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Rainswept - Walkthrough + Achievement Guide
By Hanni
Walkthrough and guidance for obtaining 100% achievements!

Rainswept is a mystery adventure game with a total of nineteen achievements.

This guide will direct you through the entire game step by step. Therefore, it contains dramatical spoilers which are not marked. In case you prefer a spoiler-free guide, please refer to this one.

Important Notes:
  1. In order to obtain 100% achievements you have to complete the game twice.
  2. Most choices are irrelevant. However, I've included all steps to create a coherent guide.
Walkthrough Part 1
Start a new game and get to the crime scene.

Welcome to Pineview
Arrive at Pineview

Inspect the open window, walk to the right and talk to the police officer. Go into the house.

Walk to the left and pick all dialog options, remain silent when possible and reply sarcastically at the end. Inspect the pistol and open its barrel. Examine the drawer above the male corpse and take a closer look at the red wine. Examine both corpses and the "Chris '96" lettering between them. Leave by talking to the officer.

Outside, walk to the right and approach Mr. Willis. Drink the coffee and pick each option once. Remain silent when possible. Choose:
  • 3 We don't know the complete picture yet

  • 2 Yeah, that's a surprise

Exhaust all dialog options while driving.

Talk with Jack, agree and interact with the toolbox. Head back to Jack and ask him about the key. Look at the stuff behind your car, next to the shovel. Open the toolbox and take the big red wrench. Bring it to Jack, end the conversation and pick all three dialog options. Speak to Officer Blunt, ask her if she's okay and apologize. Tell her that you saw something, a person. Choose:
  • 1 I won't.

Go to the right and talk to the man in red. Ask him about the person in black and exhaust all of the following options. Head to the right and talk to Father Smith. Tell him that the place is peaceful and exhaust all dialog options. Go back and interact with the first street sign: "Overlook RD". Walk all the way to the right until you arrive at the hotel.

Enter the hotel and use the toilet. Interact with the cupboard and change your clothes to sleepwear. Turn off the lights and go to bed.

While dreaming, go to the right and inspect the grave. Spam 'E'! Try to move head, arms and legs. First, tell Abigail that it wasn't your fault, but admit it later.

A rainy day
Survive Day 1


Put on classic clothes and leave your room. Ask for more coffee and get it from the man in red. Take the coffee, talk to the depressed man and ask him if coffee holds any answers. Tell him it's not that simple and sit down next to your partner. Discuss the case and visit the crime scene.

Exhaust all dialog options and walk to the left. Inspect the "ASPEN" street sign. Ask the skater about everything and continuously walk to the left.

Inspect the mirror and reply with:
  • 1 Kind of

Examine the left nightstand, try to open the right nightstand and inspect the bulletin board. Assume that Chris has written the notes and look behind the painting above the bed. Unlock the right nightstand.

At the party, go to the left until a woman follows you. Choose:
  • 2 You're right, I don't
  • 1 Beautiful evening!
  • 1 Fireflies
  • 2 What do you do?
  • 1 Who do you know here?

  • 2 This moment

Back in the cafe, tell your partner that you tripped and knocked yourself out and try to convince her to stay in Pineview. Go to the left and ask for a cup of coffee. Get the coffee and sit down. Choose:
  • 2 Madagaskar.
Go right and walk along the "Overlook" road. Speak to the man with the guitar and pick:
  • 2 Drunken dreams of you and I
Continue walking to the right and go straight to bed after taking a bath, turning off the lights and switching to sleepwear. Continuously walk to the left and spam 'E' at the car.

Driving rain
Survive Day 2

Wear classic clothes and leave the room. Order more coffee, take the cup and talk to the depressed man. Sit down next to your partner, discuss the case and check the autopsy report. Get all photos back and talk to the dog. Speak with the man in front of the ASPEN street sign and exhaust all options. Talk to the man in red and inspect the dust bin next to the cafe. Offer the dog a bone. Start a conversation with grandpa in front of the bakery. Offer the dog biscuits and take the last photo. Bring the photos to Johnny and choose all three dialog options. Head to "Overlook RD" ⊳︎ "Central" ⊳︎ "East Hills RD".

Enter the hospital and start with Diane. Check her toxicology report and examine both, torso and hands. Let the doctor come to a conclusion and examine Christopher. Repeat the procedure. Tell the officer that there were two glasses and consider the doctor's suggestion. Reply with:
  • 2 Happy birthday to him
  • 2 You guys go ahead
  • 1 What will I talk to him about?
  • 3 Fine

Go to the left walk along the "Happy Valley RD".

Go to the left and speak with the man. Exhaust all dialog options.

  • 2 It's good to see you again
  • 1 I got you something

  • 2 No, I'm not scared!

Search the car and take both, the pair of scissors and the fuel container. Fill the car with fuel and head to the boat. Cut the rope, take it and attach it to the planks and to the car. Drive to remove the wooden planks, remove the fuel from the car and tank up the boat. Turn on the engine and push it.

Walk to the right until you reach the stone.

  • 1 I'm happy you're here
Exhaust all dialog options and ask her about her passions and what inspires her. After talking, run to the left and walk into the water. Go back to Diane.

Back home, pick each choice once and end the conversation. React with:
  • 2 Hey - you kissed me
  • 3 I think I'll really like what I find.
  • 1 When will I see you?
Go to the right until you encounter the man with the guitar again. Pick:
  • 2 Rising sun of reason melts the frost
Continue walking to the right and interact with the telephone in your hotel room.

Survive Day 3

Leave, then order more coffee, pick it up and talk to the depressed man. React with telling him that you like the image. Discuss the case with your partner and tell her that you want to talk with Jack.

Outside, talk to the skater.

Sk8r boi
Help Chad with his dilemma

Go to the left to enter "Cliffview RD". Show Jack the photograph and point out his nervousness.

Back in town, speak with the smoking guy and accuse him of lying about his alibi. Remain silent and let Blunt handle it calmly.

Ask Diane:
  • 1 What do you mean?
  • 2 I'm in love with you Diane
  • 1 (Let her continue)
  • 2 We should report him to the police
  • 2 I can't just leave it alone

Head to the station by walking along "ASPEN ST" and "Happy Valley RD". Choose all dialog options.

Walkthrough Part 2
Enter the house and go upstairs. Go left and imagine the room as a den. Go downstairs and choose:
  • 1 Yes, it does.
  • 1 Don't go

Go to the right and reach "Overlook RD". Speak with the man with the guitar and choose:
  • 1 Ever since you have been gone

Head to "Central ST", walk a bit to the left and enter the "anna g." store. Buy T-shirt and jacket. Go left to "ASPEN ST" and walk along "Main ST". Enter Allan's pub.

Wish Ryan a happy birthday and dance the monkey.

I only dance when I'm drunk
Dance during Ryan's birthday party

Talk to Lenny and go back to your partner. Tell Ryan that you are just doing your job and threaten him. Choose:
  • 1 It was brave of you to tell me that

Enter the bathroom, turn off the lights and wear sleeping clothes. Go to bed and tell her that you are doing the best you can. Choose:
  • 1 Hopefully that's all the time I'll need
  • 2 You may be right

Survive Day 4

Switch to the classic outfit and leave the room. Order more coffee and talk to the depressed man.

There's nothing like too much coffee
Get up for more coffee everyday

The finer points of tea
Talk about tea, beauty and life in the cafe

Talk to your partner, discuss the case and suggest that he was paid to do it for money. Tell her you want to talk to Father Smith and leave the cafe. Talk with grandpa about everything and start several new conversations with him.

I'm not your grandpa!
Discover Grandpa's story

Take the puppy and talk to the smoking man, enter "ASPEN ST" and go to the left.

Inside Allan's house, go to the right and examine the jacket. Go upstairs and inspect the birthday card at the very left. Open the door: 1011, turn on both lights and inspect one of the drawers. Turn off both lights and leave. Put the key back in the jacket.

Go to the right and head to "East Hill RD". Go to the very left of the hospital.

Walk right and try to go inside the house. Climb the rain gutter and talk to Diane. Tell her that you've come to rescue her and that you have to protect her. Choose:
  • 1 We'll figure it out
  • 1 You'll love Pineview
  • 1 It's worth a shot

Take the radio, the CD player, the globe lamp, cosmetics, the guitar and some film cassettes. Drop all items in the bag.

Walk to the right and to the left afterwards. Go right again.

Exhaust all dialog options.

Enter the church and sit down.

Remain silent while talking with Diane and tell her that it's easy to see the beauty in the rain.

Walk to the very left to reach "Cliffview RD" and inspect Jack's car. Choose:
  • 1 What's in Fairwoods?

  • 3 When I climbed the pipe to your window?

Show Diane all notes.

Back in town, choose:
  • 1 Where's my car?
  • 2 I need to ask you some questions
  • 2 We know you're lying to us Jack.
  • 2 (Convince that evidence is against him)
  • 1 Where did you get that bucket of tar from?

  • 1 When did I say that?
  • 4 I'm not moving on from Pineview
  • 1 Let's stop arguing
  • 2 I do love it here!

  • 1 (Respond)

Exhaust all dialog options with Jack and let him go. Walk to the right and try to confront Father Smith.

Collect all lights while flying.

Walk to the right and interact with the edge of the abyss. Continue walking to the right until you reach the car. Keep going and prepare to spam 'E'.

Electrical storm
Survive Day 5

  • 1 We could stay home?
  • 1 I don't want a fight.
  • 2 ... Alright. Let's go out
  • 2 I should try harder

  • 1 Listening to music
  • 1 No
  • 1 What do you expect?
  • 1 I don't want to leave you
  • 2 I'll try


Go to the left until you arrive at the photographer's house. Tell the old woman that Johnny invited you to see his photographs. Decide to be honest and tell your partner that someone wanted to kill you. Guess that it was Father Smith and inspect the photographs behind you. Talk to Johnny. Go to the right and examine his photos.

Believe Diane.

During the interrogation choose:
  • 1 DON'T LIE!!

Exhaust all dialog options. Say nothing when the man appears and ask him to question Johnny. Respond with:
  • 2 Why the hurry to close the case?
  • 2 Johnny's house
  • 2 That's when Mr. Willis heard the gunshot

  • 2 It's possible
  • 1 (Tell her)

Go to the right and answer the call.

Being in the town, walk to the right again and to the left afterwards.

Approach the church and choose:
  • 1 I know, Johnny
  • 3 You were overwhelmed, I get it
  • 1 I know how it feels
  • 2 I've suffered too
  • 1 That won't happen - you were provoked
  • 2 You can redeem yourself

Good with words
Talk Johnny down

The truth
Solve the case

A new day
Get a full night's sleep

Wear formal clothes and leave the room. Go to the left and talk to the man with the guitar. Choose:
  • 1 Like last night's cold rain

Help the songwriter with all his lyrics

Walk left until you reach the cafe. Enter it.

Go down the hill. Speak to everyone and choose:
  • 1 I think so
  • 1 Thanks
Speak to your partner and tell her you might take a vacation.

They need you here
Encourage Officer Blunt to stay in Pineview

Another chance
Complete Rainswept
A different end

Replay until you sit on the bench with your partner. Don't tell her about your past.

A different end
Complete the alternate ending
You've got potential

Replay until you are in the cafe with Officer Blunt and choose:
  • 1 I think you're capable

Complete the entire game again. You can skip:
  • Ordering coffee
  • Talking to the depressed man
  • Interacting with the skaters
  • Talking to grandpa several times
  • Helping the man with the guitar

You've got potential
Encourage Officer Blunt to leave Pineview
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