Team Fortress 2

Team Fortress 2

Not enough ratings
What we need for Halloween.
I decided to create this little collection of 'imo' halloween related things that NEED to get into the game.
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The Slasher's Staple
Created by @NoNotTheMemes
Are you scared of what lurks in the dark?

Mod Download Here![][IMG]http://orig03.deviant...
The Master Builder
Created by Quin
Who are you calling a pinhead?

Model and Texture - Quin

SFM promo material - Dilly Dong

Re-submitted for Halloween 2015!...
Blood Guard
Created by Zoey
My blood is entirely out of my body. What a curious feeling!

Vote on the rest of the set![url=http://steamcom...
Suspenders of Disbelief
Created by Sparkwire
Help, my pants can't fall, they just stay up!...
Marauder's Mask
Created by Sky
I'm a fuel-injected suicide machine! I am a rocker, I am a roller, I am an out-of-controller!

The Cursed Cloth
Created by ✨SediSocks✨
Some spooky robes.

Created by Zoey
Whether of common red blood, or royal blue blood, let it be know throughout the Badlands; that none have and ever shall survive within the Medic's operating theatre.

Well, maybe without a skeleton.


512x Diffuse
512x Normal
Team Colours...
The Blackbeard
Created by Constructor

Texturing: Constructor
Modeling: Sparkwire
Additional modeling, facial flexes: JPRAS
Concept art: Square
Promo materials: Greg...
sea dog's suit
paintable and jiggleboned...
Spooky Shroud
Created by NeoDement

Available to download as a mod/reskin here:
The Badlands Veil
Created by JPRAS
The Badlands Veil returns, and now for Demoman too!

-LOD 0, 1, 2

A mod download is available in our group page. Click here to join our official grou...
Teddy Wear
Created by ToxicWeasel
It's an engy sized Teddy Roosebelt!!
Not really.. Its actually an engy sized Teddy Roosebelt novely mask.

Team Colours
Mouth Muffler
Created by ToxicWeasel
Wear this and stay toasty whilst you drag injured team mates through the snow....
Mortal Mask
Created by Sky
So edgy you might cut yourself.
Also paintable.

Prefer cute to edgy? Check out this adorable little bloodsucker:
Nickelsmart the Clown
Created by donhonk
We all cloak down here....
Restless Ronin
Created by Psyke
turn the tide of war / with this ancient shogun mask / found in prop storage...
The Blitzwurfanzug
Created by Rozzy
Who you gonna call?

Model+Texture: Rozzy
Concept: KibbleKnight
SFM Poster: Sasha Dotterkletch

Mod Download[]...
The Leather Lurker
Created by Colteh
I'm not like other spies.[/img][/url]...
The Sack Man
Created by Zoey
Created by Zoey
Sweet suffering....
Security Sleeves
Created by Evan
The Rodeo Rags
Created by Yikes
Finally, something more terrifying than ghosts and ghouls: Adult onset Diabetes

Like the unconscious dude in the poster? Check out his threads:

Models: Spacedad
Textures: K_Factor
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