tweaked some areas in Plaza
  • Various improvements to Prototype 2
  • You can now move the camera with the mouse and gamepad
  • Press ESC to quit
  • You can now switch themes from inside the editor
  • You can now switch from multiplayer to singleplayer (and back) inside the editor
  • Multi-threaded checkpoint editing (making it less laggy)
  • Checkpoint editing provides a bit more feedback
  • Fixed an obscure bug: dieing right after a respawn
  • Fixed a bug where some players could not edit their control scheme
  • Fixed a crash when zooming all the way out in checkpoint editing mode
  • Fixed some bugs related to muting
  • Fixed a bug that disallowed publishing levels
  • Fixed bouncing up on slopes while frozen

r41 - New prototype level, replay system (July 9th, 2015)
  • Level: Prototype 1 got a big makeover
  • Level: Added Prototype 2
  • Level: Tweaks in Themepark, Powerplant and Factory
  • Feature: Inactive players are now auto kicked after 15 seconds
  • Tweak: Increased the fireball lifetime from 6 seconds to 20 seconds
  • Tweak: Stun behavior has been made more consistent
  • Tweak: Bombs are back in ranked but they do not stun anymore
  • Feature: The ranking friend leaderboard now shows ranking points
  • Feature: Added an experimental replay feature. Some notes:
    • By default replay recording is turned on now, this way we can find possible issues with it. You can turn it off in the options menu.
    • Right now you can record only one game but with some file fiddling you may be able to store them for longer.
    • If the gameplay or levels are updated your replay may stop working well, so do not consider it some sort of 'backup' of a game.

r40 - XP System, Tons of new characters (May 18th, 2015)
  • Introducing the new XP system, which gradually unlocks game content
  • Added 13 new characters with 4 variants
  • Added 3 variants to Buckshot, ManekiNeko, GIl, SkullDuggery and Salem
  • New loading screen lines
  • Added Romanian translation
  • Added Portuguese-Brazil translation
  • Added an auto mute option
  • Player names are now colored in superchat
  • Bug fixes

r39 - New Prototype map, updated font system (April 17th, 2015)
  • Added a new Prototype level
  • Rearranged the options menu
  • Added search distance options in the options menu
  • You can now lock the search distance or set your max search distance
  • You can now alt+tab out of the game during loading
  • Added cheater and abuse reporting
  • Added a "Find new match" button in the lobby
  • Updated the font rendering system, it now supports way more characters!
  • The level editor menus are now hidden in playtest mode
  • Updated Silo as suggested here http://steamcommunity.com/app/207140/discussions/2/618459109263738867/
  • Added some fancy social network links
  • Did not add a new secret character

r38 - Casino map, Reworked custom lobby UI (February 13th, 2015)
  • Added new map: Casino! It's the winning map from the first workshop competition: "Fresh Out" by GraphiqueNez2.
  • The custom game lobby is completely re-implemented. We hope it works a bit more intuitive now.
  • The random official map button now actually means random instead of "I don't care what map we play". This makes the level selection less biased toward workshop maps.
  • The map selection should feel more random now. If possible the same maps is never played twice in a row anymore.
  • Added some flashing and beeping on the last 5 seconds of the lobby and level selection countdown timer.
  • Improved the level editor's graphics editor:
  • You can only edit graphics on the selected layer (press [] to select different layers).
  • Graphics within the same layer can now be ordered. (press Home or End to send a graphic all the way to the front or back, press PageUp or PageDown to bring a graphic one step to the front or back)
  • The hitbox of graphics on parallax layers is now actually where the graphic is.
  • The in-game player info screen now has mouse support.
  • Freeze rays are now canceled at the end of a round.
  • Fixed the bug where the game would not end if all players would fall off the bottom of the screen at the same time.
  • Fixed a bug where explosions near a stunned player would have delayed effect.
  • Moved the steam notifications to a more convenient location during lobby and level select.
  • /goat is no longer how you get the goat.
There may or may not be new secret characters

r37 - Curated random workshop maps (January 13th, 2015)
  • The random workshop level button now selects from a curated list of levels.
  • Removed developer's pick from the workshop level list.
  • Added borderless window mode.
  • Added German and Czech(partial) translations.
  • View Player > Recent Games are now set (on the steam overlay).
  • Increased time your own fireball won't hit you.
  • Added bulk property editing in the level editor.
  • Bugfix: Ranked is updated immediately now.
  • Bugfix: Fixed crash that occurred when a loop was made of helper checkpoints.
  • Bugfix: The camera should now be quick enough to always reach the respawn location in time.
  • Bugfix: Fixed the player releasing his hook when bumping in a wall with his back
  • Bugfix: Fixed players being able to start running too seen when pressing Esc during the win UI.
  • Bugfix: Fixed the hyperjump which occured when jumping right after alt+tabbing into the game. All jumping should be more consistent now under various frame rates.
  • Bugfix: You could get stuck in-game when your connection dropped.
  • Bugfix: All SpeedRapture rockets should now be working on all peers.
  • Bugfix: Hopefully the 'I'm running alone in the level' and 'the camera is following nobody' bugs are gone now.

r36 - XMas FreezeRay (December 18th, 2014)
  • Added a new weapon: the FreezeRay.
  • Added artwork to the prototype level.
  • Prototype is now called Swift Peaks.
  • Allowed disabling of auto-subscribe to workshop levels on upvote.
  • Added localization for French, Spanish, Italian and Norwegian (We're still looking for volunteers for other languages).
  • Bugfix: don't crash when trying to select a 3rd Scout.
Changelog 2
r35 - Workshop competition (December 12th, 2014)
  • Added Workshop Competion related components.
  • New prototype level!
  • Updated the level select menu.
  • Added a random workshop level button in level select.
  • Updated the look and feel of all popups in the game.
  • Added a vote popup for custom levels.
  • Added "Alley" to the workshop.
  • Added the bird object to workshop.
  • Added more feedback about why you are sometimes thrown out of a game.
  • Players are now spawned in a random order the first round, after that it's based on game points.
  • Fixed the cross section exploit in Warehouse.
  • Bugfix: a bug where the game stopped looking for lobbies if the first attempt to join a lobby failed.
  • Bugfix: pressing Esc while the steam overlay is active shouldn't affect he game anymore (with some exceptions).
  • Bugfix: rockets shouldn't blast you all over the map anymore.

r33 - Halloween Edition (October 30th, 2014)
  • Added two new characters, SkullDuggery and Salem, to #teamFalcon!
  • Hold TAB in-game to see player details
  • Added MUTE functionality
  • Simplified checkpoint system by getting rid of the need for most 'helper' checkpoints.
  • For example, this was warehouse before:
  • http://i.gyazo.com/bca02ed46272e4933c5731abff57a68b.png
  • and this is after:
  • http://i.gyazo.com/d5958cb2fa54f939ea8a7f8ea97fd6c0.png
  • (this should not break any existing custom maps)
  • potential fix for invisible players
  • potential fix for huge position desync issues
  • potential fix for dodge issues
  • fixed some superchat issues
  • more detailed loading texts

r32 (October 20th, 2014)
  • Added TF2's Scout to the game!
  • Added two DLC packs, introducing:
  • Markiplier, Jesse Cox, UberHaxorNova, PeanutButterGamer
  • PewDiePie, Dodger, Strippin and CinnamonToastKen
  • Added a grid to the character select menu
  • The Game Options are now only available in Level Select
  • New KING OF SPEED Tournament! #teamSpeedrunner
  • The Falcon now has 4 variations
  • Factory tweak: The bottom triggers now only trigger the opposing corridors
  • The Shockwave's effect lasts a bit longer, making it more effective as a shield

r31 (August 26th, 2014)
  • The prototype level is now the Zoo level.
  • Updates on Buckshot's, 招き猫 and Gil's animation.
  • Fireballs can now be thrown when walking up on slopes.
  • DoubleJumping after a superboost doesn't make you lose your speed anymore.
  • Added a 'wrong way' indicator.
  • Added a 'no item' game option.
  • Network rerouting. The game now sends messages through other players if that turns out to be faster (or the only way to reach them). This should in turn fix a bunch of in-game issues.
  • Fix for the jittery motion during swinging for some players.
  • AI volumes are now triggerable
  • Many updates on the level editor.
  • Many smaller updates and fixes.
r30 (July 11th, 2014)
  • SpeedBallers! (introduced a new item)
  • First iteration of ranked based matchmaking.
  • Added a new prototype level.
  • Redesigned custom level menu in level select.
  • Tuned down rocket and bomb stun a bit.
  • No more modifiers (roulette) in Ranked matches.
  • Added a bug report feature. Type "/bug " followed by a description of the bug.
r29 (July 1st, 2014)
  • Overhauled the lobby system. It should be much more stable now.
  • Brightened up the in-game chat text a bit.
  • Rockets and bombs can trigger triggers now.
  • Rockets and bomb explosions stun for a short while now.
  • Your last picked character will be selected by default now if available.
r28 (June 19th, 2014)
  • Added a new lobby system and UI. All AFK player issues should be history now.
  • Fixed a bunch of mid-game joining bugs. This will not fix each and everything crash but we tackled a few of the more gnarly issues.
  • Spikes are lethal again in Ranked games.
  • In Custom games there is now an option to make spikes lethal (the default is that they only stun you, as is the case in Quick games).
  • Improved the size of the game by about 2000% (from 1.7GB to 80MB)
r27 (June 16th, 2014)
  • Wow two major updates in less than a week!
  • Added four(!) new characters
r26 (June 11th, 2014)
  • Games can now be joined while they are in progress. This should decrease the time to get in a game dramatically
  • Added in game chat. Press enter to type.
r25 (May 27th, 2014)
  • Made the spikes non-lethal. Instead, they temporarily stun you
  • Gameplay updates to silo, factory, themepark and powerplant
  • Finally added artwork to silo and nightclub (formerly prototype)
  • Some fixes and improvements to the level editor
r24 (Apr 21th, 2014)
  • Added a league / ranking system
  • Play ranked matches, score points and become the top SpeedRunner!
r23 (Mar 13th, 2014)
  • You can now also create, share and play singleplayer levels
  • Added a list of popular maps to the level select
  • You can now vote (like/dislike) and (un)subscribe to maps, straight from the level select and workshop menus.
  • Leaderboards on custom singleplayer levels now also work
  • Various bugfixes, the game should crash a lot less on custom maps.
r22 (Feb 20th, 2014)
  • We added a Level Editor with Steam Workshop support!!
  • Added two editor tutorial maps
  • Implemented autosaves for recovery after an unexpected crash
  • Allowed opening of other players' maps in the editor
  • Added two official maps to open in the editor
  • Improved updating a published map
r21 (Jan 3th, 2014)
  • King Cosmo got his crown!
  • Loading screens should not get stuck anymore.
  • Players should now always go out of screen at some point (no players in the camera view issue)
  • Less lobbies should now be stuck on an inactive player
r20 (Dec 19th, 2013)
  • Added a singleplayer practice mode, called Origins
  • Added in-game taunts (DPad-UP / V)
  • Introducing the King Of Speed Tournament!
  • Improved prototype level
  • Minor improvements to some other levels
  • Tweaked bot behavior a bit
  • Each character now has 4 variants, selectable with up/down (since Dec 24th)
r19 (Nov 25th, 2013)
  • Added Achievements
  • Added a new character: Moonraker
  • Added a new level: Prototype
  • Tweaked movement
  • Improved lead detection
  • Added srennuRdeepS to the roulette wheel
  • Added auto-kick after one minute of inactivity
r18 (Nov 8th, 2013)
  • Added a new level: Factory
  • Added an option to select a random level
  • Tweaked Theme Park a bit
  • Tweaked the Roulette wheel odds to not select SpeedRapture all the time
  • Minor tweaks to the amount and duration of Boost
r17 (Nov 2nd)
  • Added a new level: Theme Park
r16 (Oct 19th)
  • The Shockwave has been added to the collection of weapons
  • New Plaza art
  • The game window is now resizable (if you run the game windowed)
  • The +res setting now works on all pc's.
Changelog 3
r15 (Oct 16th)
  • Fixed bug where the hook item could grab two players resulting in one player losing control
  • Improved hook dodging
  • Decreased time for a quick game to start
  • Fixed some lobby bugs
  • Some general game stability fixes
r14 (Oct 9th)
  • Disabled boost-jumping
  • Tweaked boosting alltogether
  • Tweaked walljumping a bit
  • Fixed some matchmaking / friend invite bugs
  • Fixed a bug resulting in some unfair knockouts
  • Press Esc to quit game or cancel setting controls
  • HUD will fade out when over a player
  • Improved bots in Powerplant
  • More time in between levels; select a level to hurry the timer up
r13 (Sep 30th)
  • Added new map: Silo
  • Added a tutorial
  • Added two options: toggle controller vibration & show player indicator
  • Added a player indicator, showing you which character you are
  • New artwork for Powerplant map
r12 (Sep 23rd)
  • Added new map: Plaza
  • Added new map: Powerplant
r11 (Sep 18th)
  • Added bots
  • Added friend invites
  • Added an event calendar
  • Fixed a bug causing the level to be invisible sometimes
r10 (Sep 10th)
  • Improved the current levels here and there
  • Fixed a bug in walljumping
  • Fixed the super-walljump bug
  • Improved the character select menu a bit
  • Improved the camera system
  • The golden hook will release quicker when it's stuck
  • Added a startup log that helps us debug startup issues
r9 (Sep 3th)
  • Added Superchat
  • Fixed bug where a lot of player names would be unknown
r8 (Aug 27th)
  • Shortend the lobby and level select timer from 30 to 20 seconds
  • Exiting from the level select menu works now
  • Sligthly changed the behavior of rockets so there will be less misses
  • Added some hints in the control setup screen
  • Fixed sudden death countdown timer sometimes not being removed
  • Fixed some crashes
r7 (Aug 26th)
  • Added a new map (Library)
  • Implemented some new artwork
  • Fixed a lot of bugs
  • You can now edit & save your default control scheme
  • It's on Early Access now!
r6 (Aug 5th)
  • Fixed the stuck on loading screen issue.
  • Fixed a number of various instability issues in lobbies.
  • Updated the Warehouse level.
  • Rockets are more dangerous now.
r5 (Aug 2th)
  • More lobby fixes
  • Auto releases weapon hook when players get stuck.
  • Revised the ranking system
r4 (Aug 1st)
  • The lobby should no longer show incorrect or no characters
  • Fixed a couple of MatchMaking bugs
  • Fixed an in-game crash when the player in front disconnects
r3 (Aug 1st):
  • Default keyboard controls are now always Z, X, C and Space
  • Default keyboard controls can now be seen in Options>show Controls
  • Added a visible version number
  • Fixed some minor bugs in the menu
  • Fixed a couple of in-game crashes and bugs
  • Fixed a crash that happens when you start a second game
  • Fixed Level Select being visible over gameplay
  • Fixed wrong stuff being visible in lobby
  • First beta build.
  • Make sure you update to the latest version!
  • Otherwise you won't be able to find other players who have updated..
(This is what the Devs have posted, i did not make this, i just copied it from the discussion)

Q1: So what's this game about?
A: SpeedRunners is a 4-player competitive platformer, where the goal is to out-run your opponents so much that they fall off the screen. Play online, local and/or against bots. There's a grappling hook you can use to swing spiderman-style and lots of powerups like rockets and bombs. Think Mario Kart as a 2d platformer.

Q2: Early Access - what does it mean for SpeedRunners?
A: The game is currently in Beta which basically means two things: one, it still has a couple of bugs (see below for a list). Also, it means that you can influence the development! We're actively looking for feedback on the game and are really curious to hear what you think of it and how it can be improved. A couple of examples of how people have been able to influence the development are the addition of bots, a tutorial and tweaks to the level designs.

Q3: How often do you post updates?
A: So far, we've been able to post an update every 7 days or so. We're aiming to add a new map every two weeks and are also doing a modifier event every Thursday. In the last month we've added bots, a tutorial, 3 new maps and made lots of bugfixes. The modifiers have been really fun as well. So far we did "what if.. all items are grappling hooks?" "what if.. it started raining rockets?" and "what if.. everyone runs at super-speed?" and people seemed to have had a lot of fun with that. You can see the full changelog here.

Q4: What kind of features can we expect in future updates?
A: We're planning on adding more maps and more characters, and of course doing bugfixes. We're currently working on implementing mid-game joining, so you can start a match against bots and then have online players take over bots during a match.

Q5: Will there be a level editor?
A: Yes! We've had a lot of requests for this during Early Acces, so we've buckled down and added a level editor at the end of February. It has full support for the Steam Workshop as well, so you can easily create, share and play your own levels against your friends. There's a big disclaimer on the level editor though, as it still contains quite a few bugs and might even cause your computer to explode.
Added in r22 (Feb 20th, 2014). You can find it in the main menu

Q6: Is there a singleplayer mode planned for/in this game?
A: SpeedRunners is focused around multiplayer, as we think that's the most fun way to play the game. You can play online against friends or strangers, or you can plug in a couple of xbox360 controllers and play local multiplayer. Additionally, you can play against computer-controlled bots. Any combination is possible as well, e.g. two local players + a bot + an online opponent. We're currently not planning on implementing a singleplayer story-driven campaign time-trial sort of mode, but who knows; maybe if we get enough requests for it? In the meantime, you can play against bots and I'm told they can be quite a challenge.
Added in r20 (Dec 19th, 2013)

Q7: How are you planning on keeping this game/the community alive?
A: Aside from constantly improving the game to make it better and better, we're doing regular updates, adding new content and hosting 24-hour-only modifier events every Thursday. Additionally, there will be a ranking system of sorts and some interesting things with characters in the future. Finally, we're considering implementing a level editor..

Q8: When is the full game going to be released?
A: We're really not sure yet, but it's probably going to be "somewhere in the beginning of 2014". But don't worry; if you buy the game now, while it's on Early Access, you get all the updates and the final game for free (as is usual with Early Access games). Also, after the game sees its final release, we'll keep updating it with fixes, improvements and new characters.

Q9: Linux / mac support?
A: Not at the moment, but we're looking into how and when we can do that. It'll be a while though, most likely after the full version release.

Q10: Can I show this game on twitch/youtube etc?
A: Sure!

Q11: Why can't a change graphics settings?
A: We haven't added it to the options menu yet. You can however change some settings through the game's launch options. Right click on SpeedRunners in your game library, click "Properties" and "Set Launch Options". Here you can add the following commands separated by a space, without the quotation marks:
"+windowed" to get a windowed version of the game.
"+res 1280x720" to set the resolution, use whatever resolution you like, it may or may not work depending on your setup.
Q12: The game is not working (won't install / crashes on startup / can't find opponents), help!
A: These issues can usually be solved by rebooting the game / steam / your computer. Please try this first and if the issue persists let us know on the bug reports forum.

You can try the following things to fix this problem:
1. Check if your Download Region is setup right. In Steam click the Steam menu > Settings > Downloads and check if the Download region is set to the region you are actually residing in.

2. Restart steam, login steam anew, this seem to help in certain situations.

3. There may simply be not that many SpeedRunners players in your area. By default SpeedRunners only looks for players in an area roughly the size of the continent you are residing on on. It will automatically increase the search distance to about half the globe after a minute of searching.

If you like you can pin down the the search distance at the risk of getting into games with more network lag in the following way:

Right click on SpeedRunners in your game library, click "Properties" and "Set Launch Options". Here you can add the following command, without the quotation marks: "+search_distance far".

Other options are:
  • auto - search distance will automatically go from default to far after a minute of searching (default)
  • near - same immediate region
  • default - same region or nearby region
  • far - about half-way around the globe (high latency starts here)
  • worldwide - no filtering (expect latency in the order of of multiple seconds)

Q13: The game is not working (won't install / crashes on startup), help!
A: These issues can usually be solved by rebooting the game / steam / your computer. Please try this first and if the issue persists let us know on the bug reports forum.

Q14: How buggy is this game actually?
A: The game is 99% bug-free if you're playing local multiplayer. Online there are more issues, mainly matchmakig-related, but we're working hard to fix those.
So yes, there's still a few bugs in this game and it can "glitch out" at times, but what we've been hearing so far from players is that the bugs don't neccessarily ruin the experience and that it's in fact very playable.
A lot of time went in writing this guide but some people have to be mentioned.

The devs from DoubleDutch[tinybuild.com] for making this amazing game and confirming the teeny tiny details fo the game.

Diego Wakko for letting me use his images.

Members of the SRE group for the tips and tricks.

End Notes
This game is AMAZING!

It is worth your money and seeing that it is already soo good in the beta, i can't even imagine how rich in gameplay this will be when the full game is out!

What are you still doing here?

Go Play!

Happy Running :D

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Hana friending people you just do through steam...
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Hey bro, thanks for the overview. Now do you know if the solo missions will be available again? I can't seem to find them anymore..
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Where do you custom speedrunner characters?
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招き猫 = Manekineko. It is not a Chinese but a Japanese cat.
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id like to know in the game options the check all thing
How can i play it online whenever i want
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