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Recruiting 30ish Slaves (Red Sabres)
By fettzwerg
This guide was written for version 0.99.1

In the following guide, I will explain to you how to recruit powerful Shek, Greenlanders and Scrochlanders with stats around 20-30.

The Basics
You need to go to the Slave Markets south of the swamps. The slavers there get often attacked by swamp ninjas and red sabres. When defeated these hostile mobs get enslaved and become available at the various slave traders in the base. Note that the captured red sabres cost around 2-5k cats, so bring sufficient money. About 30% of the bought slaves will join you. If you are not content with the turnout of purchase, you can reload and hope for a better yield. Some slaves will run immediately, and some will follow you. These followers then either join you or run away. Sometimes there is a bug, where they follow you around indefinitely. Just reload if that happens.

You can speed the process of filling up the cages by helping the slavers fight the various enemies and lure additional squads into the settlement. Note that purchasing people of a faction raises your standing with said organization. This means that they may ally with you after a while or get at least neutral. Red Sabres and Swamp Ninjas often help you against enemies in the swamp if you ally them this way. The standing with the Slave traders also rises. Keep their standing under 50 if you want to ally enemies of them. I would recommend waiting until most cages are filled, the prisoners are mostly healed up and buy in bulk. Note that unconscious slaves won’t join you.

You can also free the slaves by lockpicking and leading them away from the Slave Markets. But the chance to join you is much lower, they get often attacked by the guards and you’ll need a very sneaky thief. Leading enemies in the camp that occupy the guards heightens you chances to get your freed people out unnoticed. Keep the bug where they keep following you in mind. In my current game I freed about 20 prisoners and got 3 recruits. By buying them I got about 10 in total (I don’t remember how many I bought) in a fraction of the time needed for the sneaky attempts.

Swamp Ninjas
I haven’t been able to recruit any captured swamp ninjas, I bought about 20 and they all bailed. Sneaking them out didn’t help ether. Maybe somebody succeeded here, where I didn’t and may add some information in the comments. They cost significantly more since they are more skilled but can still be bought to ally them.

Help polishing this Guide!
This general concept should apply to all slaver camps that get attacked by bandits and have slave traders. I saw many Graspirates attacking Eyesocket, a few versions back when slavery was still very bugged. I tried to recruit some then but every Graspirate I bought got immediately knocked down again. I didn’t bother to check there again, since Red Sabres have higher stats.

If you have more information on where you can find slaver camps with good recruits or prisoners to raise the standing with factions, please leave a comment and I will try to improve the guide to a point where we have all information on this topic here on this page.
Recruiting 30ish Slaves (Red Sabres)
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pierre Apr 24, 2019 @ 11:50pm 
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jwarper Jan 11, 2019 @ 1:50pm 
I believe the game only lets you recruit characters that have less than 30 in combat stats. If they have stats above 30, they will not ask to join.