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This mod allows any game condition which has a temperature offset to affect conditions on the world map. It also comes with three new game conditions - Solar Apocalypse, Rogue Planet and Ice Age. There are also three starting scenarios which use these new game conditions, but you can also use them in your own scenarios.

Some game conditions may require you to build a spaceship to escape the searing heat or freezing cold.

You may need to have the appropriate insulation to survive if you send out caravans.

Solar Apocalypse

Solar activity increases at an alarming rate, creating a never-ending heatwave and runaway greenhouse effect.

This game condition slowly increases the temperature over the course of many years. At first this increase is quite small, but with each passing year the rise becomes more evident.

In addition, fewer animals will migrate into your part of the world, and plants will become scarce.

As even more time passes, your cooling systems will be unable to sink heat fast enough and this means you will be unable to grow crops or keep animals even indoors. Plants which are outside in the searing heat will die.

Rogue Planet

Through misfortune, this rimworld has broken from its orbit and is steadily escaping its parent star.

This game condition decreases the temperature over the course of many years. Like Solar Apocalypse, the decrease starts out small but gets bigger with each passing year.

Again, plant and animal density will decrease as the temperature gets lower.

Because of the nature of the map condition, less light will reach the surface and you will get less power from solar panels.

Temperatures will eventually reach -200C or lower.

Ice Age

A climate shift on this rimworld has led to much colder temperatures globally. This winter will never cease and, as the temperature drops, fewer and fewer animals and plants will be able to endure the cold. Additionally, less light reaches the surface, making solar panels less effective.


This mod includes a mini mod called Extra Item Stashes, which adds specific versions of the vanilla item stash quest:

Abandoned Brewery
Old Lumber Mill
Abandoned Food Depot
Abandoned Drug Lab

[Version 1.2.4]

Please ask me before re-uploading this mod.

Go to A17 version.

If you'd like to see the mod in action, I prepared an introductory video for you: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/333515754

Go to Ludeon Forums for more information and direct download links: https://ludeon.com/forums/index.php?topic=30508.0

If you like this mod, why not consider looking at some of my other mods?

Finally, a big thank you to everyone who has given feedback and supported my RImWorld mods. :)
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Marvin  [author] Oct 23 @ 9:36am 
If you want to talk further, I'm on the RimWorld discord server: https://discord.gg/rimworld

Like I said, though, my license is very permissive. You can go ahead and get started on your own fork without my input.
dereferenced null pointer Oct 21 @ 6:13pm 
I have a preference for open source projects source code being accessible in the event that something catastrophic were to come to fruition and would use git as a version control and most likely GitHub for a means of distribution on an ad-free environment. I did notice that you don't use GitHub but instead use your own hosted site that you also blog on. Unfortunately, I don't have the means to do something like that to restrict the publication with a button that literally designed to do that ("Fork").
I'm not as active as you are about checking these things and github at least sends me a nice email when I get a bug because I wouldn't check Steam or the forums for complaints since it would eat away all my time.

Feel free to add me on Steam so we can continue this conversation as needed without cluttering up your comment section.
Marvin  [author] Oct 20 @ 10:26pm 
The license for my mods is very permissive. About the only thing I don't allow is re-uploading, and that's mainly because there's already a place to get a direct download. I would insist that a new maintainer have a similar arrangement for downloading outside of Steam Workshop so that users have an ad-free experience when they download a mod.
Marvin  [author] Oct 20 @ 10:16pm 
A few people seem to not enjoy the rapid ageing part of Sometimes Raid Go Wrong. I tried explaining that it's possible to treat it, and I pointed out that you can even adjust the mod so that rapid ageing is no longer a possible outcome, but people never seem to be satisfied until they've got more mod settings that they can turn off than actual mod content.

Then there's the scrapers, who pop by every now and then to upload all the mods to ModsBase even though I'm pretty sure I didn't give them permission to do that. Fortunately it's become easier to flag those for removal.
Marvin  [author] Oct 20 @ 10:15pm 
As far as I know, there aren't any issues which need attention. In the absence of a new maintainer, I've released a couple of bugfix updates, and things have been really quiet. Whether that's because fewer people are playing the game, or they're getting help with issues elsewhere, or they haven't encountered a bug which needs reporting, I couldn't really say.

Permanent game conditions were "fixed" in the base game some time ago. They're still not perfect, but at least they can be made to work as you would expect them to.
dereferenced null pointer Oct 14 @ 3:09am 
Hey Marvin,
Thank you for the content you brought to the game. And thank you for opening up the source code since you are no longer maintaining it.

After a bit of digging I can't seem to find a good spot of all the known issues that you have.
Mods I would be interested in keeping alive are:
Things Go Wrong Library (Raids Go Wrong)
Combat Readiness Check
Less Incident Trolling
Disasters (you linked a perma game condition bug fix download on your site, but can't find any other information on it)
Ugh You Got Me

Hunting Restrictions to Common Sense
Haul Perishables to Common Sense
Snow Clearance to Common Sense

Possibly merging Disasters and Toxic World since these are world like events.

Mods that would still be un-maintained would be
Clear the stockpiles
Milk Close to Stockpile

Memories shouldn't be fragmented and forgotten --- they should be accessible and addressable. <3
monkeyfeet Sep 28 @ 8:20am 
How long would it take for a rouge planet to signifigantly get colder?
Silent Service Sep 22 @ 6:08am 
you´re a genius
exactly what i needed
SnuwWulfie Aug 17 @ 3:54am 
Wind wouldn't exist without the heat differences caused by the sunlight. would be cool if you could implement this into the rogue planet scenario if it isn't already.
skipperydo Jul 8 @ 9:12pm 
how fast does it get cold in rogue planet