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List of Drafts for Loom v2.0
By [GoC] Col. Mustard
This is a short guide that basically lists all the drafts that you require in order to finish the game - so it's a bit like the Book of Patterns except with the answers pencilled in ;).
  • Unlike the Book of Patterns in the original manual, this just focuses on the drafts that are used in the game.
  • I've attempted to match the names of the drafts to the ones mentioned in the Book of Patterns, however there may be a couple of mistakes (as they never actually spell out what the name of the draft is in-game)
  • Some drafts can have a reverse effect if you cast the notes in the opposite direction. For example, ECED or the Opening Draft when cast backwards (DECE) becomes a Closing Draft.
  • At the beginning of the game you will be only limited to three notes but as you progress you will eventually unlock more.
  • Note that C' means a high C.

Version 2.0:
  • Also many of the drafts are actually randomised on each playthrough - consequently I have now added these as well as the objects items which give you the correct draft.
  • Many thanks to this link for all possible draft combinations: http://strategywiki.org/wiki/Loom/Drafts
  • Opening = ECED (Hetchel's egg, clam on Loom Island and in Book of Patterns)
  • Closing = DECE (Opposite to Opening)
  • Night Vision = CDDC, DCCD or CCCC (Owls on Loom Island)
  • Emptying = GFFE, GEED or GDDE (Flask of dye on Loom Island)
  • Filling = EFFG, DEEG or EDDG (Opposite to Emptying)
  • Dyeing = DDCD, CCCD or CDCD (Cauldron with dye on Loom Island)
  • Bleaching = DCDD, DCCC or DCDC (Opposite to Dyeing)
  • Straw into Gold = DEDC, DEDE, DDDE or CCCE (Spindle on Loom Island)
  • Gold into Straw = CDED, EDED, EDDD or ECCC (Opposite to Straw into Gold)
  • Twisting = CFCC, DEFC or FDDE (Waterspout at sea)
  • Untwisting = CCFC, CFED or EDDF (Untwists objects)
  • Invisibility = GCGC, GCCD or GEEC (Shepherds in the woods)
  • Appearing = CGCG, DCCG or CEEG (Opposite to Invisibility)
  • Sharpening = AAAG, DFAF or CDDA (Glassmakers' Sickle)
  • Dulling = GAAA, FAFD or ADDC (Opposite to Sharpening)
  • Terror = EFFE, DFFD or FCCF (Crystal Sphere in Crystalgard)
  • Sleep = AFED, AEDC or AGFE (Sleepy shepherd)
  • Awaken = DEFA, CDEA or EFGA (Opposite to Sleep)
  • Healing = CAAC, ACCA or AGGA (Fleece trying to cure a lamb)
  • Reflection = FAAF, ADDA or AFFA (Pool in cave)
  • Silence = BAGF, BCCC or BFFC (Cast on Hetchel)
  • Unsilence = FGAB, CCCB or CFFB (Opposite to Silence)
  • Shaping = BFBF, BCBC or BABA (Cast on Hetchel)
  • Unshaping = FBFB, CBCB or ABAB (Opposite to Shaping)
  • Unmaking = ABBA or BCCB (Recorded by the Loom)
  • Transcendence = C'FGC (First learned at Loom at beginning of game and in Book of Patterns)
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E.F.F.I. [ ATH-YF ] Feb 20 @ 11:18pm 
I've been cheering for this. Thanks.
Bobbin Threadbare Oct 15, 2021 @ 2:07pm 
@MegaWarrior you can also cast it backwards to fill a vial in Crystalgard
RellenMcDee Aug 16, 2021 @ 11:02pm 
@MegaWarrior There's a pool in the volcano
MegaWarrior1987 May 15, 2021 @ 4:26am 
I have a question. When do you use the emptying draft. Last night I started and finished the game and I dont remember using it.
Mighty Oz Aug 27, 2018 @ 7:04am 
thank you man