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Auto Golems Guns
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Aug 1, 2019 @ 1:41am
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Auto Golems Guns

Smaller Golems and Guns can be crafted earlier in the game.

New Golem Fighter citizens can join the town, by placing a Golem Statue. Another one arrives after several days.
Seek out some Glowbud plants, and harvest them to obtain a Binding Essence, needed to craft Golem Blocks. The busy golems will help you get work done quickly, freeing up your Townsfolk, and a strong defense can be built up with single target Turret and multi target Blast Guns!
Lure any invaders into the line of fire, especially any pesky bugs...

Golem Blocks are crafted from the Glowbud's Binding Essence, and other resources:
The Ascendancy lvl. 3 Masons use stone and some wood.
Rayya's Children lvl. 3 Potters use clay.
Northern Alliance lvl. 3 Masons use stone.
Goblin Firefly Clan lvl. 3 Shamans use stone, wood, and Firefly Essence.
Other Kingdoms lvl. 3 Masons use stone and wood.

However, these produced mechanisms are weaker in Health and Power compared to the type built by a professional Geomancer or Engineer.
No limit on the amount of Golems and Blast Guns placed, and Turret Guns have plenty of Ammo.
If one of them gets injured too much, just build a new replacement!

The mod works with regular Stonehearth, ACE, Swamp Goblins, and other Kingdoms.

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Slane117 Jan 15 @ 1:20am 
Okay, seems the 1st update just didn't take, the last golem was doing their run animation in slow motion now. Then a horde of undead spawned on top of him while he was helping gather wood. . .lasted about 5 seconds
Slane117 Jan 14 @ 1:18am 
Nice, had just put the dragonborn king to rest n adopted the hatchling. Feel obligated to try it in the future now.
findersword  [author] Jan 13 @ 10:03pm 
Ya, its nice to have some ideas. This mod is fairly complete now, there's options of course, to not recruit or craft which Golems that you don't need.
Speaking of new races, I am still tinkering with my Cat Crew mod that also includes Dragonborn, which is kinda fun to develop for.
Slane117 Jan 13 @ 9:52pm 
I'll try to confirm if only new golems have the slow patrol by sending my last one on a suicide mission. Personal preference, I wish I could place them like normal golems and they'd attack enemies that come near before returning to their spot like statue guardians that don't count as citizens. Like to think of them as a defensive tool to be used in choke points alongside turrets rather than a citizen that's immune to poisons, fatigue, hunger, etc. And in its place would be a new golem race that spawns with the stone with not as much health as the normal guard golems but have the immunities, giving it advantage against poisons, wounds, disease as a defender, or work around the clock without sleeping, eating, drinking, overheating or freezing. Well, now I want a golem race mod. -facepalm-
findersword  [author] Jan 13 @ 7:57pm 
I guess only new Fighter Golems will have the slower patrol, too bad their rig didn't come with an actual walking animation. There is a way to limit what jobs are available to other races - using campaigns to allow a new citizen, but any new job has to be added to the index that Hearthlings get first (you can see Golem Fighter job for Hearthlings too, but they can never be it because there is no job promotion talisman). They can also have their job function ticked off, so that lets them do Hauling instead.
I could have made them more of an npc like the regular Golems, but there would be less control, they would only stay still near the center of Town, and have to notice an invader getting close to them to be able to fight it.
Slane117 Jan 13 @ 7:07pm 
Do only the new golem fighters do the slow patrol animation?? the pre-update ones still run around like they're late for something. Also you say that hearthlings would be able to become something but the bunny people show they can only do certain jobs and the golems themselves can only be fighters or workers. So there has to be something that you have to add that qualifies them the race, right?
Slane117 Jan 10 @ 7:02pm 
Well, idk if it's possible but I was thinking more like chances of different kinds of fighters spawning rather than promoting, but as I said idk. maybe if there's a different statue that spawns it's own kind of golem? Doesn't have to happen, just a different weapon like a hammer or mace along with the sword depending on which color spawns would be awesome to see. One last spitball idea, what about a giant bug golem with a ballista on its back. Or sorta big ones with auto turrets? aah aaaah? :D
findersword  [author] Jan 10 @ 1:37pm 
I think the patrol walk should look slower now, with this update. It takes about a week in game for another chance of a Golem Fighter spawning if the Statue is placed down. Well, I have no plans to add more jobs for them, since getting a Fighter job has to show up in the job tree for them to be commandable in combat parties, other jobs would show up there too, and then if a tool is used to promote to another job, a Hearthling could also be able to use it - which isn't ideal :-)
Slane117 Jan 10 @ 1:43am 
Oh wait, I misread, you meant the golems themselves spawn, not another statue. Glad to know the glowbug is for show and not bugged out. Love the mod since before the golem fighters. Wish there was 1 or 2 more classes for them and that they'd have a slow patrol walk like the heartlings but idk how that'd work, not being a modder n all.
findersword  [author] Jan 9 @ 11:12pm 
The statue from the chest? There is only supposed to be one of those. I haven't tried what happens on a re-embark if you bring along a Golem Statue with you, but it shouldn't really affect anything.
The glowbug just wanders near the glowbud plant forever, there isn't any interactions with it - it mainly exists for the camera to zoom in, to see the nearby treasure chest when it first spawns. The plant can be harvested after it grows back each time.