Half-Life 2: Episode Two

Half-Life 2: Episode Two

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Little Rocket Man achievement guide
By Turmoil
This guide will hold your hand as you travel through Episode 2 while carrying a garden gnome.
The Little rocket Man achievement is unlocked when you bring a garden gnome from the first map outland_01 to the rocket in outland_11. Less than 4% of people who have played Episode 2 on Steam have this achievement making it very rewarding when you complete it. Before I get to the individual maps there are a few things you should know.

1. Achievements can only be unlocked while cheats are off. At no point durring the gameplay should you turn them on.

2.Episode 2 has many outdoor maps and it is possible to lose the gnome over a hill or something of that nature. I would recomend saving at the start of each map and as often as you see fit in between.

3. This achievement can be earned on any difficulty. This playthrough was done on medium. This includes all video clips and screenshots.

Now that this has been said I shall take you through this chapter by chapter.
To White Forrest
Map: Outland_01

This is the first map of the game were you start inside the crashed train from Episode 1. From here you can make your way to the radio room that Alex uses to contact White Forrest. Inside this room you will find our porcelain friend.

The gnome can be picked up using E or the Gravity-Gun. Pick up the gnome and get used to his jolly grin because you will be seeing a lot of it from this point on. Take the standard path for this map.

Notes:The Gravity-Gun and the crowbar are obtained.


This map like the last one is pretty straight foreward. Just follow the standard path and don't be afraid to use your shotgun ammo as there is an infinite supply crate in the next map.

Notes: The pistol, revolver, shotgun, and a few grenades are found in this map.
This Vortal Coil

This map contains the first place that you can drop off the gnome and pick it back up later. There is no need carry it around while fighting Antlions and running from Gaurdians as you can just drop it off in a corner and deal with it later.
After defending the vort and Alex from the Antlions continue on and enter the next map.

Notes: The SMG is aquired.


Now that you ditched the gnome the only thing you have to worry about is your own health. Don't be afraid to use up shotgun ammo because it will be handed to you left and right for the next two maps.


I don't have too much to say about this map as it does not have the gnome in it. Mind the Antion Guardian and make your way to the extract. Once that is done head back to the elevator.

Outland_02 (You are brought back to the same map as before.)

When the G-Man is done giving his speech and acting creepy refill your SMG and shotgun ammo, pick up the gnome, and get back in the elevator.
Freeman Pontifix

In this map you finally get your revenge on the beast that has been chasing you in outland_04. While you fight the guardians place the gnome down in a memorable spot like the thumper so you can come back to it later. When the guardians are dead climb up and fix the elevator and go on to the next map.

Notes: The gnome can fall through the closed door of the elevator so keep a good grip on him when it is falling and going up.


In this map you will need to run around in some toxic goo while fighting zombies. When doing this the last thing on your mind will be the safety of the gnome becasue you will be tossing it onto the bridge. Pick up the gnome with the Gravity-Gun aim it in an arch and save the game. Now you will need to launch the gnome to the other side. If you fail just load the game and try again with a different angle. To see if the gnome has made it you can look through the glass next to the metal door.
As you can see he is safe and sound just waiting for your return. When you are done slaying zombies and retriveing the car head back to the other side of the bridge. The gnome will be just as you left him.
Now place the gnome inside of the car and drive as straight as you can into the next map. This is where the achievement really starts...

Notes: The AR2 is obtained in this map.
Riding Shotgun

In this map you will need to send a message to White Forrest from a radio tower. As soon as the map loads you can launch the gnome to the left and drive around the bend to pick him up to save some effort.

In this next section I will provide a video. Whenever I refer to this please go back to the time stamp provided.

I will now teach you two of three methods to move the gnome, yourself, Alex, and the car to the next location.

Run and drive
The first of which I shall refer to as "Run and Drive" or R&D. This is when you pick up the gnome with the Gravity-Gun and launch him. After that get inside the car and drive until you reach the gnome or pass it. Go back pick up the gnome and launch it again. Do this until you reach the radio tower.

Carefull driver
The second method will be known as "Carefull Driver" or CD. This is my least prefered method of gnome transportaion because you have to drive slow and often pick up the gnome to put him back in the car. To do this method place the gnome as you have before inside the car. Now you have to drive slow and make your turns as smooth as you can. If at any point the gnome falls out you have to get out and place it back and drive again. This can be usefull in long streches of road with no turns as the gnome will probably not fall out.

The two methods can be seen from the time of 0:00 - 1:28

Once you get up to the top of the hill you will need to turn the power on. You will then need to fight five Hunters. Hunters can easily be killed by punting physics objects at them with the Gravity-Gun. On medium difficulty a large truck tire can kill one in two hits. Try to keep your distance as they can kick and do quite a bit of damage. After the fight send the message to White forrest and pick up the gnome. It is time you learn the third method of transportation.

Run and Punt (R&P) 1:29 - 2:46
Some times there is no need to bring the car with you at all. Whenever possible I like to skip lugging it around because it only slows you down while carrying the gnome. Now don't you worry about seeing the car in later levels because in the next level it will spawn a car and Alex at the start of the map. You can not use third method all the time but whenever possible I would recommend it.


When you are done sending the message walk your way with the gnome to the end of the map as you have seen in the video. When the map loads you wil have the car again. Hop inside with the gnome and CD or R&D your way to where you can see the train tracks. From here you shall pick up the gnome with the Gravity-Gun and launch that sucker onto the tracks. He might go farther than your line of sight so make sure you can see by zooming in. Once he is in a good position save the game and get back in the car.

Once you are in the car make your way to the Advisor. After you have scared it off run to the car (make sure Alex is inside before taking off) and drive like there's no tommorow. Drive up until you pass the white car seen to the left in the picture. Jump out and grab the gnome. From here you will need to use your prefered method to get to the end of the map in the tunnel on the other end of the tracks. As you can see in the video 2:46 - 5:46 I run until I hear the chopper warming up it's attack. Once It is getting ready to fire I hide underneath the abandoned trains and gather plenty of health and suit barrary on the way.

Watch out because the force of the bullets will rip all objects from your hands and even the grip of the Gravity-Gun. The bullets will also send the gnome flying out of the car if hit so keep this in mind when selecting your method. You can go at your own pace with this map. I was trying to keep the video as short as possible while trying to stay alive but if needed you can move much slower to save more HP.


This is the last map of Riding Shotgun. In this map like the last one you will need to make a mad dash while taking heavy fire from the chopper. You can use either three of the transportation methods but just as you had to go past the white car in Outland_07 if you want to walk you need to go past a point or a message will pop up about how you need to stay with Alex and it will load up the last save. If you follow the path I take at 5:46 - 9:03 this will not happen. Once again for the video I was going for more speed than hit point conservation. Both maps can be done with little to no damage if you time it right and are patient.

When you reach the chopper battle at the end of the map Alex will be there to supply plenty of health. There are also supply crates with suit battery scattered on the floor. If you need it there is a charger inside one of the building but if possible I would try to save it for after you kill the chopper so you can have some battery reserved for the next map. The heliocopter will both drop timed bombs and shoot bullets at you. Whenever a bomb is dropped pick it up with the Gravity-Gun and launch it right back at the metal menace. Do this until the chopper explodes and people start screaming and offer you drinks.

When it is safe pick up the gnome, pick up any suit/health on the floor, and head inside to the next chapter.
Under The Radar

In this map you will need to take out a very powerful gun that can kill you on any difficulty in seconds. This is no place for a fragile garden gnome to be so rest him some place inside this room. As you can see in the picutre he is safe and sound resting on the car. Maybe while I'm gone they could weld it to the Jalopy to make it more easy to carry... Now that you know the gnome is safe hop down the secret passage and mozy on to take out the gun.

NOTE: DO NOT LEAVE THE GNOME ON THE TABLE IN THE CENTER OF THE ROOM! If you do when you come back the car will be there and your gnome will be gone.

For most of this map you will need to stay in the crouched position or the auto-gun will tear you in twain. Make your way across the zig-zag of cars until you can jump down through the glass and plop a grenade inside the workings of the gun and get a decent distance away.

When the gun is down head back to the car and pick up the gnome and place it in the car. As seen to the right you need to pass by some radioactive goo. Drive as straight as you can through it with the gnome in the back seat and hope he doesn't fall out. From here you can use any of the three methods to get to the tunnel which will take you to the next map. If you are going to run it without the car you need to travel a little passed the goo. Please consult the video 9:03 - 10:48. If needed you can raid the three caches before the end of the map.

Notes: Feel free to use all of your revolver ammo in this map as you will get full from the car cache. Grenades can also be scarfed down as you see fit because there are two infinite supply crate next to the autogun. You can aquire the RPG in this map but it it not needed for the rest of the achievement. You can take it or skip it depending on how much you love to blow stuff up.


If you are sick of the car like I was you can ditch it right off the bat and not have to see it until the next map. Do any of the three methods (No limitations this time) and make your way to the ambush. Don't worry if you leave Alex at the start of the map as she will teleport inside the building with you. On your way if you feel the need to have a combine ball there is a cache while climbing up the mountain.

As seen to the right you can hop down here to save a little bit of effort if you do not have the car with you. Once the force fields go up run inside the house and stash the gnome some place safe and let loose everything you got onto these Combine because this is the last map that you need to use ammunition. From shotgun blasts to red hot steel rebar to the face there is plenty of ammo on this map so you should not be worried about conversation of any kind.

When you are done brutally murderizing the foot soldiers and Hunters make your way to the power station and deactivate it. Now head on to the next map. As you can see at 10:48-End I would not recomend bringing the car.


Here is pretty straight foreward. You will need to bring the car all the way to the White Forrest base. Use one of three methods to get to the Strider. When DOG rips out the brain without a single care in the world take the car and gnome to the base. If you would like you could take the car and run back and get the gnome or travel together. As long as you the gnome and the car reach the fence post it's all good. Make your way to the end of the map.
Our Mutual Fiend

At long last you are finally here. While this is not the last map of the game this is the last map needed to complete the achievement. Make your way through the map until you reach the silo. Say one last goodbye to the gnome and drop it inside the rocket to give Lamar company. Press E on the door and close it. You have now joined the other 3.2% of people that have this achievement on Steam. Congradulations.
skinbag Feb 25 @ 5:38pm 
worst part is the driving, i wedged him between the back window of the car
Neorz Tormeno ♿︎☢ Aug 19, 2023 @ 2:40pm 
close the door? SHT
Neorz Tormeno ♿︎☢ Aug 19, 2023 @ 2:40pm 
i put the mf but the game still bugged... sht
Yawn.. Jul 2, 2023 @ 2:54am 
you had to close the door...
Zeliard Gervik Jun 23, 2023 @ 10:44am 
worked perfectly in vr
Poopa Jun 10, 2023 @ 6:59am 
receiving this achievement i can say that from now it has 8.7% of completing.
Mr.BunnyXCakes🌸 May 8, 2023 @ 12:06am 
i found something interesting about the gnome on my travels. . . if you place the gnome laying flat on the ground and then jump on it, it launches you pretty fast across the map. . . 99% of the time resulting in death but still pretty fun regardless
Gλrfield Apr 2, 2023 @ 5:39am 
apparently the gnomes biggest enemy is sharp turns because holy shit he does not wanna stay in the damn car
Benyee Jan 17, 2023 @ 5:13pm 
@^0N7^1! ^4Liara you can always reload an autosave
an egirl Jan 14, 2023 @ 2:26pm 
I thought the helicopter was my gretest enemy. In reality it was the door at the very end.