The Cursed Forest

The Cursed Forest

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The Cursed Forest. Localization on the other languages.
By Igor and 1 collaborators
Localization on the other languages.
If you would like to localize our game on your language, you can make topic in the Steam forum:

Than we will see it and discuss about further details.

From there you we will need to have a font with a free license, that will allow us to put it in the proprietor commercial product without any restriction, and also that support all symbols of your language, that will allow us to integrate it in the game and upload update in the Steam.

Files with texts for the localization can be found here:
\The Cursed Forest\assets\languages\english_xml.pak

english_xml.pak is usual unencrypted zip-archive, you can easily open it with 7-zip, after that you will see two files - notes.xml and text.xml. In them you can found all in game texts, that can be localized. File have Excel table form in the xml format.

Note: SPOILER ALERT! Obviously, game-notes consists storyline spoilers.

Unfortunately, work with files in the table mode possible only with Microsoft Excel, free similar programs like Libre Office and others can't save result and run properly in the Cryengine (game engine) correctly.
If you can't or don't want to use Microsoft Excel, you still can edit files with Notepad++ or similar programs in the mode that allow to work with the xml code. In that case editing result can be saved correctly and can run in the Cryenigne, but it will be little uncomfortable to do it.
Here you can find the example of the notes.xml contents. In here you can see reference of the localization from the Russian to the English language that can be seen in the game.

Please use English text in the left column as a reference, and in the right column please write the translation text. After you finish editing files, need to put them back in the english_xml.pak, to allow Cryengine to see updated text.

As you can see it is not too hard.

For the fast localization result checking we made a special test room in the third section. To appear in there you need to launch third section and in the console ( ` button ) write command:
tcf_library_room 1
It will transfer you in the room where on the table all game notes can be founded.