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Combat Submarino USS Alabama (Version Server host player)
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Combat Submarino USS Alabama (Version Server host player)


This ship is not a common vehicle of the Editor. This mod recreates a simulation of underwater navigation, while transporting the players that operate the ship. Allowing to move, turn, submerge, emeger, armed with torpedoes, missiles, cruise missiles and nuclear missiles, this ship can fight other ships and submarines, and support the ground infantry, everything is managed from an area that simulates navigation inside of a submarine. and everything that is executed from the compartments, will be executed by the submarine that simulates the exterior of the ship.

the submarine that can be damaged by the enemies and everything that happens to the submarine. could harm players inside of the compartments, the players will feel movements, water pressure, lack of oxygen, inclination, pain, heat, radiation, among other characteristics, if the ship is destroyed, the players inside will die, if the ship damages. will flood the areas by water, they will feel a strong movement of S, blows, pain and bleeding, fire in compartments, among other actions, the players can repair the ship from the compartments with tools, seal broken valves and extinguish the fire , repair engines and electronic boards, among other jobs, this work was done with the purpose that players entering the ship can feel that they are inside a real submarine and that they work inside as if they were in a real submarine.

You can obtain the manual of navegation this link:

If you wish to use the submarine in a Dedicated server please use the following version located in this link:

IMPORTANT INFORMATION, if you want to edit the missions with the USS Alabama should be the following information:

If you are inside the ship, and you close your EDEN server, your editor will remain dark

To solve it go to tools, and press the camera

Then press escape and close your Splendio camera.

Important information about the base missions package

The base missions package that is currently the 1.45.rar you must have the correct version of this mission pack, to be able to run the ship without errors, please verify and if you do not have it, obtain it from this link, at the end of the first publication:

The 3d model of this ship is made by the author Gnat, you can locate the model that has been used for the alabama in the information that you find in the prolog of the navigation manual. The engine of movement of the ship is made by Mr. Stick_Hogue, they can locate their work from the prologue of the navigation manual.

Combat Submarine USS Alabama

This mod is apart from a submarine a modality of naval simulation with combat of different ways and in relation to terrestrial missions, it is very important that you read the manual of the Alabama before manipulating the ship, this mod was made with the purpose to work in milsin, military simulation, so it is not possible to manipulate it in a player, you need a crew of no less than 6 to operate it.

Submarine Militar USS Alabama, is a submarine navy space ship armed with torpedoes, cruise missiles and nuclear missiles, specially designed for the protection of maritime and terrestrial spaces, this mod is based on the simulated function of its operation in most of its aspects, so it will be necessary for a constant coordination and communication between the crew, the compartments that divide it, the function cameras, the tasks given, the position of government or ground control and command.

Among the features we have:

Crew and Command
Propulsion engines shaft and Helix
Atomic or Nuclear Energy
Electric or Electric Energy
Mechanical or Diesel Energy
Snorkel System
Gas combustion discharge system
Applicable maneuvers of the USS Alabama
Possible Threats
Enemy Strategies
Individual and group offensive tactics of enemy vessels
radial assistance system between enemy vessels, when one is attacked, nearby vessels will help
missile cruises support of enemy vessels requested by enemies on land
Nuclear missile support of enemy vessels requested by enemies on land
Control compartments and electrical panels
Depth chargue
Unguided torpedoes
Guided Torpedoes System
Unguided Missiles
Guided Missile System
Possible Complications
Auxiliary Electrical System
Medical area
Sonar Manipulation and Communications
Sonar Passive
Sonar Active
Tracking System
Threat Proximity Sensor
Radial Silence System
Enemy ships use radial silence maneuvers to hide from the radars
Communications with Ground Bases or other Allied Vessel
fax delivery system for communication
Radio buoy
Fire in Compartments
Nuclear Safety
Engine repairs
Driving the Alabama
Descent, Ascent, Port and Starboard
Pressure for crushing depth
Anticollision Reader
Officer's Place At the Command of Ship
Auxiliary Oxygen System
Analysis to avoid Threats
Maximum Silence Maneuver
State of Absolute Silence
System of enemy naval convoys (New)
Hydrophone system, to distinguish the emanating noise of each type of enemy craft (New)

please, if you have any questions, or do not find how to execute any of these features, please ask in the comments and we will help you.

Current support maps for the development of missions:

Duala Island
4 islands Mske

In order to create a simulation based on real events, this submarine mod was created to be operated in compliance with the respective safety rules and procedures based on the navy.

This release version for whorshop V 1.45, is for server host player, if you want to upload a dedicated server with the submarine, you must use the dedicated server version that you will obtain in this link

you need to download the missions package for version 1.45, to obtain the ship, you can edit your missions on this initial mission, or you can perform the predetermined missions that the missions package offers, to successfully edit the missions of uss alabama you must read the last topic of the navigation manual to edit it without errors,
To obtain the ship, download the base missions from this link, at the end of the first publication:

The loading time of the ship's start modules and the configuration of the enemies takes approximately 3 to 4 minutes from the moment the first player enters the server. During that time, the enemy's AI programmed to navigate the enemy ships will enter the ships. During this loading period, avoid boarding the ship and wait for the announcement of the Operational Alabama submarine.

please read the manual for any concern and if you have any questions you can do it through the comments, If you suffer some bigs or do not manage to operate the ship, please inform in the comments, to solve the problem as soon as possible, and I will gladly help you, greetings.
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Barbanegra  [author] Feb 6 @ 10:45am 
Something important that I forgot to explain in the video tutorial on the launching of manual missiles to fixed positions with the use of Tomahank missiles, the ship also has to stop, the tubes must be open and the ship stopped so that the option to shoot in the control controls. weapons compartment
Barbanegra  [author] Jan 20 @ 2:34pm 
Hello Brother how are you? In order to get the ship on the map you must use the base missions package, these packages come with a predetermined mission, but you can edit it to your liking, but it is also very important that you read the navigation manual the last topic that is about an edition of missions, because there are objects that must remain in the place that they are so that everything works normally, from this link you can get the base missions package, at the end of the first publication, a mega link:
Cody [Arma 3] GAMDOM.COM Jan 20 @ 2:23pm 
Hello i have see the mod and it looks like very well. The problem i have is when i enter EDEN Editor and try to put the submarine i dont know where is the submaribne i dont fint it. If you can explain me or do a tutorial about how to install and use it or if you know a tutorial in youtube about it. Thank you very much for your time
Barbanegra  [author] Jan 11 @ 6:10pm 
hello bro, thanks for the good words friend, the boat can only be operated by human, the AI ​​has a job in eliminating our submarine Alabama using other submarines, other anti-submarine ships armed with depth charges, other ships with torpedoes, other ships with torpedoes and missiles and other weapons, the AI ​​is programmed to sink our ship and support the enemy infantry ashore
Firmament Jan 11 @ 2:47pm 
First off, great job. The ship really looks fantastic and I don't mean fantastic just because it has great visuals, but also because it seems to feature very solid mechanics. But before even trying it ingame, I'd like to know something: you said that a whole crew is required to manipulate it. That's fine for me but my question is can it be done with AI crew members or are the commands to complicated to be handled by non-human players?

P.S: I don't mind if the AI doesn't handle things too well - I'm merely wondering if there's minimal AI support.