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[Guide/Tips] Gone Dark Locations + Correct Answers (complete)
By qliqQLAQ
Here are all locations for the 'Gone Dark' missions + (if needed) the correct answer.
(Just hover with your cursor over the next location and wait a sec - the next hint/location will pop up then)

You are not a geography crack? Well, use google maps - I just give you the names, and don't show you the locations on the map.

It seems like there are no new mission. But you can simply repeat them to constantly increase your multiplicator.

Have fun and happy hunting.
Mission Overview
  • Catching Big Fish
  • Chile Gone Dark
  • JBA Terror Legacy
  • Sniper Hunt
  • Strictly Business
  • With Big Dogs
  • Ticking Time Bomb
  • Hunting A Monster
  • Finding Terrorists
  • Crude Methods
  • Jam Session
  • Dead files
  • Monkey Doom
  • Sub Hack
  • Black Site
  • No Yellowcake
  • Brain Drain
  • False Flag
  • Eye In The Sky
  • Blown Cover
  • Gun Runner
  • Blood Coltan
  • Border Dispute
  • Bright Water
  • Drone Down
  • Prison Break
  • Malaysian Threat
  • Flip the Spy
  • Double Agent
  • Power Source
  • Birthday Party (NEW)
Mission Details:
Catching Big Fish
Location 1: Ft. Benning, GA
Location 2: Cape Town, South Africa
Location 3: Whitehorse, Yukon
Location 4: Begawan, Brunei
Location 5: Dushanbe, Tajikistan
Answer: Bribe
Costs: $10,000

Chile Gone Dark
Location 1: Alberta, Canada
Location 2: Western Russia
Location 3: Eastern Russa
Hold Off

JBA Terror Legacy
Location 1: Leavenworth, Kansas
Location 2: Kallispell, MT (North America)
Location 3: MIrabel Airport, Montreal
Location 4: Kinshasa, DRC
Answer: Trap
Costs: $15,000

Sniper Hunt
Location 1: Belmopan, Belize
Location 2: St. Philip, Barbados
Location 3: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Location 4: Chimbote, Peru
Answer: Track
Costs: $25,000

Strictly Business
Location 1: Memphis, TN
Location 2: Ponta Delgada, Azores
Location 3: Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
Location 4: Sucre, Bolivia
Answer: Contain
Costs: $20,000

With Big Dogs
Location 1: Las Vegas, NV
Location 2: Anchorage, AK
Location 3: Buenos Aires, Argetina
Location 4: Panama City, Panama
Answer: Capture
Costs: $30,000

Ticking Time Bomb
Location 1: Cleveland, OH
Location 2: Dublin, Ireland
Location 3: Sydney, Australia
Location 4: Darwin, Australie
Answer: Recruit
Costs: $20,000

Hunting A Monster
Location 1: Columbia, MO
Location 2: Stockholm, Sweden
Location 3: Montea, Seychelles (bottom-right, Africa)
Location 4: Maria da Manta, Portugal
Answer: Watch
Costs: $10,000

Finding Terrorists
Location 1: Regina, SK
Location 2: Seattle, WA
Location 3: Faroe Islands
Location 4: Dulce AFB, New Mexico
Answer: After
Costs: $12,000

Crude Methods
Location 1: Athabasca, AB
Location 2: Willemstad, Curacao
Location 3: Irati, Brazil
Location 4: Ayacucgo, Peru
Answer: Stop Him
Costs: $15,000

Jam Session
Location 1: Seoul, South Korea
Location 2: Tokyo, Japan
Location 3: Gakona, AK
Location 4: Yaounde, Cameroon
Location 5: Longyearbyen, Norway
Answer: Raid
Costs: $20,000

Dead files
Location 1: Malta, South Europa
Location 2: Hamilton, Bermudes
Location 3: Utah, US
Location 4: Tijuana, Mexico
Location 5: Rio De Janeiro, Brasil
Answer: Extract

Monkey Doom
Location 1: Doha, Quatar
Location 2: Cairo, Egypt
Location 3: Yambuku, DRC
Location 4: Madagascar
Location 5: Mogadishu, Somalia
Answer: Sabotage

Sub Hack
Location 1: Gibraltar, Spain
Location 2: Kings Bay, GA
Location 3: Lerwick, Shetland Islands
Location 4: Copenhagen, Denmark
Answer: Observe
Costs: $10,000

Black Site
Location 1: Udon Thani, Thailand
Location 2: MT. Kumgang, North Korea
Location 3: Rybachy Base, Kamchatka
Location 4: Moscow, Russia
Answer: Intercept
Costs: $15,000

No Yellowcake
Location 1: Fez, Morroco
Location 2: Niamey, Niger
Location 3: Nouakchott, Mauritania
Location 4: Sao Tome
Location 5: Paramaribo, Suriname
Answer: Sink
Costs: $20,000

Brain Drain
Location 1: Minneapolis, MN
Location 2: Mexico City, Mexico
Location 3: Panama City, Panama
Location 4: Santiago, Chile
Location 5: Caracas, Venezuela
Answer: Eliminate
Costs: $30,000

False Flag
Location 1: Phoenix, Arizona
Location 2: Montevideo, Urugway
Location 3: Quito, Ecuador
Location 4: Minas Gerais, Brazil
Location 5: Cockburn, Turks and Caicos
Answer: Spike
Costs: $17,500

Eye In The Sky
Location 1: Madrid, Spain
Location 2: Baikonur Cosmodrome, Khazakstan
Location 3: Korolyov Naukograd, Russia
Location 4: Makati City, Philippines
Location 5: Cordoba, Argentina
Location 6: Abaco, Bahamas
Answer: Steal
Costs: $20,000

Blown Cover
Location 1: Lagos, Nigeria
Location 2: Khartoum, Sudan
Location 3: Anjouan, Comoros
Location 4: Gaborone, Botsawana
Location 5: Shah Alam, Malaysia
Answer: Stop
Costs: $15,000

Gun Runner
Location 1. Karagandy, kazakhstan
Location 2. Kandahar, Afghanistan
Location 3. Azawa, Mali
Location 4. Cprivi Strip, Namibia
Answer: Retrieve
Costs: $15,000

Blood Coltan
Location 1: Anchorage, AK
Location 2: Murrua, Mozambique
Location 3: Port Banana, DRC
Location 4: St. Denis, Reunion
Location 5: Stockholm, Sweden
Answer: Bug
Costs: $22,500

Border Dispute
Location 1: Moscow, Russia
Location 2: Isfara Valley, Tajikistan
Location 3: Astana, Kazakhstan
Location 4: Karachi, Pakistan
Answer: Act Precisely
Costs: $20,000

Bright Water
Location 1: Monrovia, Liberia
Location 2: Vancouver, BC
Location 3: Baja California, Mexico
Location 4: Port of Yokohama, Japan
Answer: Sieze
Costs: $27,500

Drone Down
Location 1: Winnipeg, Manitoba
Location 2: Bathurts Island, Nunavut
Location 3: Murmansk, Russia
Location 4: Majsan province, Iraq
Location 5: Tindouf, Algeria
Answer: Lure him
Costs: $15,000

Prison Break
Location 1: Perth, Australia
Location 2: Diego Garcia (IN the Indian Ocean)
Location 3: Port Louis, Mauritius
Location 4: Muscat, Oman
Answer: Infiltrate
Costs: $30,000

Malaysian Threat
Location 1: St. Louis, MO
Location 2: Begawan, Brunei
Location 3: Papeete, Tahiti
Location 4: Hilo, Hi
Location 5: Tacoma, WA
Location 6: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Answer: Move
Costs: $25,000

Flip the Spy
Location 1: Santiago, Chile
Location 2: Parrwater, Alberta
Location 3: Kola Peninsula, Russia
Location 4: Lake Baikal, Russia
Answer: Hold off
Costs: $30,000

Double Agent
Location 1: Port Moresby
Location 2: Sydney, Australia
Location 3: Thule, Greenland
Location 4: Malmö, Sweden
Location 5: Helsinki, Finland
Answer: Let Him Dangle
Costs: $15,000

Power Source
Location 1: Chitose, Hokkaido
Location 2: Keelung, Taiwan
Location 3: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Location 4: Nepal
Answer: Infiltrate
Costs: $10,000

Birthday Party
Location 1: Pearl Harbor, HI
Location 2: Dili, East Timor
Location 3: Aceh, Indonesia
Location 4: Manila, Philippines
Answer: Grab
Costs: $25,000
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For the "Brain Drain" one
You must not Eliminate him I got a "Mission Failed" because of that.
"Sorry Sam, but we never had a shot [...]"
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