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100% Achievement Guide + DLC (by THN)
By The Horror Network
100% Guide by The Horror Network

Note: There have been look-a-like copycat guides popping up. If it's not labeled by THN (The Horror Network), it's NOT one of mine and therefore not up to the quality that I aim to provide.

Welcome to the Assassin's Creed Odyssey achievement guide.

Just like with Origins, the achievements for Odyssey are very straightforward. Nothing is missable,

ONLY ONE DLC ACHIEVEMENT IS MISSABLE (refer to The Conqueror in Fate of Atlantis Episode 1),

and most of the achievements will come over time by simply completing all missions, side-quests, and exploration opportunities.

Note: Who you choose in the beginning (Alexios or Kassandra) does NOT matter. It also does NOT matter which method of play you pick (Guided or otherwise). Also, difficulty does NOT matter, either. Play YOUR WAY and enjoy the game.

Of course, Odyssey offers new elements such as a faux-Nemesis system from Shadow of Mordor, plus the all-too-familiar sailing mechanics from Black Flag and Rogue. As such, there are achievements that surround these new offerings but it's nothing too imposing.

This guide is considered COMPLETE
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Story Related
This is Sparta!
Complete the Battle of 300.
Story related, cannot be missed.

An Odyssey in the Making
Complete Episode 1.
Story related, cannot be missed.

Past Mistakes
Complete Episode 2.
Story related, cannot be missed.

Evil Unearthed
Complete Episode 3.
Story related, cannot be missed.

The Bright Minds
Complete Episode 4.
Story related, cannot be missed.

From the Ashes
Complete Episode 5.
Story related, cannot be missed.

Democracy Falls
Complete Episode 6.
Story related, cannot be missed.

Legend in the Making
Complete Episode 7.
Story related, cannot be missed.

Taking Back Athens
Complete Episode 8.
Story related, cannot be missed.

Odyssey's End
Complete Episode 9 + Epilogue.
Story related, cannot be missed.
In Perseus's Image
Defeat Medusa.
On Lesbos Island, there is a quest that will lead you to fighting Medusa.

A-maze-ing Victory!
Defeat the Minotaur.
On Messara, there is a quest that will lead you to fighting the Minotaur.

Eye on the Prize
Defeat the Cyclops.
On Kythera, there is a quest that will lead you to fighting the Cyclops. This is NOT the same Cyclops from the beginning of the game.

Riddle Me This
Outwit the Sphinx.
In Boeotia, there is a quest that will lead you to a fight with a Sphinx.

Going For Gold
Complete the Olympic questline.
This one is handed to you during the storyline, in Chapter 7. Your character will participate in the Olympic Games, and as a result this achievement is born.

Discover Atlantis and speak with Pythagoras.
During Chapter 7, you will visit Atlantis. This is another achievement that is handed to you during the storyline.

Everybody Benefits
Complete Markos's questline.
This one isn't as involved as many others. The questline that this relates to starts on Keos Island. Just finish them, and you'll get this achievement.

Trust Me, I'm a Doctor
Complete the Hippokrates questline.
This is also a pretty easy one. Hippokrates is located in Boeotia, and the questline contains only two easy missions.

A Pirate's Life for Me
Complete Xenia's questline.
You will first encounter Xenia on Keos Island during Chapter 5. Thereafter, you will need to complete her five treasure hunts to obtain this trophy.

Master of the Hunt
Complete the Daughters of Artemis questline.
This one entails completing a series of difficult quests that send you on a wild goosechase to track down and kill many forms of elite wildlife. The quest itself starts in Phokis, and upon completing the first quest you will be granted multiple additional quests that will take you all over Greece. It's time consuming, and you will need a high level, well-geared character to finish all of them.

Misthios in Training
Complete 20 Bounties, War Contracts, or Naval Quests from Message Boards.
Each city contains a Message Board. The majority of the Bounties, War Contracts, and Naval Quests are all timed missions; some a few hours, some as long as a day. Simply complete 20 of any of these missions.

Island Hopper
Complete 20 Quests on Pephka, Obsidian and Abantis islands.
For this achievement, you need to complete 20 quests on these islands; any combination thereof. Complete all of the ones that you can find out in the open, and then finish up the remaining ones that you need on the Message Board. This is also a great way to work towards Misthios in Training.
Make It Your Own
Engrave your first item.
Visit any Blacksmith and apply any Engraving to any item in your inventory.

The Midas Touch
Engrave a Legendary Item with a Legendary Effect.
This is a little confusing to explain. Each time you find a Legendary weapon (whether off a dead body, from a quest, or from loot), it teaches you its Legendary Engraving. However, you can not apply the Legendary Engraving to its namesake. Therefore, you need at least two Legendary weapons to complete this achievement. You find the first Legendary weapon, then use the Legendary Engraving that it teaches you on the second Legendary weapon that you find.

Acquire and equip your first Legendary item.
Legendary items have a gold colored background to their inventory slot (where as others have purple, blue, etc.). It shouldn't take you too long to find one, maybe around your 10th or so level. Alternatively, you can buy a Legendary bundle from the Ubisoft store to nab this.

I am Legend
Equip 1 Legendary melee weapon and 5 Legendary armor pieces.
This will come over time, as you need to outfit your character almost entirely in Legendary gear. Loot everything and every dead body, explore, and it will come naturally. Alternatively, you can buy a Legendary bundle from the Ubisoft store to nab this.

Fashion's Creed
Equip a Legendary Armor set.
Each armor set consists of five pieces; head, chest, waist, gloves, and boots. The easiest way to get this achievement is to complete the quests that surround the Cultists of Kosmos; more specifically, The Eyes of Kosmos. The mission sees to it that you defeat five cultists, and at the end you gain the Snake Set.

Legacy Restored
Upgrade your Spear to Tier 6.
The spear in question is Leonidas' Spear. You won't be able to begin this until you reach at least Chapter 3 of the main story. You will end up visiting a forge, which will upgrade the spear to Tier 2 automatically. In order to continue upgrading Leonidas' Spear, you need to gain Mysterious Fragments; which are dropped by Kosmos' Cultists. If you need help with the Cultists, THIS[] is a pretty decent guide.

Reach Level 50.
This is another achievement that just takes alot of time. You will easily be level 50 halfway through the game if you're completing all locations and quests as you go. Don't invest much time in farming unless you're having difficulty passing specific areas, as there's plenty of XP to be had.

Godly Power
Acquire a Tier 3 active Ability.
Most abilities are able to be upgraded three times. Of course, these upgrades are locked behind character level and overall story progression. Pick a skill you really like, and continue to upgrade it over the course of the game.

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger
Upgrade the Adrestia for the first time.
Adrestia is your ship. Once you gain a Carpenter into your crew, you can begin upgrading. At this point, you should have enough resources to grab at least one upgrade, and along with it this achievement.

Lord of the Seas
Fully upgrade the Adrestia.
This will take time, resources, and patience. Once you gain a carpenter in your crew, you can start upgrading your ship; Adrestia. You need to upgrade every single slot to its fullest potential to gain this achievement.
Hermes's Homie
Unveil all sub-regions of Greece.
When a sub-region is "unveiled", it goes from greyish-brown to full color. This achievement does not entail exploring all of the questionmarked areas on the map, but by simply setting foot in the sub-region.

Child of Poseidon
Complete all underwater location objectives.
There are a total of 42 underwater locations. Their symbol looks like the tail of a whale. You need to complete all of the objectives in each location to unlock this achievement. Send out Ikaros to scout the area for any pick-ups that you need to find.

Aphrodite's Embrace
Spend the night with another character.
The earliest that you can get this is during Chapter 1. Regardless of your character's gender, you will be able to romance Odessa once you save her and complete her questline. Every time you talk to her, pick the option with the heart beside it.

I Have the Power
Perform an Overpower Attack with every weapon type.
To unlock Overpower Attack, you need to be at least level 16. To perform one, you need to have at least 3 bars of adrenaline available. Use the attack with each available weapon type; sword, dagger, spear, blunt weapon, staff, bow.

War Master
Kill the Leader of any Region with Low Resources, other than Megaris.
You get the tutorial for this early in the game, but you must perform this action for the achievement outside of it. After you reach Fokida, you will be able to find Leaders scattered across the world. Their identity can generally be found at a Leader House. You need to weaken the region to get to them first, though. You can do this not only via quests, but by destroying crates, killing soldiers, stealing from chests, etc.; anything that damages the area. Afterward, go and kill the Leader. Keos is a fairly small area if you're looking to get this one done quickly.

Raise your Bounty to the maximum level.
Yes ladies and gents, the Bounty bar is back. Visit a large city and start killing everyone in your way, and pretty soon this one will be yours. If you don't manage to do it quickly enough, you may find yourself overwhelmed by Mercenaries.

Hero for Hire
Win your first on land conquest battle in any region (excluding Megaris in Hero's Journey).
After you reach Phokis, you'll be able to start weakening the region and participate in Conquest Battles. These are marked as red and blue battle standards on your world map. Pick a side, defeat all the commanders within, and achieve victory.

One Head Down…
Defeat a full cluster of Cultists of Kosmos.
You'll uncover the Cult of Kosmos once you reach Phokis. It'll unveil a Cultists tab in the pause menu, similar to the Mercenaries tab. You need to hunt down and kill a full branch of the Cultists. If you need help, THIS[] guide is your best friend.

The Cult Unmasked
Defeat all the Cultists of Kosmos.
Similar to One Head Down... you will need to defeat every single Cultist of Kosmos. Again, THIS[] guide is your best friend for these two achievements.

You Work for Me Now
Recruit and assign a Legendary NPC for your ship.
The easiest way to do this is to unlock Evie Frye from Ubisoft Rewards. Alternatively, you can just look for any "Gold" character (IE: a Captain or Leader) in any explorable location, and knock them out by sneaking up behind them instead of assassinating them. Choose to recruit them afterward.

The Argonauts
Fully crew the Adrestia with Legendary Lieutenants.
You need to repeat the steps listed in You Work for Me Now. However, there will only be one Lieutenant slot available at first. To unlock more, you must upgrade the hull of the Adrestia.

Blood Sport
Defeat a Mercenary in the Arena.
Once you get into the Arena, as described in Are You Not Entertained?, pick the Penultimate option. It's a fight with a random Mercenary.

Are You Not Entertained?
Become Champion of the Arena.
You will encounter the Arena on Pephka Island. The only way in is to get an invitation, which is dropped by killing any Mercenary within the area. This will unlock a subsequent side-quest that will get you into the Arena. You have to kill all of the weaker warriors, plus the level 50 boss, so this is best saved for end game.

Top of the Food Chain
Become the first Mercenary.
This achievement is a tough one. You'll need to hunt down high tier Mercenaries in order to rank up. Simply killing multiple low tier ones will not advance you. You also have to discover these foes by running into them around Greece. You can check what the tier is of the Mercenaries that you run into on the appropriate tab in the pause screen. If it's one that's at the tier that you're currently on, skip them and look for a higher ranking one.

Ramming Speed
Cleave a ship in half.
This one is easy to unlock, even within the tutorial section. Simply damage any enemy ship enough to get its health very low, then maneuver so that you're facing the side of it, head on. Now force your crew to go full speed. If it causes the boat to go into "boarding mode", don't board it. Back up and ram it again.

Wrath of the Amazons
Cleave a ship while having an all-women crew.
Now do what you did in Ramming Speed again, but with a Female Crew cosmetic equipped. One can either be unlocked by completing the Olympic Games questline, or simply by unlocking one through the Ubisoft Rewards program.

Scourge of the Aegean
Sink your first Epic Ship.
If you've ever played Black Flag, then you'll know how frustrating it is to take down an Epic Ship. It's pretty similar in Odyssey, except these boats are more rare. Their icons are presented as gold on the world map. While you can find these ships all over, a very prominent and easy-to-locate one is manned by Asterion, a Cultist of Kosmos, and it is located south from Abantis Islands and north from Andros. It's recommended to leave this until your ship is almost fully upgraded, as these Epic Ships can be accompanied by smaller vessels as well. Refer to the picture for the placement of Asterion's ship.

Stink Eye
Recover the Cyclops's eye from a goat on Kephallonia.
After you deal with Cyclops and his crew, you must remember the poor goat that got his eye shoved up his poopchute. You have to hunt this goat down, but it's really just killing random goats in a certain location. 10-20 goats should do. Refer to the video guide below for further information.

Legacy of the First Blade: Episode 1 (DLC)
The Start of a Legacy
Discover the truth about Darius's past.
Story related, cannot be missed.

Lone Lion
Kill the Makedonian lion.
Fast Travel to Mount Athos, located on the rightmost southern point of Makedonia. The lion will be directly behind you on the mountain when you arrive. It's an elite animal, but other than that it carries no special properties.

Without a Trace
Kill 10 enemies using the Death Veil ability.
Death Veil is a new ability that is added with this DLC. It is located in the Assassin tree. Once purchased, when you kill enemies by assassination they will automatically disappear and subsequently count toward this achievement.

Breaking the Limit
Land a Rush Assassinate that chains 4 times with the Pride of the Lion.
For this, you will need the "Rush Assassinate" ability maxed out in the Assassin skill tree, along with the Legendary Sword "Pride of the Lion". The sword allows you to chain the ability an extra time. After you have both these, you will just have to find enough enemies within the same area as each other and be able to chain it together 4 times. Once you use the ability on your first target, look around for another enemy to chain to. Time will slow down to make it easier for you to find a target. You will need to kill four enemies in a row by this method.

Predator and Prey
Kill all of the Ancients in the Order of the Hunters in Makedonia.
After completing the first main quests, you will unlock a section for the Ancients in the Order. It works the same way as the Cultist of Kosmos from the main game. You'll have to find clues and progress the story to discover the identities of the members of the Ancients in the Order and then track them down and kill them. You'll also discover some by doing side quests. There is only 7 that you will have to find and kill, the majority of which, will be found by doing the main quests. Like with the Cultist of Kosmos, each member of the Ancients in the Order will have hints to be able to find out who they are.
Legacy of the First Blade: Episode 2 (DLC)
Growing Up
Start a family.
Story related, cannot be missed.

Parry to Carry
Heal by parrying 10 times with the Judgment of the Lion.
To obtain the weapon “Judgement of the Lion”, you will need to take down the person known as the Tempest. You will get the weapon by completing main missions. Once obtained, equip it, use it in battle, and parry with it 10 times.

Kill all of the Ancients in the Order of the Storm in Achaia.
After you complete the main mission “Into the Storm”, it’ll unlock the new members of the Ancients to be killed in the Cultists tab in the main menu. There are five you’ll have to discover and eliminate. Two of them you will kill during the main mission, the other three you will have to use the clues to discover their whereabouts.

Nester the Formidable - Clue found by the nation's treasure in the Olouros Fortress
Augos the All-Seeing - Found by defeating Nester the Formidable
Megakreon the Unbreakable - Story related
Sophos the Broker - Clue found on top of the broken ship in the middle of Shipwreck Cove
Phila the Tempest - Story related

Rain of Arrows
Kill 10 enemies using the Rapid Fire ability.
The Rapid Fire ability is a new ability that is added with the DLC. It is under the Hunter skill tree. You will need to acquire it and then use it to kill 10 enemies.

Fire on Water
Set 10 enemy ships on fire.
You can either use the Chimera’s Breath if you have obtained it, or use fire arrows or fire javelins to set the ships on fire if you have upgraded your ship to have the fire braziers. Make sure you are hitting the ships enough to actually set the ship on fire for a period of time, and not just doing fire damage.
Legacy of the First Blade: Episode 3 (DLC)
Bittersweet Beginnings
Secure your bloodline.
Story related, cannot be missed.

Seeing Red
Kill 10 enemies using the Fury of the Bloodline Ability.
Fury of the Bloodline is a new ability added in this DLC. It's in the Warrior Tree; left side, tier 4. Once you get the skill and assign it, you need to kill 10 enemies with it. It has a very long cooldown, so your best bet is to weaken the enemy prior to using the ability.

Surgical Sniper
Heal by getting 10 headshot kills while you have the Golden Harbinger equipped.
If you're unaware, The Golden Harbinger is the new legendary staff that has been added in this DLC. You'll end up getting it after killing the Ancient Magi, Herald. Equip it when you have it, and then go out and get headshots with your bow. You can be at full health while getting the headshots, and animals/civilians do count toward the achievement.

Acquire the Sword of Kings.
If you're unaware, The Sword of Kings is the new legendary sword that has been added in this DLC. You get the broken version of the sword as part of the storyline, afterward you'll get a quest called Remnant of the Ancients that will tell you to go to the blacksmith close to Oikos. You'll need to get Adamantine to fix the sword. To get that, you have to kill all members of the Order. Go back to the blacksmith and finish the quest.

For Love of Persia
Kill all the Ancients in the Order of Dominion in Messenia
There are seven Ancients in the Order of Dominion. There will be a quest that unlocks that shows you the new members of the Ancients that you need to kill. Luckily, four of the seven will be dealt with during the storyline. The rest are as follows:

The Immortals: Story related.
Dimokrates the Destroyer: Story related.
Artazostre the Silence: Clue - Found in Keadas Cave (Valley of Aristomenes area) in a pit of dead bodies. Location - Wandering around the Valley of Aristomenes.
Pithias the Architect: Clue - Found in Pedasos Camp (Bay of Hades area) on a table under an awning. Location - Town of Aipeia (Valley of Aristomenes area).
Gaspar the Gatekeeper: Clue - found in the marsh South West of Mount Ithome Fort (Bay of Hades area) on a dead body. Location - Terror Gorge cave (Mines of Great Trench area) found in the marsh South West of Mount Ithome Fort (Bay of Hades area) on a dead body.
Gergis the Herald: Story related.
Amorges the Tusk of Persia: Story related.
The Fate of Atlantis: Episode 1 (DLC)
In the Face of the Gods
Remember who you are.
Story related, cannot be missed.

The Conqueror
Win the conquest of Elysium with freed humans from the 3 main regions.
So far, this is the ONLY MISSABLE ACHIEVEMENT in the game.
You have to complete the optional quest "Free Their Minds, the Rest Will Follow" prior to starting the final Conquest Battle. Complete that quest, and then continue on with the final battle; the achievement will unlock after completing the quest "The Rebellion's Uprising".

No More Rulers
Kill all Overseers in Elysium.
There are three Overseers that you have to kill in Elysium. They'll be shown on the map, making this achievement easy.

Iphigenia the Sacrificed: Overseer of Pheraia's Retreat (Iphigena's Compound).
Aegea the Amazonian Queen: Overseer of Deukalion's Heritage (Fortress of Three Sisters).
Atalanta the Huntress: Overseer of Minos's Faith (Mausoleum of the Kingless Queen).

You can also take out Phersephone: Queen of the Underworld, Ruler of Asphodel Fields (Peresphone's Akropolis), but she is not required for the achievement.

Destroy all of the Marble Maiden Tributes.
There are a total of 18 Marble Maiden Tributes that need to be destroyed. They aren't automatically revealed, so you'll have to go to the question marks on the map to find them. Generally they're out in the open, but sometimes you'll have to check underground.

Gathering Strength
Collect all the Keeper's Insights in Episode 1.
Hermes will give you a side quest for collecting all of the Keeper's Insights. Rather than throw around a bunch of convoluted coordinates and images, refer to the video guide for more information.

The Fate of Atlantis: Episode 2 (DLC)
Bad Dog!
Defeat Cerberos.
Story related, cannot be missed.

The One
Defeat all of the Fallen.
Story related, cannot be missed.

Gathering More Strength
Collect all the Keeper's Insights in Episode 2.
Story related, cannot be missed.

A True Ruler
Dethrone the king.
Story related, cannot be missed.

Guardian of the Underworld
Close all Tartaros Rifts.
You encounter the first Tartaros Rift in the quest "Guardian of the Gates". There are 17 more scattered around the Underworld. You're better off using Ikaros to locate them in each area before continuing onward. Once you enter the Rift, kill the enemies in it and then it will close. You will also need to complete the Armor of the Fallen set to access a lot of the Rifts. You will have had to complete this set already for the main storyline anyway. The Rifts are located as such:

The Scorched Lands
Lost Temple of Nyx (2)
Salmoneus’s Hubris (2)
Ancient Temenos (2)
Barren Pond (2)

Chasm of Torment
Echoes of the Styx (2)
Pit of Deprivation (2)
Restless Nekropolis (2)

Mourning Fields
Cradle of the Underworld (2)
Cave of Despair (1)
The Fate of Atlantis: Episode 3 (DLC)
Isu Bloodline
Completely fill the Knowledge Sequence.
Story related, cannot be missed.

Gathering Full Strength
Collect all the Keeper's Insights in Episode 3.
Story related, cannot be missed.

1 Versus 100
Defeat the Hekatonchires.
Story related, cannot be missed.

Your Own Medicine
Kill 10 Isu Soldiers with the Blessing of Kronos enhancement.
You can get the Blessing of Kronos enhancement at the Insight of Blessing, which is located in the South Eastern portion of the Porimos Ring. Once you interact with the Keeper's Insight there, you'll acquire the ability.

Activate it by going to the Abilities tab in the main menu and placing three ability points into Venomous attack, and then choose to enhance the ability to Blessing of Kronos. Make sure to assign it to one of your active slots afterward. This ability lasts 15 seconds, and you need to gather up and kill 10 Isu Soldiers with it. A good place to do this is the Doma of Atlas.

Hephaistos's Apprentice
Forge the 3 Legendary Weapons.
After you get the side-quest, Fire Amid the Water, you will be tasked with gathering up adamant ignots to forge weapons. You get this side-quest by finding your very first ignot. You have to collect enough of these to be able to interact with each of the three forges/moulds at the Forge of Atlantis. Each forge requires three ignots. The locations are as follows:

Oikos of Atlantis
  • Horus Repository (Eastern side)
  • The Tinia Archive (Southern side)
  • Archive of Hephaistos (South-Eastern side)
  • Archive of Hebe (western side)
  • Repository of Iris (North-Eastern side)
  • The Consus Archive (Northern side)

Porimos Ring
  • Insight of War (South-Eastern side)
  • Insight of Blessings (South-Western side)
  • Insight of the Titans (Northern side)

Lost Tales of Greece: The Show Must Go On (DLC)
The Show Must Go On
Complete The Show Must Go On.
Story related, cannot be missed.

Lost Tales of Greece: Divine Intervention (DLC)
Divine Intervention
Complete Divine Intervention.
Story related, cannot be missed.

Lost Tales of Greece: The Image of Faith (DLC)
The Image of Faith
Complete The Image of Faith
Story related, cannot be missed.

Lost Tales of Greece: The Daughters of Lalaia (DLC)
The Daughters of Lalaia
Complete The Daughters of Lalaia
Story related, cannot be missed.

Lost Tales of Greece: A Poet's Legacy (DLC)
A Poet's Legacy
Complete A Poet's Legacy.
Story related, cannot be missed.

Lost Tales of Greece: A Brother's Seduction (DLC)
A Brother's Seduction
Complete A Brother's Seduction
Story related, cannot be missed.

Lost Tales of Greece: A Friend Worth Dying For (DLC)
A Friend Worth Dying For
Complete A Friend Worth Dying For
Story related, cannot be missed.

Lost Tales of Greece: The Heir of Memories (DLC)
The Heir of Memories
Complete The Heir of Memories
Story related, cannot be missed.

Lost Tales of Greece: One Really, Really Bad Day (DLC)
One Really, Really Bad Day
Complete One Really, Really Bad Day
Story related, cannot be missed.

Lost Tales of Greece: Every Story Has an Ending (DLC)
Every Story Has an Ending
Complete Every Story Has an Ending
Story related, cannot be missed.

Lost Tales of Greece: Old Flames Burn Brighter (DLC)
Old Flames Burn Brighter
Complete Old Flames Burn Brighter
Story related, cannot be missed.

The Bright One (DLC)
Volcanic Sunscreen
Defeat Arges, the Bright One
You'll need to find and kill Arges the Bright One. He's located on Nisyros, an island near the lower right-hand corner of the map. When you get there, head to the middle of the crater; he'll be in a cave.

Wrap Up
Good luck in your achievement hunting!
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Hentai-Kun May 16 @ 3:10am 
I recently played trough the DLC and can confirme the weapons are are not missable at all and you get both just by progressing towards the chapters in the dlc. :)
The_craft3r May 14 @ 2:41am 
What Sheepy said is wrong, at least researching a bit on the fandom. Judgement of the Lion is awarded when you kill the Tempest, that's correct, but Pride of the Lion is awarded by completing the quest "Shadow of a Legend", which is the one where Darius talks about his assassination of Xerxes. No choices lock you from obtaining both. Cannot be 100% sure as I still have to play the dlc, but seems like they are not missable.
Sheepy Apr 6 @ 5:40pm 
!MISSABLE ACHIEVEMENT! depending on your choice, save game before you go deal with Tempest in Legacy of the First Blade DLC.

Breaking the Limit
Sword Pride of the Lion can be obtained when you try to save the Tempest for the mother.

Parry to Carry
Sword Judgement of the Lion can be obtained when you kill the Tempest.

The information about your choice will have an effect on the sword you recive will make you miss out on one of the achivements. SAVE THE GAME before you deal with TEMPEST.
kaitlyndh06 Jan 17 @ 1:43pm 
somebodys probs already said this but the Lord of the Seas "fully upgrade the Adrestia" changed to "upgrade the Adrestia to legendary status" so you only need up to the second last tier in each upgrade category. Also i might be wrong but isn't aphrodite's embrace technically "missible" (mayb that isnt the right word for it ig) in the sense that you cant complete it anymore if you never selected romance options with any of the romancable characters?
Кот Бегемот Dec 29, 2023 @ 1:24am 
A little note for "Everybody Benefits" achievment. The said quest located on Kos, not Keos.
i9 Nov 21, 2023 @ 4:45am 
This guide really helped out thanks!
Merlinsword13 Nov 2, 2023 @ 4:27am 
A tip for "Rain of Arrows" achievement - there's a chamber full of snakes in Agamemnon's Tomb. Use the special ability on them.
grandma Aug 28, 2023 @ 5:03am 
The Horror Network
Suburban Trash Panda Apr 26, 2023 @ 6:35am 
A high quality guide, easy to understand. One thing to note, though, is that underwater location symbol is represented as a shipwreck, not as a whale's tail.
Lemmy Mar 12, 2023 @ 11:19pm 
Everybody Benefits it's on Kos not Keos