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Getting Cloud to dress well enough for Don Corneo
By Larodar
Ever tried to get Cloud to dress up in an attractive fashion for Don Corneo? This is your guide if you want to follow the steps to make Cloud go for it!
Why you should follow this guide?
After years of testing and experiencing stuff in the good old FF7, I've come up with this little guide about the Wall Market quest, which is early in the first CD of the game -when the game was consisted of 3 CDs-

With the Steam version of FF7, once again I played this game and I really enjoyed the Wall Market zone, eventhough this is the 100th time probably for me on it. I felt like sharing this little information about how to get Cloud to be picked up by Don Corneo. It does count as a secret although you really don't have to follow this guide to proceed further in the game. Be Cloud or not, whoever gets picked up by Don Corneo, doesn't really have any effect other than a scenery change. But nevertheless, if you want to have a 'perfect' gameplay of FF7, I highly recommend you to use these tricks to get Cloud picked up for the horny Don! Let's begin.
Getting the Key items at Wall Market
|| Key Items:| (Cotton/Satin/Silk Dress), (Blonde Wig/Dyed Wig/Wig),
|| (Disinfectant/Deodorant/Digestive),
|| (Sexy Cologne/Flower Cologne/Cologne),
|| (Diamond Tiara/Ruby Tiara/Glass Tiara),
|| (Bikini Briefs/Lingerie), Pharmacy Coupon, Member's Card.

Wall Market is quite a big stressful town, looking around for Tifa is even more stressful.
Inquire at the Honey Bee Inn located on the lower right of the area to learn that Tifa is likely to be in a place called Don Corneo's mansion. It sounds like Tifa's been dragged into some sort
of bordel business, which of course can never be good. At least, not for Tifa anyway!

Head to the far north end of Wall Market and enter Don Corneo's mansion. Apparently the Don has a strict policy that only girls are allowed to enter. Aeris is about to rush in on her own before Cloud wisely stops her. She can't go in all by herself! So .. just how can Cloud enter the mansion alongside Aeris..? There's only one option .. Cloud has to dress up like a girl!

Exit the mansion and head back to the first area of Wall Market. Enter the dress shop on the immediate left and talk to the person behind the counter. It appears that the owner of the dress shop can be found at the bar (up north). Inside the bar, talk to the guy sitting nearby the entrance. Depending on your choice, he'll make you a different kind of dress.

Soft + Shimmers = Silk Dress (Best Dress)
Soft + Shiny = Satin Dress
Clean = Cotton Dress

Note: Don Corneo can choose Tifa, Aeris or Cloud as his bride for the night. Depending on how Cloud looks you can influence his decision. Initially, Tifa is always chosen as bride, but by getting better dress items it is possible to have Aeris or Cloud get picked by the Don.

Head back to the dress store to confirm this and head straight to the gym afterwards, which is located at the northern part of Wall Market.

Speak with Big Bro and you'll roll into a squat challenge. The controls are explained to you in game: Make sure you don't tap too fast nor too slow, and make sure you only tap the next button when Cloud has stopped moving or he'll scratch his head, thus wasting precious time. Your opponent usually has 17 squats, so try and beat that figure. I'm usually pulling around 33-34 here so it's really irrelevant after you get pass 20s. Depending on how you do, you're rewarded with a wig:

Winning will get you: Blonde Wig. (Best Wig)
A Tie will get you: Dyed Wig.
Losing will get you: Wig.

You'll actually have obtained all mandatory dress items at this point. However, do you really think the Don will find Cloud an attractive woman? There's most certainly room for improvement, don't you think?

The best possible combination: Silk Dress, Blonde Wig, Sexy Cologne and Diamond Tiara. Also get the Member's Card and the Bikini Briefs (see mechanics below for an explanation why it is technically the best). Have Cloud put on some make-up just to make him a picture perfect.

After getting the Wig it's time to get a cologne of some sorts. Head to the bar and talk to the woman in the toilet. Looks like she could use some medicine. Head over to the restaurant (left of the Save Point) and order a meal; Either the Korean B.B.Q. Plate, Sushi Plate, or Today's Special. They all cost 70 gil. Be sure to answer with "It was alright", or you won't get the Key Item Pharmacy Coupon' that you'll want.

Head over to the Item Shop. You can select Disinfectant, Deodorant, or Digestive here for the Coupon. Choose Digestive and give it to the woman on the toilet in the bar. Depending on what you gave her, she'll give you this in return:

Digestive = Sexy Cologne (Best Cologne)
Deodorant = Flower Cologne
Disinfectant = Cologne

How do you think Cloud looks right now - pretty good for a she-male? We need something to top it off.. a Tiara! Head over to the Materia Shop, which is north from the Save Point. The owner is interested in what the vending machine at the Inn has for sale. Agree to help him out and stay at the Inn near the south entrance (this costs 10 Gil). In the middle of the night, Cloud'll have the
option to buy something from the vending machine for either 50, 100 or 200 Gil. The more expensive the better. Head back to the Materia Shop owner and show him what you got.

200 gil = Diamond Tiara (Best Tiara)
100 gil = Ruby Tiara
50 gil = Glass Tiara

Cloud may look like a prom queen(!) but he's still missing underwear and make up. Hmm, just how to fix that? Head all the way south and talk to the guy on the lower right. He'll give you his Member's Card' for the Honeybee Inn, no questions asked. We might as well sneak in the Honeybee Inn to see if Cloud can acquire some undies somehow.

Inside the Honeybee Inn, talk to the girl and choose a room. The Lover's Room (upper right) and the Queen's Room (lower right) are both occupied, but you can take a peek through the keyhole to view a scene. Move your view through the keyhole slightly and enjoy the little peeky tom! Proceed to the thingy room; (Upper Left) will acquire you Lingerie, and the Group Room (Lower Left) lets you walk away with Bikini Briefs. We're not about to spoil the gay adventures of Cloud and Mukki for you just now.

After either room/scene, head to the upper room and have the left girl put some make-up on Cloud (see mechanics below for the effects). He looks gorgeous now, doesn't he?

Who will be chosen?
The following mechanics summarize who is chosen by Don;

Attraction Values:

|Type: |Key Items (and Attraction Value):
|Dress: |Cotton Dress (+1) Satin Dress (+3) |Silk Dress (+5)|
|Wig: |Wig (+1) |Dyed Wig (+3) |Blond Wig (+5)|
|Cologne: |Cologne (+1) |Flower Cologne (+3) |Sexy Cologne (+5)|
|Tiara: |Glass Tiara (+1) |Ruby Tiara (+3) |Diamond Tiara (+5)|
|Underwear*:|Lingerie (+0) |Mystery Panties*(+0) |Bikini Briefs (+0)|
|Makeup**: |97/256 Chance (+1) |96/256 Chance (+3) |63/256 Chance (+5)|

The Mystery Panties item was dummied out of the game for unknown reasons. Lingerie was supposed to give a +1 bonus, Mystery Panties a +3 bonus, and Bikini Briefs a +5 bonus, so Bikini Briefs can still be considered "best".

**Note: The Attraction Bonus from Makeup is only given once, and the chances in the table above summarize which bonus is given. You can never check which bonus you have gotten, but you are given an indication by the sound the game plays when makeup is applied.

A +1 bonus gives a single 'tink' sound effect.
A +3 bonus gives a healing sound effect.
A +5 bonus gives a wind sound effect (may be difficult to hear).

Don Corneo's Choice formula by attraction values:
11 or less ---> Tifa 12-18 ----> Aeris 19+ ----> Cloud

This is all the information provided, tested and approved by the original copy of PS version of the game. Hope this was useful to you. Thanks for reading!
Dustreaper Apr 25 @ 6:49am 
Is my game broken? I can already not progress at the first step... When talking to the guard at don corneo's mansion Aeris doesn't pop up and i just get generic dialogue..
catjayp Feb 21, 2023 @ 6:43pm 
Thanks. Forgot the makeup but I got the PlayStation trophy so :D
Gatto Ner0 Apr 3, 2020 @ 6:45pm 
Not to be that girl but "she-male" is blatantly not the term for a crossdressing man lol.
Artur Jan 24, 2020 @ 2:28pm 
It's amazing how I just spent half an hour looking up a guide on how to seduce Don Corneo.
chrcoluk Dec 1, 2019 @ 4:08pm 
People if you get the best 4 key items you will "always" get picked, so when you say you followed you probably made an error, the makeup can "possibly" bail you out if you get a +1 if you get lucky, and "will" bail you out if you get a +3 as then even a +1 on makeup gets you 19 points.
DukeBlanc Mar 9, 2019 @ 5:04pm 
I did it! Thanks, great guide. I didn't even know about those honeybee rooms on first playthrough...*grins*
巨goist Feb 17, 2018 @ 5:54pm 
@scottus1955 no, you have to load a state before that part
scottus1955 Jan 18, 2018 @ 6:32am 
I think I screwed up...I have everything but the makeup and I walked out of the building before realizing I needed to go talk to the girls in the top room for makeup. Now they're closed and the dude is blocking my path inside. I can't seem to get back in or get dressed to continue. Is there a way around this? Any help would really be appreciated!
C64 Mat Feb 20, 2017 @ 1:53pm 
Followed this precisely, and he still picked Aeris :'(
CCMatt Oct 7, 2016 @ 1:56pm 
@Darkb1ke If you have the bare minimum it won't work, even if they are the best parts. You have to have the best of everything.