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Distrust: How to [ENG] complete guide
By Grinsebär and 1 collaborators
This guide aims at teaching you almost anything there is to know about the game - knowledge- and gameplay-wise.
Experienced players may gain some more insight into the features of the game from the content.
Why a guide for Distrust?
We have written this guide, because we couldn't find anything comparable on the internet and think these informations would be helpful to guide you towards a better understanding of the game. Contents of this guide include all information, knowledge and experiences collected by advancing through the game. Should you find any errors or have suggestions towards the improvements of this guide, please post them in the comment section, down below. The collective majority of the pictures in this guide are taken from the german version of the game. We're currently looking for contributors, who play the english version of this game, that may be interested in providing screenshots with english onscreen language. Please contact us if interested. Thank you.

Link to the original guide (GER)

  • Last updated 06-24-2019
How do anomalies develop?
Anomalies spawn only when characters sleep. Each of the zones were free of anomalies upon entering. They spawn near the sleeping character and prioritize targetting towards them.

Multioccular anomaly
Enemy appears in all zones.
This anomaly is a light-sensitive creature. It does not enter a room in which light is burning. As soon as a generator is running, the anomaly patrols in front of the house. It can be driven into flight by direct lighting with the flashlight. Damage can be dealt to it by pointing the flashlight at it. After a certain time the anomaly disappears from the map and will only respawn when someone is asleep.

Icy anomaly
Enemy appears from Zone 2.
This anomaly is sensitive to heat. It will not enter a heated room. As soon as an oven burns the anomaly will start patrolling in front of the house. It can be lured into the house by opening a window, while the perimeter is heated. Doing so will lower the room temperature over time and the anomaly will enter the building. If the window is closed, the temperature will rise again and the anomaly will start taking damage. It will leave the house and may disappear from the map, depending on how much damage it has taken. The procedure may have to be repeated. It will only respawn when someone is asleep.

Electrical anomaly
Enemy appears from Zone 3.

This anomaly is not sensitive to heat or light. It will try to get into the players close proximity and inflicts damage on all objects along the way. (Stoves, generators, beds,...)
  • The anomaly can be caught with a trap. (Similar to Ghostbuster). To do this, open the inventory and pull the trap out of the inventory. This will set a flag, informing the player of the items removal from the inventory. Upon closing the inventory, the trap lies directly in front of the feet of the selected character. As soon as the anomaly comes close, it will be drawn to it. The trap is a one-time-use item. You won't be able to reuse it. Traps that have been layed out but are still unused may be returned into the inventory for reuse.

  • The anomaly can also be shot with pistol ammunition. (If not absolutely necessary it's generally inadvisable to use up your ammo for this type of enemy, as it is very effective against the Alien-Creature.)

This creature is the second most dangerous in the game.

Enemy presence is from Zone 4 onwards.
The Alien-Creature is sensitive to light and heat. It enters an illuminated and/or heated room and approaches the characters in a targeted manner. It takes damage according to their reaction but it has never been enough for me to destroy such a creature. As soon as the creature gets closer to a character, they will become trapped and can no longer move. Trapped characters will disappear after a while. According to the instructions, the creature can be driven away by pointing at it with a flashlight.
  • According to the instructions, the creature can be driven away by illuminating it with a flashlight. I couldn't test this yet because the creature caught me in the rooms so far.

  • Using pistol ammo on the Anomaly will damage it effectively.
This creature is the most dangerous in the game.

Olaf Heraldson
How to obtain:
Character is available from the start.

Character designation
Needs fewer planks to kindle a stove; Generators will power for a longer duration when he fuels them.

Irma Dillinger
How to obtain:
Character is available from the start.

Character designation
Hunger develops slower and requires less food for a full recovery.

James Abrams
How to obtain:
Character is available from the start.

Character designation
Easily tolerate low temperatures, especially when wearing a jacket.

Natalie Shelter
How to obtain:
Saw up 9 crates during a single game in Challenge Mode.

Character designation
Tools last longer in this characters hands.

Radj Shumpur
How to obtain:
Smoke 10 cigarettes during a single game in Challenge Mode.

Character designation
Addicted to cigarettes, going through withdrawal when he doesn't smoke. Vitality declines slower when he packs cigarettes.

Nicole Steelman
How to obtain:
Get the second bad ending in the Challenge mode

Achtung Spoiler:
You must destroy the Alien reactor with a pistol. You need at least 1 bullet.

Character designation
Starts with a pistol and 4 bullets.

Ben Perez
How to obtain:
Break 6 objects under the influence of: "Burst of Anger" during a single game in Challenge mode.

Character designation
Needs fewer resources for repairs.

Mary Stone

How to obtain:
Cook every kind of food in the oven during a single game.
  • Frozen Vegetables
  • Instant Noodles
  • Potatoes
  • Instant Soup
  • Coffee Beans
Character designation
Uses leftover food wisely and receives a nutrition shake when cooking.

Casper Jackson
How to obtain:
Find every tool in the game. Can be achieved collectively throughout multiple playthroughs.
  • Shovel
  • Hammer
  • Axe
  • Saw
  • Crowbar
  • Lockpick
  • Toolkit
Character designation
Has a toolbox wiht a hammer and shovel from the start.

Olga Kramer
How to obtain:
Refuel generators 100 times in Challenge mode.

Character designation
Able to distinguish items in the dark without the use of a flashlight.

Martin Brown
How to obtain:
Pass through 4 zones in a row without breaking a single door in Challenge mode.

Character designation
Can break doors without the use of tools.

Philipp Strauss
How to obtain:
Complete the game once.

Character designation
Can wake from a coma without adrenaline injection and recover from any injury without using a first-aid-kit.

Ronald Witkes
How to obtain:
Play a game with 2 characters. This is the only way to obtain a third character in zone 3.

Give him adrenaline and finish the game with the ending where he betrays his friends and succeeds as sole survivor.

Achtung Spoiler:
Choose to betray your team and offer them as fuel so you can escape. (Good ending)

Character designation
Stamina and satuation decrease slower, when being in- or outdoors.
Emil Gustav
How to obtain:
Don't go to sleep in zone 1 during Challenge mode.

Character designation
Energy depletes slower and recovers faster over time.

Katashi Hayashi
How to obtain:
Use a first-aid kit 100 times during Challenge mode.

Character designation
Health slowly regenerates on its own.


Protein Bar:

Frozen Vegetables:

Cooked Vegetables:


Cooked Potatoes:

Uncooked Instant Soup:

Cooked Instant Soup:

Cooked Instant Soup:

Cooked Instant Noodles:

Coffee Beans:


Nutritious Shake:

The Cake can be found as soon as the respective character is under the influence of "gluttony": Gluttony.

The Pastry can be found as soon as the respective character is under the influence of "gluttony": Gluttony.

The Burger can be found as soon as the respective character is under the influence of "gluttony": Gluttony.

Suckling pig:
The Suckling pig can be found as soon as the respective character is under the influence of "gluttony": Gluttony.
Useful items
This section explains the usefulness of items that can be found across the gameworld -in addition to food, aswell as their benefits and effects.

Pills remedy poisoning. Poisoning can be inflicted by eating moldy food or expired pills, when they inflict negative effects based on chance.

Bandages can be used to treat cuts. Cut wounds can occur when rubble is removed by hand or when objects are repaired.

First aid kit:
First aid kits can be used to restore health. They don't cure poisoning or aid cuts, however.

Can be found throughout the game or produced at a first-aid station using the following ingredients.
  • 1x Sterilization powder
  • 1x Old pills
  • 1x Dirty bandages

An adrenaline shot can be used to lift a character out of a coma.

Syringes can be found in the game world. They are, however, scarce as they cannot be readily produced.

Different types of clothing can be found throughout the gameworld that provide protection against the cold. Clothing can be exchanged at any time amongst the characters of your team. I have never found beginner jackets in the advanced levels. In other words, you'll probably find jackets of this type easily in the zones of 1-x. Then the jackets medium and finally the last category.
Items with negative effects
This section explains what additional items it has in play that can have negative effects when taken.

Mouldy food:
Moldy food fills the saturation bar and has a high chance of causing food poisoning. This prevents characters from eating but can be cured with pills.

Old pills:
Marginally decrease the characters HP upon consumption. Has a set chance to heal poisoning.

Dirty bandages:
Marginally decrease the characters HP upon consumption.. Has a set chance to heal cuts.
Zone exit part 1
In this chapter I would like to describe the possible types of tasks that need to be solved in order to leave the respective zone. The tasks as well as the location of accommodation and their content are generated randomly. This increases the replay value. This also ensures that zones have to be explored to master the tasks. There is no scheme "F" with go here, press there, run away. Unfortunately the number of characters per chapter is limited.

Overload 3 generators

In the accommodations 3 special generators must be found and filled with gasoline. The houses are easily recognizable, because they have the same architecture. All 3 generators must be in use at the same time to unlock the door at the zone exit. Once the exit has been opened, the generators no longer need to be kept running. The map may still be explored and/or plundered. Therefore it is recommended to locate all generators first. Fill the generators to unlock the exit,so you can leave the zone in case of emergency without having seen all other houses.

Repair cable
When examining the output, the following message appears: (Locked! Here is a digital lock, but someone has pulled out the cables. I could cut another cable somewhere and attach it here). Now a cable cutter has to be found. A switch cabinet must then be found. Refer to the picture. When inspecting the switch cabinet, you notice that it is still on and that no cables can be removed. Now a switch has to be found and interacted with. (I found this throughout several playthroughs, always in the same house) Afterwards you can remove the cable and attach it to the zone exit. The installation takes relatively long, so be prepared to do this while being warmed up, elsewise you must interrupt the process to get warm again and repeat the process.

Blowing of the output
To blast the exit door you must craft explosives. An explosive container and a blueprint must be found. (see right)
The recipe is randomly generated each time. Use the provided screen for general orientation.

Triple digital lock
Rooms with 3 switches must be found.
They supply the exit door with energy for a certain amount of time. In order to unlock the door you will have to flip all 3 switches active. The LED's above the door will give notion about which ones are powered and which ones aren't.

Actuate switch No. 4
Must be activated to unlock the door. However, this can only be activated if switch 3 was previously activated. This order can be traced back to switch 1. Therefore you have to explore the houses here. Usually the houses that contain the switches have the same architectual structure. Activate switch 1 through 4 in a sequence to unlock the zone exit.

Find the key in the old jacket
A key must be found inside an old jacket. This jacket is stored in a locked locker. Therefore the locker has to be found first and then opened with a lockpick or a crowbar.

Find a key
A key, locked away in a safe, must be found.
I experienced several generated variants:
  1. The vault's frozen. In order to use the safe, the house must be heated. At this house the door was broken as well as a window. In addition, some doors were blocked with debris which had to be cleared first.

  2. The safe has a combination lock which is locked with a 4-digit code. This code is written on a note which must be found in the zone. On the note there are 3 different codes, one of them works at the safe. Until now the code in the middle has always worked for me.

Find the access code
The zone output is locked with a numeric code. 3 notes with numbers have to be found which are scattered across the map. All numbers can be found in file cabinets. The numbers are procedurally generated for each playthrough, but do not change during a single playthrough. Once known, they can be entered at the zone exit. The example code are :2;4;7. First number has tear on the right, second has tear on both sides, third number has tear on the left. As if the numbers were on a single slip of paper torn apart.

Charge battery from snowplough
When examining the snowplough, the character notices that the battery is too weak to start. The battery can then be removed.
A room with a battery charger must be found. The charger will only work if the
the corresponding generator is filled with gasoline. If the generator runs dry while charging, the powering process will disrupt. After refilling the generator, the battery is charged. As soon as the battery is full, it can be installed in the snowplough and the zone exit is open for passing.

Fill snowplough with petrol
When examining the snowplough, the character notices that the snowplough no longer has any fuel. It needs to be filled with petrol. The snowplough must be refuelled 4 times. As soon as it is full, the zone exit is open for passing.
Zone exit part 2
Part two of the tasks to complete a zone.

Activate a platform
Inside a locked building, you'll find a pressure plate on the floor. To pressurize it accordingly, heavy vehicles need to be driven onto it, to apply the required pressure. Doing this will open the zone exit for passing. To accumulate this required kind weight, duty bags have to be transported and put on the platform. When all 3 bags are placed on it, the zone exit is open for passage.

Toxic gas blocks the exit
The exit is shut in a building filled with toxin. To pass through, you'll need to find a protective suit.
Once accquired, you can safely pass and pry open the door with any of the following auxiliary equipment: Key, lockpick, crowbar, firearm.

Search for circuit boards
2 circuit boards must be found and attached to the output. They can be found and removed from control desks. (Refer to the picture) The boards can be colored differently.

Boss's Door code
The Boss's PC is located inside a house, that is out of power. Depending on the condition of the generator it must be repaired and/or filled. As soon as the generator is running, you can interact with the Boss's PC. It contains the door code for the exit.

Further information will be provided as soon as we learn more about it.
Side quests
This chapter focusses on quests and optional activities which can be done throughout your playthrough, that aren't vital to the game completion.

Reactor Reflector
The Reactor Reflector is a machine that can be used to achieve an alternate ending, in addition to third start slot. With this slot you can start new games with 3 instead of 2 characters. This machine is only available when playing in challenge mode and can be found in zone 3.
By picking up the reactor reflector you will receive a new interactive solution on generators. (Used for generating light
in buildings) If this is done, it destroys the generator. It may be repaired with boards and then refilled with gasoline. This interaction fills the reactor reflector by one charge. To unlock the alternate ending you will have to repeat this process no less than 7 times.

Secret documents; files

I was able to find the described documents several times already. Once also the mission task has changed to: u]Find the radio[/u]. Unfortunately I could not find it and therefore do not know, yet, what the document is about. Maybe something can be done in the room on the right. At least it looks like a radio station. I cannot say for certain though.

Lucky Ticket
This winning ticket was originally an event that enabled the participants to take part in a cruise to Antarctica. The event took place from 18.09.2017 - 30.11.2017. More details : Link .
I found all fragments of this ticket, yet just recently. I got the Achievement, but i couldn't see the winning ticket or find out how to view it. Maybe it's not active in the game anymore.

The ticket is torn into 5 parts, scattered across and can be obtained by following the next steps. I'm not sure if the parts can be obtained in a single playthrough. I accquired throughout multiple playthroughs. It's also likely that they can only be found when playing in challenge mode. The recording of a part is marked with a special symbol. Fragments already found will not be reobtainable, as they are unique.
Now to the places where it was found:
  1. If a character is under the influence of the homesick the piece no.1 can be taken from the helicopter which only the mentioned character can see. It will make helicopters spawn at random for that character. Make sure you pick up the ticket, not fly away.

  2. can be found in zone 5 in a crate. This box must be opened with wire cutters. Wire cutters can only be found in the zone mission Repair cable. See chapter Zone exit part 1. Unfortunately I don't have a picture for this.

  3. can be found in Zone 5 of a vault.
    The safe can be opened with a 9-digit code. During the course of the game a noteboard can be found on which a breakdown of the delivered food can be found. The numbers in brackets (x) are what you're looking for. Memorize or write them down. The code is always the same.

  4. Can only be found by Olga Kramer in the snowplough. This is available as a quest in some zones. See chapter Zone exit part 1

  5. Can be found in zone 5 in a crate. A wooden box must be sawn open. This wooden crate contains a weapon crate which must be opened with a lockpick or a crowbar.

Further information will be provided as soon as we learn more about it.
Thank you for reading our guide. We hope it was to your satisfaction and would appreciate your given Like and Favorite, so as to help it elevate in the guide section for more people to consider reading. Please feel free leave your comments and wishes. It was an interesting experience to create such a guide and we're surprised about how much fun it was. It is an exciting experience to set your spirits free without the forenotion of how other people might perceive it.

Original gameguide by Grinsebär ✔ (german version)
Translation and adjustments by チェリーパイ CherryPie (english version)

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