Tree of Savior (English Ver.)

Tree of Savior (English Ver.)

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[Event]Secret of the Stone Plates - all places
By A1ice[useless]
Event Period
FROM the scheduled maintenance on August 21, 2018
TO the scheduled maintenance on September 18, 2018
About Event
Event Period
  • FROM the scheduled maintenance on August 21, 2018
  • TO the scheduled maintenance on September 18, 2018
  • Claim reward BEFORE October 2, 2018

Who Can Participate
  • Characters of level 30 and above

How to Participate
  • Talk to Lena(Wings of Vaivora) in the Klaipeda to receive your daily search mission.
  • Lena will tell you all the information she has collected on the possible location of the stone plate.
    - Type /stoneplate in your chat bar if you need to see the clues again.
  • Once you arrive at the location of the stone plate, look around until you find the right spot and dig out the plate!
  • Return to Lena and receive Lena’s Thank You Cube x2.

Info from
Dadan Jungle
by the giant plant growing on the top of a roof
Near the abandoned caldron
Gele Plateau
[unapproved]near the three enchanted trees(raphaelnogueira)
Next to a build and near the cliff
Knidos Jungle
The place where two trees intertwine
Near the One that control space
Koru Jungle
Near the device that goes up and fast
Lemprasa pond
Where the waterfall and the bridge meet
Where someone diary is found
Miners village
the place where you yearn for healing
Nefritas Cliff
On the field of white flowers
Near the fallen thorn vines
Nevellet Quarry 1F
In the direction of the goddess` stare, at the end of the road
Under stairs to 2F
Paupys Crossing
the place that cannot be seen from the watchtower
near the extinct bonfire
Srautas Gorge
Near something very informative
Near the broken cable car
Tenet Church B1
where instruments can be played
Near the Red Sofa
Tenet Garden
Between two stone pilars
Broken fence
West Siauliai Woods
Where the goddess of earth cannot see
Where the story began
Woods of the Linked Bridges
Near the lit bonfire
dangerous place where one could get hurt
After every plate you get 2x Lena’s Thank You Cube:
  • 1x Attribute Points: 100/500/1000
  • 1x 5/7-Star Gem Abrasive (14 Days)
  • 1x Silver/Golden Anvil (14 Days)
  • 1x EXP Tome (14 Days)
  • 1x Shining Enhancement Card
  • 1x Goddess’ Blessed Gem
  • 1x Blessed Shard
  • 1x Raid Portal Stone
  • 1x Enchant Scroll
  • 1x Superior Bracelet Box (7 Days) - choose Bracelet +60 SPR/INT/CON/STR/DEX

After 14 plates special reward:
  • 4x ‘Stone Plate Collector’ Title Box
  • 1x Zemyna Necklace (30 Days) - +20 STR & DEX & INT & CON
  • 20x Lena’s Thank You Cube

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<3 Sep 7, 2018 @ 11:23pm 
thank you guy
A1ice[useless]  [author] Sep 4, 2018 @ 2:02am 
@Gunderwar - added
Gunderwar Sep 3, 2018 @ 11:56am 
There is also a stone tablet that appears near the fire in Paslaptis, Paupys Crossing when given the dialog "Paupys Crossing (Near the extinct bonfire)"