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Release date: SUMMER 2013
Verdun is a squad based massive multiplayer first person shooter set in the first world war. Inspired by the infamous battle of Verdun in 1916 players are able to take part in never seen before WWI action. Made by 3 indie developers from BlackMill and M2H.

Game Features in a nutshell
  • A unique first world war setting
  • 4 Distinct squads for France or Germany
  • Unique team gameplay; 4 exclusive roles inside a squad.
  • Innovative squad leveling system; you have to work together to become stronger.
  • 4 environmentally diverse maps to fight on.
  • Cross-platform support PC / Mac / Linux
  • Massive Multiplayer elements.
  • Historically accurate weapons and attachments.

Detailed description

Squad gameplay
Verdun is a co-operative game in its very core. The game is build around squads consisting out of 4 players. Central to the co-operative gameplay is the so called co-op xp which is earned whenever you play together with another player. The more co-op xp you have with the squad members, the more powerful the squad will be.

Squad types
A squad has a certain type, each squad type is distinct and based on a historical unit. As a result a squad type has plenty of unique characteristics that result in different strategies on the battlefield. In Verdun you fight in a squad under the banner of Alliances Entente or the Central powers. The game will feature the following squad types:
  • Poilus: Led by a “Caporal”, the French poilus focus trained to provide accurate rifle fire.
  • Landsers: The German Rifle Squads’ main strength is in advance under MG08/15 support.
  • Chasseurs: French Light infantry unit, fast moving, its task is reconnaissance.
  • AlpenJägers: German mountain infantry, lightweight and focussed on observation.

Each squad type has 2 Abilities that all its members obtain when they choose to play as part of the squad. These abilities make sure the squad gets additional incentive to perform its task.

Squad Roles
Within each squad type, there are 4 unique roles to choose from which are specific to that squad and the role it has on the battlefield. Each role gets an attire, weapons and abilities based on the nation the squad is fighting for and its historical unit. Each role also gets 3 abilities which reward the player for performing the task within the squad. There are two kinds of abilities:
  • Passive: These are properties of a player such as increased stamina and increased assist bonuses.
  • Active: Active abilities are actions that a player can activate through a command menu. These abilities include creeping barrages, officer orders and recon planes.
For instance, joining a poilu squad will give you the option to assume the role of:
Caporal: Mobile spawnpoint, mortar strikes; Fusilier rifle accuracy abilities; Mitrailleur: gunner support role, Grenadier: (rifle) grenades. Another example would be the AlpenJäger squad which has a set of totally different roles such as the “Überwacher” observer role, “Aufklärer” scout role and “Scharfschütze” sniper. Its “Patrouillenführer” officer can call in a recon airplane.

Squad levels
In addition squads are able to level up. Leveling squads has a number of effects:
  • Appearance: The squad will upgrade in attire. WWI saw a massive change in uniforms and equipment and in Verdun people will be able to experience this. Squads start in early war uniforms and equipment which resemble the soldiers of their unit as they were at the start of the war in august 1914, high level squads will resemble the soldiers as seen in 1918.
  • Weapons: As the squad gains experience their weapons are upgraded, equipped with more attachments. For instance gunners will receive a machine gun only in later levels. Again this resembles the great change in warfare that took place between 1914 and 1918.
  • Abilities: The squad abilities are upgraded as well,for instance the poilu Caporal starts off with a simple mortar strike at the low level, but as a high level it will be able to call in devastating creeping barrages.

  • Frontlines (squads): This mode allows players to experience true trench warfare. The map is divided into many trench sectors which can be captured by either side. This creates a real time moving frontline where every captured meter counts.
  • Offensive (squads): In offensive the map is divided into several consecutive sectors. The attacking team has to push back the defenders sector by sector to gain victory.
  • Last stand (squads): In this gamemode, you and your squad are outnumbered and have to fight against a horde of players.
  • Free for all: Verdun also features a classic free for all game mode. The WWI weaponry give this game mode a twist since the main weapons used are bolt action rifles. This makes free for all in Verdun return to the era of the popular rifle-only mods.

The environments in Verdun are based on real world battlefields or trench maps. We took great inspiration from visiting the actual battle sites to observe characteristics.
  • Vauquois: A dense trench network set around a huge mine crater. This map is inspired by the craters we visited around the verdun area.
  • Argonne: An environment created from actual trench maps. This map 2 trench systems with no-mans land in between resembling a classic WWI trench warfare scenario.
  • Vosges: Set in the rocky and wooded Vosges mountains where heavy fighting occurred this map features challenging heights and natural obstacles.
  • Caures: Based on the first day of the battle of Verdun. Recreated from trench maps this map combines open field warfare with dense close combat forest engagements and trench warfare.

Weapons and Attachments
Verdun will feature authentic weapons used by the respective nations in the first world war. We took great care in modeling these weapons from real world examples and photos.

Beta and plans[/b]
Since April 23d 2013 we ran a successful (web) beta with placeholder animations, 2 concept levels “Vauquois” and “Argonne”. Through no less than 60 live versions we created at a very stable product.

We are working hard on the following improvements, expecting these to be ready by July;
  • GUI graphics overhaul
  • First and third person animations
  • The maps Vosges and Caures and polishing the existing maps
  • New squad types: Chasseurs and AlpenJägers
  • New weapons (currently only 1 of each type is in-game)
  • Offensive game mode
  • More squad and personal abilities and level unlocks
  • General game flow (matchmaking, squad setup, help)

Future plans
  • More maps will include iconic locations such as fort Douaumont and Vaux, where fighting indoors will be part of the gameplay.
  • New weapons and abilities to unlock.
  • New squad types featuring classes from new countries.

Buzz about Verdun
While we have not yet send out press releases, below is a growing list of buzz around Verdun.
  • Played by over 300,000 unique beta testers in the first month
  • Featured on {LINK REMOVED} (100,000+ plays in 2 weeks)
  • Featured on {LINK REMOVED}. Won the #1 prize for game of the week and currently running for game of the month

Play the game at {LINK REMOVED}
Discuss the game at {LINK REMOVED}
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Der elektriker tecniker Mar 4, 2016 @ 9:08pm 
хорошая игра но в неё много снайперов хорошо что ещё там нету танков и доната
Ghoul-Blaster Aug 22, 2015 @ 9:48am 
Cannot wait to be released.
Mr Destroyer Dec 10, 2014 @ 11:40am 
When added to the ottoman?
Macho_Man_Randy_Savage Sep 24, 2014 @ 9:22am 
Excelent game, well researched and historically acurate, a must play for any history buff! as well as a welcome change to the fps genre
Dieter der Vermieter Aug 24, 2014 @ 2:29pm 
Very good game
FalloutDud3 Aug 12, 2014 @ 4:53am 
Man Saw this a year ago in development on greenlight, Loved it and look how much it's grown up!
Tong de plage Jul 29, 2014 @ 5:18am 
Nice game ! ;)
Phosgene McQueen Jun 22, 2014 @ 12:25pm 
Very nice and refershing. Great to see a WWI game for once.
OriginalzTTV Jun 21, 2014 @ 6:17am 
it's look better that some other shit here :D
MasterOfDisaster Jun 16, 2014 @ 3:33pm 
looks good