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Wormwood (prototype)
Type: Game
Complexity: Medium Complexity
Number of Players: 4
Play Time: 90 minutes
Assets: Rules
Language: English
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Aug 19, 2019 @ 4:25pm
Mar 6 @ 3:14pm
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Wormwood (prototype)

Wormwood is an expandable card game where each player controls a burgeoning far-future society at the brink of war. You will build an empire from the ground up, managing civilians and military units while striving to collect Echoes any way you can. Forge them yourself or steal them from other players- build or conquer, it's up to you. Wormwood combines elements from worker placement games, tower defense, and LCGs, to create a dynamic hybrid experience where a society can rise and fall in under 2 hours.

There are 8 factions with different strategies and philosophies to choose from, and 240 unique cards.

WORMWOOD is designed and optimized for 3-4 players! If this is your first time playing Wormwood we do not recommend a 2 player game, as the game will be swingy and you will not have the opportunity to create alliances with other players.

Please give it a play and tell us what you think via email or social media!

Take a look at the Rules[]

And you can get a brief overview along with a sample intro in the Tutorial Video (Make sure to read the rulebook, as a few changes have been made since the recording of this video).

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Check out the notebook in game for links to the rules and credits. Infinite thanks to our dozens of generous artists, who provided hundreds of images for this prototype version.

Designed by Damon Stea
Project Manager Cassandra Chowdhury
Email us at
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Propane Summer  [author] Mar 6 @ 2:28pm 
Windwalkers are fixed, thank you both for letting us know!
DrakeTB Jan 24 @ 7:49am 
Great game! Me and a couple of friends have played with every deck and thinks it’s very fun and excellently balanced. Unfortunately the Windwalker Clans are broken. All the cards are blank.
Samaeus Jan 12 @ 4:56am 
Hi, thank you for updating the mod, enjoying the game so far! I'm not able to view the windwalker deck, I think it might be pointing to a local file rather than a cloud file? Or maybe just a problem at my end