Transport Fever

Transport Fever

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EMD Freightliner Class 66 Build 1.2
Scenario: Europe
Vehicle: Locomotive
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Oct 23 @ 2:53pm
Oct 24 @ 9:09am
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EMD Freightliner Class 66 Build 1.2

Freightliner Class 66 Diesel Locomotive.
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DB Shenker
BR Commerative

This model was originally released on Train Fever by Bandion & Friends (Thanks). Cibaris has completely reworked the model to work in Transport Fever.
Load with wagons for realistic Speed vs Tractive Effort. This model may not be fast but its immensely powerful. Ideal to double head with large number of wagons meaning more profits.
Class 66 Sounds (Subject to Revision), new windows, dirt textures, panel grilles, and re coded to work in TPF.

Please show your appreciation below and rate model.

Date available > 1997 (This version)
Weight 126.9 Long Tons
Engine V12 Two Stroke Diesel
Speed 120Km/h
Power Output 2,420KW / 3250HP
Tractive Effort 409kN
Build no 1.2

Thanks to Bandion.
Any issues please comment below.

Diesellokomotive Freightliner Class 66.
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Dieses Model wurde ursprünglich auf Train Fever von Bandion & Friends (Thanks) veröffentlicht. Cibis hat das Modell komplett überarbeitet, um in Transport Fever zu arbeiten.
Laden Sie mit Wagen für realistische Geschwindigkeit gegen Zugkraft. Dieses Modell mag nicht schnell sein, aber es ist immens leistungsstark. Ideal, um den Kopf mit einer großen Anzahl von Wagen zu verdoppeln, was mehr Gewinn bedeutet.
Sounds der Klasse 66 (Änderungen vorbehalten), neue Fenster, Schmutztexturen, Panel-Gitter und neu codiert, um in TPF zu funktionieren.

Bitte zeigen Sie Ihre Wertschätzung und bewerten Sie das Modell.

Datum verfügbar> 1997 (Diese Version)
Gewicht 126,9 Long Tons
Motor V12 Zweitakt Diesel
Geschwindigkeit 120Km / h
Ausgangsleistung 2,420KW / 3250HP
Zugkraftaufwand 409kN
Build no 1.2
Danke an Bandion.
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Quince99 Oct 24 @ 10:18am 
Brilliant! This is a familiar sight I look forward to introducing to my small number of successful freight lines!
Pulpatine_ Oct 24 @ 5:32am 
waiting for the EWS Livery
awsamy93 Oct 24 @ 3:45am 
Fantastic as always. Plase can you do one in GBRf/First group livery.:steamhappy:
babylon218 Oct 24 @ 2:12am 
Nice! See these at the Stabling Point at Ipswich whenever I catch the train.
Peter 1949 Oct 23 @ 11:14pm 
Even sounds brilliant many thanks
Magic Bullet/ Oct 23 @ 5:57pm 
Thank you so much for the lovely model. Have mixed feelings about the class 66 though!
IceCubeXD_ Oct 23 @ 4:36pm 
no i have to figure out which line will be getting an upgrade. thanks for the great model
HexAyed [UK] Oct 23 @ 4:22pm 
Fantastic as always