Thief of Thieves: Season One

Thief of Thieves: Season One

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100% Achievements guide
By ŁUC4 C4551N3ŁŁ1
This guide isn't mine, here is the original guide for the xbox version that I took and modified for pc users. (there are some videos in case you need more help to get an achievement).
Attention to Detail
- Attention to Detail
Paid attention to relevant details.

Volume 1: Party And Larceny
Act 2: Caught in a lie

In the beginning, you and your boss will be IN the museum and you two will be looking at a painting.
You will get a option to "Look at Photo" and "Look at Conrad's folder".
Choose the folder to get the Achievement.
Clean Getaway
-Clean Getaway
Performed a clean heist.

This achievement is gained over the span of 2 levels.
This is pretty close to the beginning of the game.

First, you must not be seen in Act 3 by a specific guard (see below).
Then, you must Pull the fire alarm before ending the mission in Act 4.

VOLUME 1, ACT 3: Casing The Joint

Pick the lock of the truck.
Take the cleaning uniform.
Go left, pick the lock of the fence.
Go around the house (left), enter the kitchen, keep going right into the house.
Cutscene begins, showing you BOGDAN.
Run to the right side of the house, outside.
Along the way, examine Bogdan.
Find the mop and click to BLEND IN.
Wait until Bogdan has a phone call and eavesdrop.
Once done, run to the left side of the house outside, to find another mop.
Click to BLEND IN again.
Bogdan will come over here and have another phone call - eavesdrop again.
Try to go upstairs, a guard will go HEY! Now just walk away.
The guard will go upstairs, follow him (not too closely).
At the top go LEFT and pick the lock. BUT HURRY!!
Go sneak behind the desk and Hack the computer.
Make sure you are crouching/sneaking the WHOLE TIME in this room.
You will make a phone call (cutscene). Keep sneaking!!!
The guard will come in and then leave. NOW you leave.
Go back downstairs. Exit through the kitchen.
Exit through the front yard.

VOLUME 1, ACT 4: Party And Larceny

Walk up to the crowd of people, a guy MIRON will talk to the guard and then walk away - follow him.
Talk to him.
Tell him all 3 things that are YOU GETTING INTO the party. Pretty obvious choices.
Follow him upstairs & inside - MIRON will tell you he sees his girlfriend - and he runs upstairs.
Don't follow him. Go talk to his girlfriend and tell her MIRON is upstairs.
Go find BOGDAN and pickpocket for his keys. I found him upstairs to the right, in the "smoking room."
Use the elevator to go downstairs to the garage.
Head to the right (avoiding the guards) - to find the room - Pick the lock - BUT NO BIKE! UH OH!
The code for the alarm is: 2580
Sneak back upstairs (via elevator) and the cutscene shows the bike on right side of the house.
There is a FIRE ALARM you must pull, it's to the left of the stairs on the 1st floor.
It will beep and Bogdan will talk about it.
Now walk up to the Bike (yes Bogdan is still on it...) - and click to Steal.

This will end the level - and the Achievement should pop immediately!
Broke on through to the other side.

Volume 1, Act 3 - because of likely steps to set up properly.

Enter the villa via the lefthand gate and take the catering uniform in the kitchen. (not 100% you need catering uniform, it may work with the pool cleaner one) Stay away from the head caterer (it will show avoid on her head when you use intuition cn_LB) as she will call the guards on you.

Head upstairs and go onto the patio. Start cleaning the grill by selecting the blend in option. After the phone call, make sure you get spotted by the head guard. This seems to be important as it is referenced in the dialog that plays in the ending!

The next call happens in the parlor on the far right side upstairs. There is a dresser you can polish in the back to blend in again for the duration of the call.

If you are caught for any reason, you will be checkpointed at your last save point which seems to be any time an objective updates. This means entry to villa, calls and failing the optional objective not to be caught by head guard. If you reload checkpoint, you will load in at the last point one of those objectives updated with no penalty to any achievement.

I did not complete the optional objective to enter Bogden's office. I was able to duplicate it on another profile so it is NOT required. Simply leave the villa to end this Act.

Act 4 The party!

Approach front entrance and observe Mr. Osypenko talking to the bouncer. He moves towards the garage. Talk to him and DO NOT call him a whiner. (that's another achievement... Hands off me! in Thief of Thieves) Play nice and he'll let you be his +1. Talk to the bouncer to gain entry and Drinks by the Pool in Thief of Thieves. As you climb the stairs, the head guard will spot you again, failing that objective... this is important!

Climb the stairs and when Bogden passes you, follow him down and pickpocket the keys (its a QTE with 2 button presses) to earn Easy Access in Thief of Thieves then talk to the woman in red at the bar you were told to stay away from. She'll head upstairs once you tattle on her man. I entered the parlor to see the interaction. Not sure its required but it does checkpoint you after seeing them talk.

Now that you have everything you need and no one following you, wait till the guards finish their conversation and unlock the utility closet. Connect the wire in here to blow the fuses for the elevator. Not sure its required, but its the path I took.

Next, enter Bogden's office and hack the desk to get the alarm manual. As you leave Bogden's office, you'll see someone attempt to use the elevator. Follow them into the garage (sneak where needed) and use the can to distract the guard if necessary. Enter the shop and when prompted for the alarm code, select 2580 and leave the garage. I found following the righthand wall (crouching when needed) then following that side around and over a stack of tires (?) to leave. Once you get over that stack of stuff, you can actually run out. Once you get out of the garage, the guards forget what they are doing and you are in the clear.

Head back up into the party and once you regain control of your character, pull the fire alarm. Feel free to run right to Bogden and steal the bike.

Achievement unlocks as you smash away with dialog calling you 'ink girl' in the background
Bon Appetit
-Bon Appetit
Investigated the food industry.

Volume 1, Act 3 - While you are planning the heist, you muse about a disguise. Pick the lock on the van for "Chlorine Jockey" in Thief of Thieves or for this achievement - head to the left and wait for the maid who is quitting to leave. Enter the gate when she unlocks it (you can just push past her) or pick it after she leaves. Follow the path up to the open doorway and in the kitchen on the counter is the uniform you want.
Just Be Yourself
-Just Be Yourself
Took the direct approach.

Volume 1: Party And Larceny
Act 3

Sneak into the villa without using a disguise, eavesdrop on Bogdan Losev two times for the alarm manual and the bike location, then leave the villa.

If You do get caught, the checkpoints in the game are quite lenient so you wont go back to far if you have to reload the checkpoint at any time.
Chlorine Jockey
-Chlorine Jockey
Walked in someone else's overalls.


Walk up to the gate, the security guard and the pool guy will talk - then both will walk away.

Pick the lock on the truck.
Then put on the Pool clothes.

The achievement will unlock immediately.
Drinks by the Pool
-Drinks by the Pool
Went to party like it's the 80's.

VOLUME 1, ACT 4, when you attend the party.

Talk to Mr. Osypenko who wanders by the garage after talking to the bouncer. Don't call him a whiner (that's another achievement... Hands off me! in Thief of Thieves) and he'll agree to let you be his +1. After you talk to the bouncer and get admitted to the party, this pops.
Hands off me!
-Hands off me!
Confronted a mean drunk.

When at the party with the objective to steal the bike, there is a drunk guy the security guard talks to on the stairs that lead to the front entrance. After the guard speaks with him, go to him an talk. When given the option to say 'Whine whine' do so. Achievement unlocked.
Pool Party
-Pool Party
Took an unexpected dip.

In Volume 1: act4

Walk up the entrance, the guy talking to the bouncer on the stairs will walk to the garage, talk to him and be nice to him to get his +1 and access to the party. From here pickpocket Bogdan (i did it right in front of everyone no problem) and use the elevator to get to the garage. Use access code 2850. Sneak passed the guards back to the elevator. DO NOT PRESS THE FIRE ALARM. Go up to Bogdan near the pool and steal the bike. You know you have the right ending if the bike falls in the pool.
Easy Access
-Easy Access
Found an alternative to lockpicking.

Volume 1: Party And Larceny
Act 4: Party and Larceny

You have to steal Bogdan's keys from him.
Bogdan is the owner of the house and is wearing a beige jacket, and is followed by a biker bodyguard (when he is on the 1st floor) In VIP he walks alone.

In other words YOU have to pickpocket them from him, He will be roaming around the party.
BUT only BEFORE you get to the garage!

When behind him press click to initiate the pickpocketing mini game "more of a QTE" and press the buttons that will pop up on screen.
You took matters into your own hands.

Volume 2, act 2 (upstairs in train station)

After getting Sonia into the room, she will offer to let you crack the safe. Do it.

This mini game is timed. You need to spin the gear until the little nubs match up with the smaller gear inside it and click to lock it in. Repeat for each gear. The timer doesn’t start until you begin the first gear, so I suppose you could try to plan it out first.

If you complete it successfully, the achievement will pop.
Happy Chappy
-Happy Chappy
Made a nerd happy.

Volume 2, Chapter 2.

The "nerd" is Chip, and he's the one tasking you with optional objectives to find cameras and such. You will get this achievement by first getting 3 others:

1) Find all the cameras in the train station (before going up the elevator).

2) Once you are upstairs in the train station, directly across from the elevator as you enter is a control panel to examine.

3) Around the corner in the next room (with a couple of security guards and a TV) is a motion detector. It's on the same wall as the text that tells you to change camera angles with the right stick.

Once all 3 of these Chip-related tasks are done, this achievement should pop. Should come naturally if you're examining everything you can.

It appears this needs to be done all in one go, without restarts (or crashes).
Not Totally Hopeless
-Not Totally Hopeless
Got approval from a tough crowd.

Volume 2, Act 2

There are two locations where you have the opportunity to pickpocket a keycard from TWO guards in ORANGE jackets.

One is on the outside of the train station, to the left hand side (You will see even if the path the guard takes is full of people you can stil get it done easily)
The other is inside the train station, casually walking between the Elevator and Coffee shop at the end of this particualr part of the level.
Peered into the past.

Volume 2, act 2 (upstairs in train station)

Next to the safe room there is an office. Pick the door to get inside. View the pictures on the wall and the achievement will pops.
La De Dah
-La De Dah
Impressed a sceptic.

Alright, I don't exactly know what is required for this achievement, as it did not unlock during my first playthrough, but unlocked during my second one, and I don't really remember doing things differently...

So here's what I did during that second playthrough of Volume 2, act 2, in exact order:
- Pickpocket the security card inside the train station
- Spot all cameras (unlocking another achievement)
- Take the elevator up
- Spot the Security System Keypad directly in front of the elevator (unlocking another achievement)
- Break the TV to make room for Sonia
- Spot the motion detector on the left wall that warns you about camera angles (which should unlock 2 other achievements)
- DO NOT GO WHERE SONIA IS, but go pick the door to the right.
- Look at ALL the pictures on the wall in the office (unlocking another achievement)
- Go meet Sonia and choose to pick the safe yourself (surely not failing this part is important, and also unlocks another achievement)
- Take the elevator down

The achievement popped after I exited the elevator back in the train station.
Lifelong Learning
-Lifelong Learning
You weren't showing off, you're just that good.

Volume 2, act 3

This can be obtained by practicing 3 things at the Villa:

1. Hacking (next to Chip)
2. Lock Picking (next to Sonia)
3. Safe Cracking (next to Sonia)
Social Awareness
-Social Awareness
Caught a chronic case of foot-in-mouth disease.

Volume 2, act 3

First of all, when you're still outside the villa, select "What a dump".

Then, after the group conversation ends, you will have to talk to the 3 team members.
We want them to end the conversation abruptly. Once they do, don't talk to them again.
Calling Conrad is not required.

Here are the dialogue options you have to select for each member:

Cut the attitude
Can you?

Quit it, brat

Han-Jeo (in the room far left)
Nasty scars!
Sensitive much?

Achievement should pop right away after the third conversation.
Underestimated Her
-Underestimated Her
Were too witty for your own good.

Volume 2, act4

During the chapter, make sure you find all 3 blackmail materials:
- Accident report in the safe near the computer
- Newspapers in the cabinet in the attic
- Court papers in the bedroom closet

Then ask Han-Jeo to break in and confront the old man

Any ending is okay, except the one where Han-Jeo knocks the man out and has his mask taken off.
This should get you through:
You were involved
Court papers name you
Got people fired
optional Friend got fired

"Friend got fired" option only shows up if you've looked at the pics on the office wall in the previous chapter, and selecting it will also unlock another achievement.
If you have not, Han-Jeo will hit the guy, but not knock him out, and he will cooperate (you can reload checkpoint if anything goes wrong).

After that , you'll have a little chat with the special agent.

When the option comes up, select "Old guy should be glad", which is the obvious 'wrong' option there, so you most probably did not choose it during your first playthrough even if you had the requirements right.
Now You See Me...
-Now You See Me...
Scoped out the surveillance.

Volume 2: Deep End

You need to spot the location of the 7 Security cameras, inside the station.

1. As you enter the station, it's on upper column; facing towards the entrance.
2. A short distance away on the next set of columns, it's again on the upper column, but facing away from the entrance.
3. The next set of columns, just after the bench Han-Jae is sitting on. This time it's on the lower column, facing towards the entrance.
4. The next set of columns, covering the Coffe shop. Its on the upper column, facing the shop.
5. Again covering the Coffie shop, but on the lower column.
6. This time it's on the upper building, just after the Coffee shop, facing downwards.
7. The final camera is just above the elevator, in the bottom left hand corner.
The Off Switch
-The Off Switch
Found the controls.

Volume 2, Act 2

Very easy achievement, as you go up from the elevator from the train station, you will have a bit of a dialogue with Sonya and Chip, and directly infront of you is the keypad.
Hot, Hot, Hot, Cold
-Hot, Hot, Hot, Cold
Found out where to keep it cool.

Volume 2, act 2
You'll come upstairs in the train station and stand in a room with security guards.

Toggle the alternative camera . Move it until you see "Spot" on the screen and you'll be able to see a camera. The achievement should unlock once you spot it.
Sans armes, ni haine, ni violence.
-Sans armes, ni haine, ni violence.
Refrained from base thuggery.

This unlocks if you convince the old man named Mr. Nicchi to tell you the alarm and safe codes without resorting to violence. The steps you must take are below:

Volume 2, Act 2
View all the photos on the wall inside the locked office before you leave the second story of the train station.

Volume 2, Act 4
After you get to the computer and realize you need a new plan, Han-Jae will want to burst in and beat the info out of him. Don't let him ring the doorbell yet. Search the house to find blackmail information first. There are 3 locations; the safe next to the computer, a locked closet in the bedroom, and another locked stash in the attic. Once you have viewed all 3 pieces of blackmail/evidence, let Han-Jae ring the doorbell.

You will now confront Mr. Nicchi and the goal is to convince him to tell you the codes using the information you found around the house. If you select the wrong order of choices, Han-Jae will get impatient and punch him anyways. If that happens, just reload checkpoint. After a few selections of dialog in the correct order, you should see the option "Friend got fired" (this is only available if you viewed the pictures in the office from Act 2). Talking to him about his friend Luca will ultimately convince him to give up the codes, without any violence.

If you're having difficulties with the dialogue choices, this is what worked for me:
You were involved
Court Papers named you
Saved your skin
People got fired
Friend got fired <-- Only shows up if you view the pictures in Act 2
Leap of Faith
-Leap of Faith
Is this what they call dumpster diving?

Volume 2 - Act 5

This is the faster way to do it.

Get to the first Sneaking section, and heres where you can AVOID the 2nd sneaking section altogehter...

So after doing the first sneaking bit, it will say GO! on the floor, remain crouched for a little while going forward.. BUT, to help you, as soon as you see GO! on the floor, get up and sprint! He wont catch you AND you get to avoid the next sneaking bit and just run on through to the finish!
...Now You Don't
-...Now You Don't
Erased the evidence of discressions past.

Volume 2, Act 5

You need to sneak into the Guard Shack & remove the video tape of your last visit to the Station.

Head over to the Carousel & pick the lock to access the controls. You can then ask Han-Jae or Sonya to operate the Carousel.

Move back over to the left side of the entrance, but remain crouched in the shadows. When all 3 Guards are close together, start-up the Carousel. As long as all 3 Guards go to investigate the noise, you will be able to safely sneak behind them.

Move over to the shipping container on the left of the Station; there's a Guard that patrols the front & side of the Guard Shack, as well as a video camera that sweeps across the entrance.

Wait until the Guard starts moving left; then move around the corner of the Station, keeping close to the scaffolding on your right. As soon as you reach the Guard Shack door, you need to pick the lock, enter & quickly find a hiding place; as a Guard will investigate the unlocked door. You can hide in the locker or remain crouched in the room; to the far left of the shack entrance.

The Guard will enter, call out for Manuel, then leave; relocking the door behind him. You are then free to pick the lock on the cabinet, in the top right-hand corner, to steal the Surveillance tape. Whilst your here, take the opportunity to disable all the security cameras.
Waltzing In
-Waltzing In
Took the direct approach.

Volume 2 - Act 5

On the right you find a carousel, Unlock it.
Choose to have Sonya go over, you move over to the left hand side of where the entrance is but STAY CROUCHED!
BEFORE you have Sonya turn it on, look at the guard at the back right by the train station doors.. There are two sets of doors to go into, on the left and on the right..
To get all 3 guards distracted, MAKE SURE the one guard is by the RIGHT side of doors and, if he is at the left side, he willl not hear it thus making it harder for yourself.. Still doable, but harder.

Anyway, once all 3 are distracted, just go to the main entrance (Big set of doors) quickly piclock it and voila!
I've Got This
-I've Got This
Who needs experts when they have you?

Volume 3, Act 1

Lock Taraneh in the electric room. Go to the Cargo carriage, and Sonia will ask if you need her to crack the safe. Crack it yourself for the achievement.
Nerd Locker
-Nerd Locker
Took out a cog from Pavoni's plan-

Volume 3, Act 1 - Alpine Express

After the enemy crew separate ways, follow Taraneh to the left train cars where she speaks with a guard and gets him to follow her. Hide in a room to the right of the jammable door and wait for them to enter. Jam the door with them both inside to get this achievement.
Let a teammate do their thing.

Volume 3, Act1 - Alpine Express

After Easdropping on Pavoni and his crew the first time, Sonia offers to follow orso or Taraneh. YOU NEED to tell sonia to FOLLOW TARANEH. you still need to lock taraneh in the maintenance room.

Then in the cargo car sonia will ask you to disable the lights and ask to crack the safe, allow her to crack the safe for the achievement. (she won't ask you to disable the lights or crack the safe if you have her follow orso).
Psycho Containment
-Psycho Containment
Caged a beast.

Volume 3, Act 1

After eavesdropping follow Orso to the engine car, then jam the door after he enters.
The Big Bluff
-The Big Bluff
Talked your way through it.

Volume 3, Act 1 - Alpine Express
Follow Orso and eavesdrop on the rival's team conversation. after that sneak into the cargo room with the safe in it. hide in the closet until Rotolo opens the safe. after Taraneh says explosives are ready she starts walking toward Rotolo's side and now you need to get out and Sabotage the Explosives on the doorway of the cargo room quickly. (you shouldn't lock the door on Taraneh or Orso and let them follow their plan) go to the restaurant where you first eavesdrop on Pavoni's team and blend in for few minutes until Orso gets back there with the case and sits next to Pavoni, now there is an open door at the left side of the bar. go towards it and "Throw Oil" in the stove to distract Orso. when you see the smoke go near Pavoni and use "Place Jammer". after talking to him achievement pops.
Her Mentor's Voice
-Her Mentor's Voice
Did a little side-job.

Volume 3, Act 1 - Alpine Express

Complete the optional side objective to steal a thumb drive.

What I did: You’ll get a call asking you to steal a usb drive, as you move to the back of the train (after eavesdropping on the group). Check the photo that is sent to you. Backtrack towards the restaurant. The target moves between this area and the second class cars further up the train.
Extreme Sports
-Extreme Sports
Caught some air.

Volume 3, Act 1 - Alpine Express

After retrieving the sequencer by any means you desire, you will be tasked with escaping the train. On your way to the front of the train, you will see some parachutes in one of the "in-between" cars. Grab one and continue to the front where you started and exit the door there to unlock this achievement.
Closer Look
-Closer Look
Took in the scenery.

Volume 3, Act 1 - Alpine Express → Chip's misstep Part One

Use the telescope on the balcony.
Safety regulations
-Safety regulations
Didn't listen to a pro.

Volume 3 - Chip's misstep pt1

When you reach the construction site with Chip, go near the generator and "Raise the Voltage" then go all the way to the other side and pick up the live wire. (remember don't lower the voltage)
when you die achievement pops.
Played in the snow.

Volume 3, Act 1

For this you need to escape by detonating detaching the cargo carriage. You'll need to allow Orso to disable the brakes, and you'll need to allow Taraneh to plant the explosives (after she'd disposed of the guard).

I did it while collecting the Yoink! achievement. I hid in the locker by the cargo carriage, then when Taraneh walked by with the briefcase, followed her and snatched it from her. I immediately sprinted to the left and hid in the locker again. Once Roloto left the area, I went into the carriage and detonated the explosives. Achievement Unlocked.
Did the good old bump'n'grab.

Volume 3, Act 1 - Alpine Express

Hide in the locker, let Goffredo Rotolo open the safe, Taraneh Jamshidi will come to grab the case just after placing the explosives, follow her, snatch and take the sequencer.
Run faster.
...And Off She Goes
-...And Off She Goes
Got rid of a nosy pest.

Volume 3, Act 3 - Either

Leave the hard drive with the agent

Steal the hard drive off the table for "Coming in Hot!" achievement.
During the interrogation, u will have the chance to allow her to ask you 1 more question. Then you will be given the option to say "Awful" like you were told to do so or to mention the hard drive for "Hard Evidence" achievement.
Mentioning the hard drive will lead u to giving the drive to the agent & she'll leave with it

Or -
Don't steal the hard drive & refuse the additional question & mention Homeland Security won't care.
Hard Evidence
-Hard Evidence
Played a trump card.

Volume 3, Act 3

Mention the hard drive during the interrogation.

You have to steal the hard drive off the table for the Coming in Hot! achievement.
During the interrogation, you will have the chance to allow her to ask you 1 more question. (or refuse & she'll ask anyways). Then you will be given the option to say "Awful" like you were told to do so or to mention the hard drive.
Coming in Hot!
-Coming in Hot!
Data theft, the analog way.

Volume 3, Act 3

You get this by completing the optional objective to steal the hard drive.
In Memoriam
-In Memoriam
Suffered a loss.

Volume 3, Act 3

You have to steal the hard drive off the table for "Coming in Hot!" achievement in order for this event to occur.

Achievement pops during the conversation cut-scene at the table after returning from the enemy hideout.
What's Next?
What's Next?
Time to change the scenery!

Don't steal the hard drive during Volume 3's Act 3.
Ask about what they will be eating during dinner.
Just getting the dinner scene will be enough to trigger this.

WARNING! It's recommended to do this achievement or playthrough last as you MAY need this one certain person alive for volume 4 (Even though its not quite confirmed yet, still best to do this one last)
Plan B
-Plan B
Followed your mentor's lead.

Volume 4 - Chapter 1

Chip can be alive for this to work.

Also at the end of chapter 3 during your conversation with the FBI agent, you need to say something to keep her off your tail (I do not remember the dialogue options). Otherwise she will be in London and Redmond won't be at St. John's party.

If you take the hard drive at the end of chapter 3 and give it to the FBI agent then she does not turn up to St John's party and Redmond will be there.

Play through the chapter as normal, then after finding St John you will have to talk to one of his friends to get an introduction with him. You can speak to the woman or the white man who will both reject your request for an introduction to St John.

Do not speak to the bold IT guy because he will give you an introduction to St John and then you will not be able to get the achievement.

After you fail to get an introduction from St John's friend, Redmond will ask you to follow him and he will talk to St John with you. Simply follow his lead and speak to St John. At one point you will need to say "That's Idiotic" and after that the achievement popped.
It's on Now!
-It's on Now!
Revealed a phony.

Volume 4 - Chapter 1

When casing St. John's party, talk to the guy holding the pink backpack. I chose"'investor?" and then "other guy boasts" when prompted. Should pop as soon as the guy says he has to go.

Before talking to the guy with the backpack you need to follow the guy with the red shirt that talks to him so you can overhear him saying he was the one responsible for creating the computer program. After that go talk to pink backpack and it should work.
Upgraded Access
-Upgraded Access
Diversified your options.

Volume 4 - Chapter 1

To get this achievement, you have to examine the hostess when she is walking around. After that Celia mentions the hostess must have a Key Fob for this floor, and you can choose to pickpocket her.

The achievement will unlock after successfully pick-pocketing her.

The achievement image is a little reference:
Party Pooper
-Party Pooper
Ran into a complication.

Now in order for your changes to save and progress through to Volume 4, you must play from the point where you made a different dialogue choice. So if you made a different choice after the break-in at the old man's house in Volume 2, you have to play from there.

Volume 2
There's one major dialogue here, and that's after visiting the old man.

Again, not every dialogue choice here is probably vital (a lot is still unconfirmed about all of this), so follow this to be safe:
You're no Elliot Ness
Personal Friend?
I remember getting a text prompt about annoying her or striking a nerve here, so I feel like is probably important.
If you followed the route for the achievement above, you'll have a unique dialogue prompt:
Old guy should be glad
This will be a mistake and reveal you were there, I don't think any prompt after is important, but I went with the next prompt - Wha.. You'll get a text prompt suggesting she's suspicious.

Finish out the Volume after this, there is another small dialogue section, but from what comments are saying, however you tackle this next section/what your answers are don't seem to be what makes an impact.

Volume 3
There are 2 dialogues in this Volume, the one after the train heist I don't think is of major importance to the achievement, but I will list my choices anyway, just in case it is:
The rest in this dialogue doesn't seem to make any difference or cause any text pop-ups. So make whatever choices you see fit.

Now for the final part, make sure you steal the hard drive so chip dies and follow this dialogue choice:
Edit: It seems the only bit of dialogue that matters here is saying Awful... So the rest choose what you want

Not starting again
Redmond will mention extracting here, and if all has gone right, he should say he's not sure you've convinced her though, or he will say you could've done better.
Too bad
After this, she will show you the picture of Chip's body. Choose the left option first (I don't remember the wording) and then choose Awful...

Note: You don't need to do this next bit, it's just a way of checking whether she will show up or not.

If all has gone right, just before you go to the party in Volume 4, go up the ladder and talk to Redmond. Ask about Agent Ikeda and the Proof she has. He should say he has to lie low for a while as she's in London. If he says this, go to the party and you'll get the achievement after talking to the hostess. If not, you likely need to go back and get multiple dialogues right again as the ones you did weren't enough.
Not made for this
-Not made for this
Gave some life saving advice.

First make sure Chip survived the end of Volume 3 by NOT stealing the Hard Drive off the table.

Now in the first Chapter of Volume 4 (The Old World), find Chip in the back area of the warehouse and talk to him before leaving for the party. Follow this dialogue tree:

Just Chill -> Get Real - > Actually, it is - > So Who are you? - > Well Yeah -> Life of Crime - > Maybe - > Not Gonna Live.

Edit: Looks like there are other possible ways for the dialogue to go with Chip. If the above doesn't work or the dialogue options show different, try one of these.

Just chill -> Life of crime -> Maybe -> Not gonna live.

Just Chill -> Get Real -> No -> Who are you? - > Well Yeah - > Life of Crime - > Maybe - > Not Gonna Live.
Dropped the Ball
-Dropped the Ball
That escalated quickly.

Volume 4, Act 3: Ready for Withdrawal

If Chip survived the end of Volume 3 by NOT stealing the Hard Drive off the table. After finding out who St John's bank manager is through use of the dye, Chip will offer to make the big overhead globe spin quickly to act as a distraction so that you can access the computer. Agree to this and you can watch the globe spin and see what happens and the achievement will pop.

Alternatively if you are with Taraneh, you can screw up the interaction by insulting the bank manager: select the left option each time. At this point she will do the same as Chip and spin the globe.
Customer Service
-Customer Service
Made an employee go above and beyond.

Volume 4, Act3: Ready for Withdrawal

If Chip died at the end of Volume 3 you will be with Taraneh. After finding out who St John's bank manager (Benedict Hogarth) is through use of the dye, Taraneh will offer to book an appointment with the bank manager. Agree to this and you will go to his office. There you need to convince the bank manager to accommodate you.

This is the exact chain of dialogue options:

How's yours - > Sounds Good - > Oh Fudge, My Bad - > cn_B Goodbye to 10 Million

After this the bank manager will accommodate Taraneh/Chip to the vault and the achievement will pop.

However if Chip did not die then he will ask you if he can make the globe rotate as a distraction. Refuse this and you two will go in for an appointment with the bank manager. During this dialogue you need to make the bank manager think that you are rich (I do not remember the exact dialogue options). The final dialogue option should be similar to what it would be with Taraneh. After this the bank manager will accommodate Chip to the vault and the achievement will pop.

If you fail this then immediately reload the checkpoint before the cut scene ends. You will know this as Chip/Taraneh will say something along the lines of "I think that's enough for now, let's go".
Straight Up
-Straight Up
Went straight on up.

SO, make sure to pick sonia to go with you at the end of Chapter 4 "Dinner Guests".

When you start act 5, "Hit Him Where It Hurts", you sneak your way through a few security rooms and end up in software engineering room (You will know as its brightly coloured and has an elevator in the middle).

Pickpocket the guard that comes out the elevator, let Sonia in from the door on the very right hand side and go up.
At this point, people have said she gets stuck, she did for me too, either wait around a minute or reload the CHECKPOINT (Not level) and she eventually goes through.

In this same room, This is the point where Sonia SHOULD say "Hello, whats this, i've found some blueprints" just before she picklocks the door.
If she doesnt say it, reload the checkpoint and try again, but for me personally it worked first time, so hopefully you guys just following the video should make it unlock for you first time too!

Edit: Alright, I finally got it to work. This time I replayed Volume 3 from the beginning instead of the end. The only two other variables I can say that might have affected it is 1. I started a New game till it saved before backing out and replaying the last two volumes through. And 2. I completed the optional objectives during Volume 4 "Money Talks" at the investor party, which I wasn't doing during the later playthroughs. Hope this helps someone.

Edit 2: To get Sonia out of the last set of elevator doors I had to reload 5 times after waiting over a minute each time. Then, no matter how many times I reloaded, she wouldn't pick up the blueprints and they are essential to the achievement. So, I replayed all of Volume 4 (I had let Chip die and handed over the hard drive to Ikeda in Vol. 3). I completed all of the optional objectives in part 1, and I made sure to interact with and speak kindly to Sonia in part 2 and 4; I was also nice to Taraneh throughout the replay as I had been very mean before to get Good Riddance. I'm not sure what was necessary, but this time Sonia picked up the blueprints first time.
Team of One
-Team of One
Trusted yourself.

Load up Volume 4, Act 4 "Dinner Guests" and go through the dialogue until you get to a choice where you can either pick Han-Jae, Sonia or just Yourself to go to the big heist.

Obviously, for this achievement pick yourself, and as soon as the achievement unlocks, load your checkpoint back up, and pick Sonia the second time around as you will need her for the "Straight Up" Achievement in Act 5.
Took out the trash.

Load up Volume 4, Act 4 "Dinner Guests". go through the bit of dialogue and Pavoni and Orso will attack the Warehouse.

All you have to do is, go past where Orso is beating Han-Jae behind him, climb up the ladder to the other side, climb down and go grab the laptop. (All the while sometimes sneaking so Orso doesn't find you).
To the left of that, go over the fence, to the left is the button for the bridge you need to press, go to the ladder directly left of that and run back to the starting point to finish the level.
Good Riddance
-Good Riddance
I knew it, can't trust a druggie.

Volume 4 - Act 4: Dinner Guests

If Chip died then from the start of Volume 4 Taraneh will join the group. In every interaction you have with her throughout Volume 4 make it negative. I also expressed negative views on her to the group during interactions. This also includes when you can optionally approach her and speak to her at the hideout between chapters.
In Act 3 I disagreed with Taraneh's plan to book an appointment with the bank manager. However it will still happen so you need to screw it up by insulting the bank manager: select the left option each time.

Someone has said that he didn't speak to Taraneh at all throughout Act 4 and she ended up betraying the group.

Taraneh will eventually betray the group in Act 4 when Pavoni and Orso will attack the hideout. You will see her leave the building with a bag. After playing through the chapter the achievement will automatically be unlocked at the end.
Just passing through!
-Just passing through!
No time for disguises.

Volume 4, Act 5 - Hit him where it hurts
Do NOT grab the Company Hoodie disguise in the 3rd room. Instead, kick the trash bin over or throw a soda can to pull the guard away from the door, sneak into the elevator room and pickpocket the security guard doing rounds in there for his keycard. Then just call and get on the elevator and achievement unlocked.
The Nothing Man Apr 28, 2022 @ 6:35pm 
well I think ty for the guide?
Whomever did the original wasnt great.
1. Isolate miss able achievements.
2. aim at where branches go, if you go this way you can never do this way until next play

seems almost EVERY achievement is missable so far.. which sucks
and the layout while in order, is to spread
hugs though.. and wow. to much to sift through.
ŁUC4 C4551N3ŁŁ1  [author] Oct 20, 2019 @ 6:24am 
Alarm code added.
Dragonata Oct 20, 2019 @ 4:45am 
You fail to mention that in Clean Getaway, after unlocking the workshop door and finding no bike, you have to enter a code to prevent the alarms from going off.