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The "official" DeerIsle dev. Server can be found at:

Join the DiscordServer for more Information at:


Hi and welcome to DeerIsle,

The terrain of DeerIsle is based on "DeerIsle" in MAINE (USA), aprox. 16km x 16km size in total.
The goal is not to make a 1:1 copy of the real location, since I don't have the propper models at this modding stage. So I use mainly the terrain and modifiy it to make my own idea of a nice little dayz playground.

Don't expect to get a full chernarus sized finished map from the beginning. It is all under heavy construction.
I'm just 1 person working on the project in my spare time and can't build something simmilar sized in this short time.
Notice that future updates will expand the map, this is what we are starting with:

Note: It's the dev. server with the latest map built on it - loot refreshs will happen to tune the dayz lootspawns to fit DeerIsle over time. I will try to avoid refreshs of the player database.

Special thx to....

...Sumrak and to my friends from "Chiemseemap"
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Modern Apr 13 @ 12:11am 
I’d just want to run a server just to give players another pay to play on. Not sure why someone would need an essay explaining that but hey its your map and its not finished or fully released yet. That being said i for one can wait till your finished with it or at a point where you feel its ready for the masses to enjoy at its full potential :P
JohnMcLane1  [author] Apr 12 @ 6:22am 
PS: I was just talking about the mission files! Key will be available sooner - in one of the next updates.
JohnMcLane1  [author] Apr 12 @ 6:09am 
I will still release all files for an own DeerIsle Server to the public when: My work is done, I get the feeling the time is right or (now we got to the point), when people convince me in a polite way.

There is a big difference for me when people are intruducing themself in a very polite ~500 word mail of who they are, where they from, explaining in detail what they want to do with the files, introducing their team etc... - compared to a "shortliner" like (analogously):

"Hey, I want to run deer isle on a server for my community. I am #1 dayz server so great advertisement for your map. Please answer because my community is waiting".

Such short "standart requests" just get my short standart answer: Wait until the files go public.
Tiltman Apr 10 @ 12:58am 
Noone is intending a race against sumrak here. The map is simply not finished yet. The dev server has not been full since february, so why would there be a need for another server?
We also dont want to see the map getting slaughtered like chernarus by people editing the map for their servers. As far as i know BWAF is not hosting a server for the map at the moment anyway.
Shu Apr 9 @ 5:32pm 
also this map will be irrelevant when namalsk comes out so better hurry
Shu Apr 9 @ 5:18pm 
they cant use the map unless they have the mod key. and he grants BWAF access but denies everyone else. nice
Tiltman Apr 9 @ 12:44am 
Benni will release the pbo files at some point during dev, when the map is finished or if he loses motivation. Server owners can still use the map but will need to use and edit their own serverfiles.
Tiltman Apr 9 @ 12:42am 
Because its still work in progress and publishing it would mean others would have access to every tool and could abuse the ability to edit/ build the map
Shu Apr 8 @ 5:00pm 
no server key? how is this a community map if you arent letting people use this map for their own communities. makes no sense
Tiltman Apr 8 @ 10:44am 
Feel free to join the discord to voice your concerns and feedback btw. Its more practical to discuss things there than to post blind accusations on the workshop page here.