Captain's Log #16
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Jacko Mar 18 @ 7:56pm 
Never again will I buy anything from this company. Unplayable lag. Developers give out their passwords and their friends rampage on the offical servers. Then they reset the servers back 8 hours or more...... Awful experience. Wanted to love this game.....
Dakiller Mar 13 @ 8:31am 
let this piece of crap game and company die. fix ark you garbage company
worthingtonbryce Mar 11 @ 2:13pm 
Pst Another great example is subnatica wrecks were parts of the wreck a destroyed, so you have to crawl through vents and move debris to get past a door.
Thank you
worthingtonbryce Mar 11 @ 2:13pm 
Hey, Altas's devs you should add destructible environments, for example, if you shoot a cannonball through a wall a hole appears which can be shoot through and etc. Also, a small amount of rubble would appear by the floor of the wall. If said wall takes enough shots to form an opening of sorts the player would also be able to crawl through it. Just think of the battlefield franchise destruction where if you blow up a building the building collapses and the environment gets changed, with a pile of rubble/debris forming on the foundation which could help the player jump over a wall or something. Battlefield 4 is a great example since a part of a building could fall over but the other part would still be in access although partly damaged, another thing to think about implementing is wooden wall be able to be shoot through with a gun like in rainbow 6 siege, But before implementing this,(please think about it), fix the game's various bugs and fine tune it.
Elefantenkuh Mar 11 @ 11:30am 
Never again wildfart or grapefruit games!
Anton Víðfaðmi Jan 10 @ 8:14am 
@Tortuga, Haha, Yeah...xd
Tortuga Atomico Jan 9 @ 11:11pm 
@anton Nice day at Sea Eh? Davey Jones Really messed with you. Feelsbadman
Anton Víðfaðmi Jan 9 @ 7:35pm 
Anton Víðfaðmi Jan 9 @ 7:35pm 
WTF! You say "15 min" to restart, im out at sea, you restart earlier? I logg back in, im in the fucking water and a lvl 2 ship of the damned SUNK my galleon? i could do nothing!

I released my fucking brig, just got out and 5000 tornados spawn and it my brig went into land and got destroyed? All for today. hahaha!