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Admin tool for Insurgency Server (for Windows)
Help on using InsgAdmin software to install and start a game server for Insurgency.
Download and unzip files

- First go to site for download archive

- Create a directory named srcds on your computer.

- Unzip archive in directory srcds.
  • InsgAdmin.exe -- file
  • steamcmd.exe -- file
  • Editor.exe -- file
  • FastColoredTextBox.dll -- file
  • insg_install_server.bat -- file
  • license.txt -- file
  • setcolor.txt -- file
  • insg_files -- directory

Start install insurgency game server
- After downloading the zip archive and unzipping it in the srcds directory, start InsgAdmin.exe software.

- Then click on menu button "steamcmd" then "Install Insurgency Server" button.

The windows console start, and launch steam command for continue install. Wait while installing the server.
Configure and start Insurgency game server
- When the full installation of the Insurgency game server is complete. Return to the software InsgAdmin.

- Configure the following information.

- Server name

Serv Port
- Port server to use

Rcon PWD
- If you use Rcon

Server PWD
- If you server is private

X32 or X64
- According to your computer

Max Players
- Numbers players on server

Select Game Type
- Coop or PvP

Game Mode
- Click on list for select a game mode

- Click on list for select a start Map

Then click on "Save Config" button for save. And click "Start Server" button. The Insurgency server will start. Then to configure your network to make your public games server.
Edit server configuration files
- To edit and modify the configuration files, click the "Files" button on the Menu.

- Then click on the file to modify. The editor will open. After editing the file, click the "Save" button on the Menu.

Modified files are saved in case of an error. To find them click on the "Backup" button of the editor Menu.
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VaweR Jun 9, 2021 @ 3:30am 
Hello, everytime I open the program it shows up an error, also while choosing a map, and nothing happens while starting the server
SOUKANABIS  [author] Feb 11, 2021 @ 10:49am 
In fact, they say some pretty stupid things. For example, what worries them with About_Mnu is that it's a button that connects to my contact page, nothing more. To be fair, antivirus software is easy to fool. It's when you don't see false positives that sometimes you need to ask yourself questions. The annoying thing is that a lot of people talk subconsciously using tools that they don't create themselves, so there is no guarantee that these tools are reliable. I know what I'm doing in my code, nothing bad and that's what matters. Thanks for the feedback :steamthumbsup:
Esperruñao Feb 5, 2021 @ 8:01pm 
All softwares can have errors, bugs and antivirus are no exception.

Look this like, virustotal says as a constructive criticism about the embedded resources in your project

Main_Mnu.image... etc

Don't take all this as an attack, because it isn't!
SOUKANABIS  [author] Feb 4, 2021 @ 8:03pm 
@WSN It is better to have some knowledge before leaving ridiculous comments. A so-called antiviral out of <60 who makes a false positive and you think you are a specialist. Guignol if you want, I'll give you the source code and you'll compile it yourself, if only you could understand it. :csgogun: