Acceleration of SUGURI 2

Acceleration of SUGURI 2

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Basic guide for all characters
By Nyu-13
Basic guide for every character
Greetings, I am Nyu-13 and wrote this guide to provide new players an accessible way to learn about the cast. Before getting started on anything I'd like to go over how this guide is structured.

Each of the guides are google docs documents which are linked in each of the characters sections, the reason i went for these is because steam wouldn't allow me to fit the guides into 1 section each which would have resulted in a character having probably a minimum of 3 sections each. It's needless to say that this would have flooded the guide with an unpleasant to look at amount of sections. This is why the only things I kept in the steam guide are a general description and how difficult a character is to get into with some reasoning for it, all just in my opinion of course.

The google docs will contain a description of all your attacks, including their damage, meter gain(includes full uses for attacks that can be held down to shoot multiple projectiles, like Mira's or Alte's wA) and how often you can use them in a row before you run out of the necessary ammo for it such as any special properties about them like if they can be aimed or what not. After that it will provide you with some general basic combos before finishing off with a gameplay section that includes info on how to best start gaining meter, how to play aggressive and how to play defensive. Because i wrote all of these with print view turned off I'd advise you do the same, otherwise they might be very unpleasant to look at.

Because i'll be using certain synonyms for attacks such as some other general terms I added a "Term Index" that will have tables containing all synonyms and other stuff that is used and explains what they stand for. I should also mention that I also go with some community formed terms like calling Miras B.Hyper Beylades, though if they are used its usually mentioned in the guides themselves at some point what those stand for.

Anyways, without any further ado let's get started:
Term Index
Weapon A
Dash Weapon A
Weapon B
Special Weapon A
Dash Special Weapon A
Special Weapon B
Neutral Hyper/Weapon A Hyper on advanced
Dash Hyper
Weapon B Hyper
Special Hyper
Dash Special Hyper
Accel Hyper

Other Terms
Carrying Momentum/Momentum Carrying
When I refer to an attack carrying momentum it means that it acts similar to a dash attack and lets you "slide" in the direction last dashed in if used out of a dash or certain attack, if this affects their aim heavily I added further screenshots showing it, otherwise i just mention when it does to a siginifcant enough level.
Meter Negativity
When an attack is being refered to as meter negative it means that it feeds your opponent more meter than it gives you for using it.

Suguri is what people usually consider an allrounder type of character which excels the most at midrange. Suguri performs well in most situations and doesn't really suffer from any unbeatable matchups.

Suguri has a lot of tools in her kit all of which allow you to play her however you want essentially, she performs equally well both played aggressive and defensive in most matchups, giving you a lot more freedom when it comes to approaching a matchup.

Her main gimmick however are her Sword Waves which act as a disjointed melee essentially. These are the core of Suguri's character and your ability to make use of them will heavily affect how well you perform on her.

Suguri is probably among the most beginner friendly characters, with a very versatile kit, good speed and only 4 instead of the usual 5 hyper options to worry about. Due to her archetype as an allrounder she can perform well in any matchup and never sits at a disadvantage huge enough to actually heavily struggle, making her perfect for learning the game and getting used to its mechanics. Even though Suguri is easy to get into however she's actually very hard to fully master, requiring very good spacing to make the best use out of her Sword Waves, so sticking with her is actually very rewarding.

Guide Link:

Saki is an extremely combo heavy character that generally performs best when played aggressively. Being able to deal immense amounts of damage off confirms while also having a very strong pressure game to boot.

Due to her aggressive nature Saki usually relies on being rather close to her opponent, optimally sitting at a sweet spot range to get the most out of her tambourines, both in terms of damage and pressure. She thrives off creating a lot of 50/50 situations for her opponent using bell hyper, either forcing meter out of her opponent or getting them caught up in a high damage combo.

Saki's main gimmick is that most of her attacks are rather unorthodox, making a majority of them not as straightforward to get the most out off.

Having a bunch of unconventional attacks such as her reliance on aggression makes Saki one of the more difficult to pull off chars. The road to becoming actually good on Saki is a long one and will require you to really learn how all of your attacks work and which confirms you can go for on top of knowing when and how to best pressure with your normal attacks and hypers. That all being said, learning Saki will heavily reward you with an insane pressure game mixed with very high damage confirms.

Guide Link:

Iru is probably the closest thing to a standard zoner in this game. Having a gameplan entirely about keeping distance and denying area.

Iru has very high damage on all her normal attack in exchange for them being either restricted to being beams(making them all dashable and therefore not very hard to avoid) or very meter negative missiles.

Iru's gimmick is that she's an entirely ranged character, completely lacking any form of melee and fully relying on playing ranged and usually only wanting to get close for a potential punish.

Despite all that Iru is actually one of the easier characters to pull off, having a very straight forward kit about basically just keeping distance and shooting beams with some missiles here and there. Being fast and having high meter gain also gives you a huge amount of room for mistakes and makes getting hit at most points during the game not as detrimental.

Guide Link:

Nanako is basically this games puppet character, having none of her attacks come actually from her but instead from her 7 bits. Nanako has insane pressure and combo power on top of good meter gain and speed.

At the current moment shes broken in every sense of the word being easily the best character in the game. So picking her will usually get you counterpicked in little to no time, if you know what you're doing on her at least.

Even though she is strong i'd actually advise you to not pick her up at the moment except you really like her and/or just don't care because nerfs for her are pretty much unavoidable and might change how she plays entirely.

Power comes at a price and in Nanako's case this price includes fully learning how her bits work on top of mastering her combo and pressure game, all while keeping good awareness of where your opponent is so you can call your bits back should they try and attack you. Despite being super strong Nanako is actually very far from an easy character to master, which is why, if you're new at least i'd advise you to not go for her. In the time you take to learn her she might get nerfed in a way that changes everything she does at the moment making all your efforts pointless.

Guide Link:

Kae is the fastest character in the game, she's very melee heavy and constantly likes to throw something out to confirm into another punch from or kick people into.

Kae as well is a very versatile character allowing you to adjust her to whatever the matchup asks for. This mixed with some not-so-recent anymore buffs to her clones make Kae an absolute monster to deal with if played well.

Kae's main gimmick is her Blazing mode, which when active will increase your overall damage output and gives you access to a few different attacks in exchange for not allowing for your heat to drop below 200% for a certain period of time.

Kae's overall damage output despite everything is actually not super high. She has access to sudden bursts of damage but it requires you to be very close to your opponent at most times, she can play however you want her to but the lower damage requires you to make the most out of your mobility to avoid hits while using your kit to land a bunch of them yourself. All of this combined makes Kae one of the harder characters to play successfully, she does however highly reward learning her with a very potent rushdown style or defense making her able to overcome any matchup thrown at her.

Guide Link:

Kyoko is the most defensive character in the game, she's all about building a fort and rarely ever leaving it while denying as much area as possible in the process.

She is rather slow but has high damaging normals and amazing area denial allowing you to constantly hide behind something once you've set up and work with your high damage to get poke in and pressure your opponent.

Kyoko's main gimmick are her Pylons which are basically the core of her current kit, these are the building blocks of your fort and deny area for a long period of time on top of reflecting some of your beams at your opponent.

Kyoko isn't the easiest to play but she's far from the hardest, the main depth of her kit comes really just from learning how to best set up your fort in a matchup. The rest is just knowing when you can leave it and how to protect it.

Guide Link:

Hime is the first of aos2's 3 boss characters. She's very punish heavy and generally performs well at any range.

Hime can be played both from a distance or close up allowing her to deal with most matchups thrown at her with relative ease, Himes only weakness is a proper lack of ballistic clear which can cause some characters to give her a little bit of trouble at times.

Hime's main gimmick is that none of her attacks are dashable and follow a special color rule instead, causing all her red attacks to scale with heat while her blue ones don't.

Hime's kit, even though very versatile, has actually a lot going on and a lot to learn. It's very punish heavy in its nature leading to you having to learn when to best go for something, this mixed with all of her more powerful attacks having somewhat long recovery causes you to usually have to be very precise with their usage in order to not get punished yourself and to get the most out of them.

Guide Link:

Sora is essentially a more aggressive version of Suguri, trading most of the versatility Suguri's kit had in exchange for aggression tools and damage.

Sora's low meter gain and and relatively high feed need her to basically play an aggressive game at almost all times in order to not fall behind. Having to constantly try to rush her opponent down and force meter.

Due to the lack of Sword Waves Sora is far more melee heavy, this mixed with her high damage and speed gives her one of the strongest melee games out of all the characters.

Sora used to be a far more simple and straightforward character, though due to a not-so-recent nerf to her main damage output, being her lungeshot combo, she now gains insane amounts of heat for trying to play constantly aggressive. Causing the smallest mistakes to deal high amounts of damage to her, because of this Sora will now require you to have a feeling of when you want to go for a lungeshot combo, when you want to stay in on them or want to cool down, all of this ramped up her difficulty by quite a bit.

Guide Link:

Alte is an install type character with a kit that has mainly ballistics. She's very snowbally and relies on setting up her Search Light Panel(SLP) as fast as possible and causing the games momentum to shift in her favor.

Because her SLP is destructible however and she is as mentioned before mainly ballistics, she basically struggles against any character with the ability to either quickly take out her SLP(has good rushdown) or destroy ballistics very efficiently. Which to her dismay many characters have at least one off going for them.

This mixed with her low speed and questionable ways of metergain make Alte one of the weaker characters in the game.

Being low tier isn't easy, Alte isn't super difficult because her kit is very hard to understand or anything. She is due to being a very position reliant slowpoke that relies on an install hyper many characters have no problem taking out in no time to achieve anything of value.

Guide Link:

Tsih is somewhat of a mid-close range brawler with very strong normals but weak/niche hyper options.

She has a very strong anti-ballistic game and can alternate between a more defensive set up kind of style and rushdown.

Tsih's main gimmick are her rocks, which basically are somewhat sturdy heat scaling ballistics.

Tsih relies a lot on setting up hits and getting the most out of confirms. This causes you to have to learn a lot of her setups and work on your pressure to get hits in as often as possible, which is why she has a bit of learning curve attached to her.

Guide Link:

Mira is another zony type of character that can switch to a more aggressive approach with the help of their install hyper.

Mira has an immense amount of tools to work with each filling a very specific niche in their kit, this gives Mira a bunch of ways to deal with different scenarios.

Mira's main gimmick however are their install, their Beyblades. These can allow Mira to drastically change their playstyle or give them access to even more approaches to a situation.

Because of said tools Mira has a very steep learning curve, having a lot of harder to understand tools on top of being a slow character with weak frontal cover, makes Mira both difficult to pull off due to matchup reasons but also because their kit is genuinely hard to get the most out off.

Guide Link:

Sham is a summoner type character that doesn't really do much fighting herself and relies more on working with her drones to do that for her while only offering some sort of supportive fire.

She is extremely defensive and doesn't have much of an aggro game to speak of, causing her to greatly struggle against characters who dont need to actually close in on her to hit her.

Generally speaking Sham is the worst character in the game, she has the lowest speed, the lowest meter gain and the highest meter feed. Unless you really like Sham or love low tier you might not wanna go for this one.

Sham's difficulty, to be blunt, just stems from her being the worst character in the game, having very little matchups in which she doesn't have a huge disadvantage. Her kit itself is relatively straightforward, or so it seems. But to actually utilize it without feeding your opponent unnecessary amounts of meter will take a lot of practise. This mixed with having to avoid getting hit more than anyone else due to a utter lack of decent confirms makes Sham very difficult to actually pull off.

Guide Link:

Nath is a character with 3 different stages each giving her access to a different kit, allowing her to either go for a melee heavy kit or a fully ranged one. This versatility makes her highly adjustable which allows her to deal with any matchup thrown at her.

Nath's depth mainly comes from learning which stage is best for which matchup and how to approach it with that. She also has a surprising amount of mobility considering the way she looks, having one of the fastest tap dashes in the game. This mixed with most of her attacks carrying momentum allows Nath to move at almost all times being somewhat tricky to catch for most characters.

Nath's difficulty mainly comes from just learning what your 3 stages can do and how to approach matchups with them, finding in which stage you need to extend to and how to best achieve this. Once you find out how to work with your stages though she's relatively straightfoward.

Guide Link: Ck/edit?usp=sharing (had to put a space in this link bc steam didnt like it saying f_c_k)
Star Breaker

Star Breaker is the 2nd of aos2's 3 boss characters, her gimmick is once again having red and blue attacks, though in her case they apply different kind of debuffs, with her red attacks allowing her to raise her opponents heat and prevent cooling down while her blue attacks drain them of meter.

In game, Star Breaker is a melee heavy zoner type character that heavily relies on constant zoning with her bombs to keep applying debuffs to her opponent, having to set up constant bomb fields to not only apply pressure but also hide behind.

Due to her low speed and somewhat poor cover options outside of bombs Star Breaker is one of the less good characters of this game, though is still one of the more viable low tiers.

Having a bunch of bad matchups really doesn't help, Star Breaker relies on constant micromanaging of her bombs to seek cover in order to not heat up and get exploded by her opponent, this mixed with her requiring a level of player fundamentals makes her not a very simply character to get behind.

Guide Link:

Sumika is the final boss character of aos2, her gimmick is a mix of both Star Breaker and Himes. Having standard projectiles that follow the same color rules as Himes and her feathers which apply debuffs following the color rules of Star Breaker.

Sumika has a huge combo game with potentially very big damage but needs a lot of commitment to pull any of these due to having some of the longest attack animations in the game. This mixed with her relying on sitting at least at midrange to be any sort of actual threat to her opponent can cause her quite a bit of trouble against characters with quick attacks.

Similarly to Hime Sumika also has very lackluster ways to deal with ballistics which can cause her to also struggle quite a bit with characters who have a strong ballistic game going for them.

Sumika's difficulty mainly just stems from learning her combos and knowing when and how to engage, she isn't the most difficult character to get behind but also not the easiest putting her somewhere in the middle.

Guide Link:
Before I wrap this all up I'd like to thank the few people who helped me out with this:

Fush(For writing the Mira and Saki gameplay and combo sections such as confirming information about them.)

Nope (For proofreading the steam implemented parts of this guide such as confirming information about Suguri.)

Sanic (For answering a bunch of questions about google docs, steam guide making and helping me gather the sprites for the characters.)

And thats about it, thanks for reading and good luck accelerating or something.
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