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Garry's Mod

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FreemanCity v2
Type: Map, Addon
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Feb 16 @ 10:53am
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FreemanCity v2

FreemanCity v2, a complete reimagining of FreemanCity v1, a original map by Tissue.

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Freeman City v1 was created for Half-life 2 deathmatch roleplay and is now recieving a major overhaul with this version two release. This FreemanCity v2 is the definitive reimagining boasting support for multiple games and a completely brand new experience.

Build: Clutter-Free Update
BSP Name: rp_fmc2
BSP Size: 315mb
BSP.BZ2 Size: 115mb
GMA Size: 315.7mb
Workshop Size: 123.164mb
Edicts Used: 539

Questions & Answers
What is the map called in my maps list?
rp_fmc2 It will be under Roleplay or Other.

Do I need any other DLC or games to play it?
Everything is in this one download. No special games or content needed.

Can I edit or build off your existing map?
Yes, however I will not provide support. Proper credit must be given to myself and any additionally credited individuals or groups. Where ever the modification of property is posted.

Additional Credits
Models & textures provided kindly by PixelTail Games LLC; Gmod Tower, Elevator: Source.
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Thomas Jun 21 @ 4:35pm 
finally, the returning of legend. i wish more older maps got revamed, because they seriously deserve it.
alec May 16 @ 9:38am 
could you add a road going to the second part of the city? (I know there is a path, but you'd need to walk instead and I'd like a option for cars)
TheHopelessThrumbo May 10 @ 12:43pm 
Map is suprisingly well otpimised, maybe it's because of relatively small size compared.
JKgaming101 Apr 20 @ 11:12pm 
T h A t S n O t H O w N o D I n G w o R K s
James Mar 26 @ 2:49pm 
t H a t s n O t h O w N O d I n G w O r K S
Person1hundred Feb 26 @ 4:02pm 
T H A T ' S N O T H O W N O D I N G W O R K S
Geisteskrankenchan Feb 25 @ 1:58am 
ThAt'S nOt HoW nOdInG wOrKs
Ivan04 Feb 23 @ 1:15pm 
that's not how noding works
Elan S. Feb 23 @ 1:14pm 
You can't generate nodes, you have to manually place them, I assume you're talking about a Nav Mesh.