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HECU Marines - Realism
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May 20, 2019 @ 7:35am
Mar 7, 2020 @ 7:32am
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HECU Marines - Realism

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This is my tenth release of addon, this time is not completely original addon, using a lot of existing models addon + some models of their own patchwork

Most of the models are from simkas

This addon is not an NPC or player model (PM), just ragdoll.

This model draws on some of the great Half-Life videos/microfilms + my own ideas. Maybe you will wonder why this model doesn't have PCV protective clothing, but you can understand the title, it's just a realistic style. Based on the model, there is no PCV. At the same time, this addon is based on the early setting of HECU in Half-Life. Because there is no PCV in the early HECU concept map, it is only wearing the US PASGT body armor in the 1990s.
As shown below,

Updated March 6:
[h1Integrated texture[/h1]
Correction helmet
Overhauled camouflage
Replace night vision
Add Adrian Shepard
Add more gear
Minor changes to the model

The following is an introduction to HECU, taken from the "Half-Life Wiki"
The Hazardous Environment Combat Unit, often abbreviated as HECU, is a fictional United States Marine Corps Special Operations Unit featured prominently in Half-Life and its expansions.

The Marines of the HECU are specially trained to deal with a variety of indoor combat situations, particularly involving a dangerous environment and unconventional enemies. Members of HECU are trained by drill instructors Dwight T. Barnes and Sharpe, and train at bases guarded and staffed by Members of the Military Police. The Marines are often referred to as "grunts" by fans of the game and also as such by Black Ops Operators in the game.

With the Black Ops, they are part of a "dangerous and very efficient clean-up crew" sent to Black Mesa in case of emergency, and are supposed to work in concert with the Black Mesa Security Force in these cases.

In the Half-Life Audio Script, the HECU Marines are described as follows: Human military units sent in to "clean up" the base following the disaster. It is their job to execute anyone with knowledge of the research project that went awry. More you know about the project, the more they want to kill you. They especially hate you, Gordon Freeman, personally - because you have cut down quite a few of their buddies.

They are featured in Half-Life, and its expansion packs, Opposing Force, Blue Shift, and Decay.

Everyone using this Addon to make a work of art or a screenshot can be sent to the comment area.

The above is the introduction of this addon, I hope everyone can use it._.
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