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The Ultimate Guide to Cheating in Evil Genius
By Mikaela Portable
All of the known cheats, commands and character IDs from Evil Genius, as well as other details that you might need to know! This guide will be updated as more details are checked and verified.

This guide was originally created in 2013, named "Cheats and Their Uses". Now that EG2 is coming out and I've gotten better at both writing and exploring games, I decided that the original just wasn't good enough - it was only a few paragraphs at most. I've taken on the challenge of compiling EVERYTHING that I can regarding this beloved game and how to cheat your way through it, just like a real Evil Genius would!
To switch on cheat mode, type in "HUMANZEE" whilst in game (this has to be done EVERY time you enter the game, but doesn't need to be in capitals). When the message "Task Complete" appears , cheat mode is enabled.

NOTE: you HAVE to type this in while the game is running normally. It can be paused, but you have to be in the game properly - not in the main menu and not using the developer console. Just type HUMANZEE into your game, shouldn't need to do anything else.
- - - - -
Thank you to Mantis Shrimp for pointing out why this might not work. As far as I know, you'll need to set your Steam language (and possibly your system language, will verify this later myself) to English.

Thank you to GamingDwarf14 for pointing out that the German version of the game uses "schimannse" instead of "humanzee". DabbieDab pointed out that the French version of the game uses "humanyee" instead.

It's possible that other words may work in other languages, but as far as I know there's no source for this. If anybody can confirm or deny this properly, please let me know! There has been mixed reports on when this does or doesn't work.
"Non-Cheat" Cheats and Exploits
Before we get into REAL cheats, I'm going to go over some of the basic, non-command exploits that you can do without technically going outside of what the game offers you. You've probably heard of this already, but for completeness' sake, I'll be explaining some of the more useful ones anyway.

The Maid Exploit
The maid that you need to capture at the start of the game signifies the end of the 'Tutorial'. If you never capture her, then your Heat levels don't actually do anything. You can hire more Minions, build a larger lair, and send out all 100 of your workers to earn you money without any risk of soldiers or saboteurs turning up. Since the maid doesn't leave, you don't need to worry about her wandering into your base, and if she dies, she'll just come back. She also doesn't try to open Level 4 doors, since she's a tourist, so she'll never get tagged for capture.

Lord Kane's AI Breaking
Lord Kane's Smooth Operator ability forces the target to stand still, meaning that they can get beaten up, gunned down or blown to pieces without fighting back. This is great for emergencies, like stopping a Super Agent from rampaging into your power plant, catching an Assassin if she finds your Evil Genius, or simply dealing with somebody that you didn't notice until they're already prepared to do serious damage to your evil plans.

Combine this with The Matron for even more madness. On some occasions, if you use Electro Shock therapy at the right time while Lord Kane is using Smooth Operator on the same target, the Agent will be frozen in place forever (until you use Electro Shock Therapy on them again), meaning that they don't need to be checked on constantly.
Simple Cheats: Offensive
Ctrl + S
Sets off an explosion / airstirke. Best used outdoors, in open spaces. (Can damage allied units).

Ctrl + A
Army of Darkness. This Command will spawn one of every henchman and minion at the mouse's location (can make the game slower).

Ctrl + M/N
Turns Global Chaos on/off. While global chaos is active, agents from different alliances will attack each other, making your job easier. [(Can lock out certain objectives)/i].

Simple Cheats: Construction
Ctrl + C
Instantly adds $100,000 to your money reserves. (Can overfill strongrooms, block briefcase racks and trap minions if used too often).

Ctrl + O
Gives the player the ability to build all rooms and their related items. (The pop-up may not vanish until the save is reloaded).

Gives the player the ability to build all traps and trap-related items. (The pop-up may not vanish until the save is reloaded).
Activating Debug Mode
Debug Mode can seem hard to use, but it just takes some basic knowledge of how developer consoles work.

  • In the Evil Genius folder, go to the folder DynamicResources\Config and open the file Default.ksb with a text editing program.
  • Add the following line at the end before the final hyphens: ToggleDebugCommands:Ctrl+D
  • Add the same line to the file Current.ksb (Be warned, it may or may not exsist).
  • Restart Evil Genius and press Ctrl+D (make sure numlock is off), then press the ` key. This will activate the console.
Advanced Debug Commands A-D
Revisiting this guide multiple years later has given me a better understanding of Debug mode, so I'll go into some useful commands here. Keep in mind that these are cheats and commands I've personally tested, but I can't guarantee that I understand what they do or why they work.

To see a full list of commands, enter "Help" in the console. You can then enter "Help [Command Name]" to get a breakdown of what it is supposed to do. Some of them require number values, others need to be followed by "True" or "False" to turn them on or off.

NOTE: If you enter a command without the "Help" OR the "True/False", you'll usually be able to see the default value. This is useful for commands that change percentages, chances and speeds, since you'll want to know what they're supposed to be first.

The full list of commands shown through the Help option is:

  • Add: adds the specified object to the game in the specified amount.
  • AddGameRule: used to add scripted game rules. Don't mess around with this one if you're not sure how it works.
  • AddObject: adds an object of your choice.
  • AnimCacheSize: changes the size of the Animation Cache in Kilobytes. Not really useful for the player.
  • Attractmode_IdleSecs: changes how long it takes for the main menu to go to the "attract mode" video if you don't press any keys.`
  • BinkDebutTest: shows the Bink debug text.
  • BoredObjectSelectionNoise: used to change how far minions will look for an object when they get bored.
  • Bindshortcut: used to bind keys.
  • Buttonflashperiod: changes the delay for flashing buttons on the interface.
  • c_fHeliLeavingOffset: changes how much the helicopter is offset when it leaves.
  • CacheSize: changes the regular cache size in Kilobytes.
  • Camera_WatchAhead: adjusts how the camera tracks people when you double-click or follow them.
  • CancelOverrideBehaviour: cancels an agent's override behaviour. I'm not sure what this means, so be careful.
  • ClockSpeed: changes how fast the day/night cycle goes.
  • ClockTime: tells you the current time of the in-game day.
  • Classparameters: lists class parameters.
  • Cons_FillChar: helps the console create gaps and "space fillers". It won't do anything interesting.
  • Cons_TabWidth: changes the width of the console columns.
  • Cons_Width: changes the width of the console menu.
  • Consider_Drain_Databank: changes how many Smarts points a Science minion loses when they use the research Database.
  • Consider_Drain_Decision: changes how many Smarts points a Science minion loses when they decide to look at an object or room for research ideas.
  • Consider_FailDelay: changes how fast it takes for the game AI to "ignore" a minion that doesn't have anything they can do.
  • Consider_Threshold: sets the amount of Smarts needed for a Science minion to start looking for research ideas.
  • CreateIsland: makes a new island and takes you there to start terraforming it.
  • CreditScrollSpeed: changes the speed of the credit roll.
  • CreditWaitAtEnd: something relating to the end credits, I'm not too sure on this one.
  • CursorOffsetX: alters the offset of the cursor relative to the top-left pixel of the cursor sprite.
  • Cutscenes_Enable: lets you toggle ALL cutscenes on or off.
  • DaylightAmbient: changes the RGB values of the ambient light. You need to enter three numbers afterwards, which act as the Red, Green and Blue values.
  • DaylightDirectional: changes the RGB values of the directional light. You need to enter three numbers afterwards, which act as the Red, Green and Blue values.
  • DeleteCamera: deletes a specified in-game camera.
  • DeletedObjectCashBackPercentage: changes the percentage value you get back for deleting an object. Yes, you DO get money back by default, even though the same says you don't in the tutorial!
  • DeletedRoomCashBackRate: the same as the command above, but for rooms instead.
  • DF_AddInstant: instantly adds agents.
  • DF_AgentBehave: changes whether or not Agent behaviours can be processed and carried out. Set this to False to "freeze" agents.
  • DF_AgentInfo: enables or disables the display of Agent information.
  • DF_AgentLOS: something to do with the agents' lines of sight, but I'm not sure exactly what.
  • DF_AgentsGoHome: forces all Agents to leave soon after arriving on your island.
  • DF_AgentsTargets: shows you which items/Minions Agents are targeting.
  • DF_BuildInstant: builds rooms instantly.
  • DF_BuildInstantObjects: builds objects instantly.
  • DF_ AllowZoomToEntity: I don't know what this does.
  • DF_AlwaysTripSensors: forces characters to trip sensors every time they possibly can, regardless of Smarts, Attention, or other stats.
  • DF_AllowTagPausing: I don't know what this does.
  • DF_CameraConstraints: lets you decide whether the camera is constrained in the world. This lets you zoom out as much as you want, move the camera into the ocean, and rotate at any angle. It can be glitchy, so watch out.
  • DF_CameraMoving: lets the camera move.
  • DF_CameraRotating: lets the camera rotate.
  • DF_CameraZooming: lets the camera zoom.
  • DF_CheckValidGrid: something to do with checking the placement grids. I haven't noticed any changes, personally.
  • DF_CoolingInfo: displays information about "cooling".
  • DF_DrawVector: shows velocity vectors. These are lines that tell you which direction an item is moving in, and how fast they're moving.
  • DF_EnableDeubgCommands: turns debug commands on or off.
  • DF_FormationInfo: this makes red lines appear between certain characters and certain areas. I've noticed it on a tourist and a freezer room, so I assume it's something to do with how the AI reacts to things.
  • DF_FPS: shows your FPS and other timing data.
  • DF_Enables or disables frame limiting.
  • DF_FullyTrainedHenchmen: Makes all Henchmen fully trained with both of their unique abilities when you start the game.
  • DF_Gleamies: turns off "gleamies". These seem to be the sparkles that appear when your Evil Genius interacts with something.
  • DF_HenchmenInfo: shows Henchman info.
  • DF_LevelDesign: enables Level Design mode. Very likely to break things, but I'll test this later and report what I find at some point.
  • DF_LogAllMessages: I'm not entirely sure what this does, but I think it allows messages to appear in the log on the bottom interface, even if they would normally be removed because the player knows about them already.
  • DF_MinionOrders: can be used to turn off Minion orders, stopping them from carrying out orders you've given.
  • DF_OnlySelected: limits the stats display to characters that are currently selected.
  • DF_ParticleShowDebug: shoes particle debug data.
  • DF_Paths: shows the current paths of every moving NPC, where they're going, how many seconds it will take to reach each square on the grid, and where the paths end. If two NPCs are pathing through the same square, the numbers will overlap. Paths end after a certain distance, and don't seem to do into triple digits (they'll only go to around 80 or 90 seconds, at most).
  • DF_PerfLog: starts logging information about your play session's performance into the Performance Log. It will also tell you where you can find the log if you want to view it for yourself.
  • DF_Power: decides whether or not power is processed. If you set this to False, power will never be an issue - you can generate less than you use, but nothing will shut down, even if you have zero generators of any kind.
  • DF_RedefineDebugShotcuts: this will add all of the Debug command shortcuts to your Redefine Keys menu. This allows you to bind any key to any Debug command like you would bind a normal action. Setting it to False will remove the options from the menu, but won't disable the keybinds.
  • DF_Reflections: turn reflections on or off.
  • DF_RegenPat: used to adjust the regeneration of pattern files if you've turned on DF_LevelDesign.
Advanced Debug Commands D (continued)
  • DF_ReportLate: allows the engine to report when characters arrive late at checkpoints they've been given. I don't know exactly when this triggers, or why. I'll test it if I get the chance.
  • DF_RoomNum: can display the rooms that certain tiles are in. This will show numbers on EVERY tile that NPCs can step on, so it can look quite confusing at first.
  • DF_SecurityCamera: shows debug information for security cameras.
  • DF_Shadows: turns shadows on or off.
  • DF_ShowAccessLevel: displays the door access level of characters as text underneath them. For example, the Evil Genius will have "GENIUSACCESS", while Minions will just have "MINIONACCESS".
  • DF_ShowAction: displays the current planned action of the NPC underneath them.
  • DF_ShowATN: displays the ATN of different NPCs and items. I need to test this more to figure out what this actually means.
  • DF_ShowBlockedTiles: highlights any tiles that NPCs can't reach or path to. This can be useful for figuring out areas that Agents might tunnel into.
  • DF_ShowBlocking: places a "BLOCKING" label under any items that are blocking an empty tile (like four lockers with a space in the middle).
  • DF_ShowBurntSquares: highlights any squares that have been burnt by a fire or explosion.
  • DF_ShowCombatState: shows the current combat state of every NPC as a label underneath them.
  • DF_ShowConnect: highlights all tiles that are reachable from the current cursor position. You can use this to find out if certain spaces are impassible compared to other spaces.
  • DF_ShowDropItem: displays data on where characters will drop items for various reasons, such as gold bar briefcases.
  • DF_ShowDummies: shows dummies of meshes. I need more testing to see how this actually appears, since I didn't notice any changes.
  • DF_ShowExpressLane: this shows express lanes, places where lots of Minions will gather and use to quickly move from one place to another. This can be incredibly useful for stopping bases from getting clogged.
  • DF_ShowFinalTime: displays the time it'll take for each NPC to reach their final path destination.
  • DF_ShowGeometryNames: is supposed to show the names of world geometry. I haven't noticed any change with this yet, more testing is needed.
  • DF_ShowID: shows character IDs.
  • DF_ShowInfo: shows various pieces of information that isn't covered elsewhere.
  • DF_ShowInteractions: displays details of objects interacting with one another.
  • DF_ShowMoveFlags: shows character move flags.
  • DF_ShowNames: shows the names of characters. This includes both pre-set names (such as Alexis) and randomly-generated (such as a Worker Minion being called Tom Walker).
  • DF_ShowOrders: shows what a character had been ordered to do, such as Wander, Build Room, and so on.
  • DF_ShowPauseCursor: I don't know what this does yet.
  • DF_ShowPivots: I don't know what this does yet. It apparently shows Pivots, but I haven't been able to see any difference with it turned on.
  • DF_ShowPosition: shows character positions as labels.
  • DF_ShowPosition: shows Quad reservations.
  • DF_ShowRadius: shows the radii of objects that have them.
  • DF_ShowReserved: highlights reserved tiles, ones that are currently being used by NPCs. This is mostly for pathing reasons.
  • DF_ShowRooms: displays extra details on rooms.
  • DF_ShowSpawn: shows Debug information on spawn points.
  • DF_ShowSpecialLighting: shows objects through special lighting. I need to test this more.
  • DF_ShowSubRooms: when set to True, moving the cursor through a room will let you see the "sub-rooms", individual areas within a room that the game generates based on the size and shape of the space you've made.
  • DF_ShowTarget: shows the chosen targets of characters.
  • DF_ShowTileNeighbours: when set to True, you can see the links from the selected tile to all other tiles around it. These are the links used for NPC pathing.
  • DF_ShowXY: shows the coordinates of every tile.
  • DF_SolidTop: returns all cutaways to non-cutaways. This means that you can't see into the island, shacks or hotels.
  • DF_SuperAgentInfo: shows extra info about Super Agents when they appear.
  • DF_TrapDetectFail: makes it impossible for anybody to detect traps.
  • DF_TrapDetectSucceed: makes it impossible for anybody to NOT detect traps.
  • DF_TweakMinionStats: lets you adjust the stats of any Minion by dragging them in the stats pane.
  • DF_WorldDomIgnoreActThresholds: ignores thresholds on Acts of Infamy. I'll test this properly, when I can.
  • DF_WorldDomShowAllActs: Shows ALL Acts of Infamy. ALL OF THEM.
  • DF_WorldMapAlwaysBreachSecrecy: Acts on the world map will always count as breaching security. I need to test this, I don't know how it works.
  • DF_WorldMapShowAttritionWorking: shows the Attrition workings of the game in the world map. This also needs to be tested.
Advanced Debug Commands E-Q
  • Dump: dumps an entity.
  • EntCount: displays the number of a specific entity that currently exist in the game.
  • EntityDump: lists all active entities in the Debug screen.
  • ExecuteShortcut: can be used to execute a custom shortcut. You have to put the shortcut's name after the command to activate it.
  • FeralRoarRadius: shows the radius of Feral Roar.
  • FeralRoarStunDuration: shows the duration of Feral Roar.
  • FireInTheDisco: sets everybody on fire. EVERYBODY.
  • GameRules: lists all running Game Rules.
  • Give: makes an item available.
  • GiveAll: makes all items available. This will give you every room, trap, etc. in the game.
  • GloatComboBonus: changes the bonus you get from gloating at an Agent repeatedly.
  • GloatComboEscapeChange: changes how much the change of an Agent's escape increases after repeated gloating.
  • GloatComboTimeout: changes the timeout period of the Gloating bonus.
  • Glossary_ColourActive: sets the colour of selected glossary entries.
  • Glossary_ColourNew: sets the colour of new glossary entries.
  • Glossary_ColourVisited: sets the colour of visited glossary entries.
  • Goto: sets the camera at chosen X and Y coordinates.
  • GrenadeJigDuration: how long a jig will last.
  • GrenadeJigMaxDistance / GrenadeJigMinDistance: sets the max/min distance for a jig.
  • GrenadeJigMaxInterval / GrenadeJigMinInterval: sets the max/min interval for a jig.
  • Help: lists all console commands. If you put another command after "Help", you'll get information on what it does.
  • HyperlinkHighlight: sets the colour of hyperlinks in the glossary when you move the cursor over it.
  • ImportShortcuts: imports a shortcut.
  • KillAll: destroys all items within a preset range of X and Y. I need to test this more.
  • ListBoundShortcuts: lists every shortcut binding, including custom Debug command bindings.
  • Lists all engine-related cameras in the game. This will usually only be the cameras from the tutorial.
  • ListShortcuts: lists all shortcuts. I'll go over these later on.
  • LoadEntDescs: loads entity descriptions.
  • Message_baseline: sets the baseline of messages.
  • Message_historysize: sets the size of older messages.
  • Message_historyviewsize: similar to the previous command (?).
  • Message_StickinessPriority / Message_StickinessSummary: changes how "sticky" messages are handled.
  • Message_UnreadColour: changes the colour of unread messages.
  • MessageFrequencyInvalidRoom: changes how often the "invalid room" messages appear.
  • MessageFrequencyOutOfCash: changes how often the "out of cash" messages appear.
  • MessageFrequencyUndeliverableCash: changes how often the "cash can't be transported" messages appear.
  • Minimap_Zoom_Max/Min: changes the max/min zoom of the minimap.
  • Minimap_ZoomRange_Max/Min: changes how high up the camera has to be for the minimap to reach maximum/minimum size.
  • Money: gives you money. If you don't specify an amount, you get $100,000 by default.
  • MonkeyPoundHealthDamage: changes the damage of Monkey Pound.
  • MonkeyPoundRadius: changes the range of Monkey Pound.
  • MonkeyPoundStunDuration: changes the stunning time of Monkey Pound.
  • MurderGameRule: kills a Game Rule, stopping its actions.
  • NewAlert_ShowTime: changes how long "NEW!" item pop-ups appear for. The description of the command even says "how long to annoy the player for".
  • NightTimeAmbient: changes the colour of the ambient light at night.
  • NightTimeDirectional: changes the colour of the directional light at night.
  • NumEntities: tells you the exact number of entities currently active in your game.
  • ObjectiveFeedbackDuration: sets how long objective feedback sticks around.
  • OverrideBehaviour: overrides an Agent's behaviour with specific commands.
  • QueryID: focuses your camera on a certain item if you enter it's ID.
Advanced Debug Commands R-W
  • RadarGen: generates an image of your minimap, which gets saved into your Evil Genius installation (inside the resource\textures folder).
  • ReloadRoomLightData: refreshes all room lighting.
  • ReloadVoiceOverSubtitles: refreshes all subtitles.
  • RemoveMoney: remove a specified amount of money. If you don't specify an amount, you'll remove $100,000, just like with the normal Money command.
  • Repair_HealthIncrease: lets you choose how much health Technicians will restore onto an object each time they repair it.
  • Repair_MinSmartsPercent: the amount of Smarts points that Technicians need to do repairs.
  • Repair_SmartsDrain: the amount of Smarts points that a Technician will lose after performing a repair job.
  • Research_CashIncentive: change the cash incentive amount for Research.
  • Research_CFDamage: adjust Critical Failure damage for Research.
  • Research_DumpCombinations: dumps all KNOWN research combinations into your console.
  • Research_ResetBlacklist: resets all details of failed combinations, allowing them to appear again.
  • Research_ToggleSuggested: adds a specified item to the list of suggested research items.
  • ReserveBuildAreaDuration: how long tiles get reserved if they're supposed to be built on. This affects how NPCs path through a space, since they'll try to avoid an area that's going to be worked on soon.
  • RetinueFollowRadius: the radius that gathered Minions will follow inside (or try to, at least).
  • RetinueGatherRadius: how far Gather Minions can reach.
  • RetinueSize: changes how many minions a single Henchman can gather.
  • RoomContents: shows the player what kind of items enemy Agents THINK is in a room. This shows the reasons why they might be focusing on an unimportant area.
  • Rotate: rotates the entity your mouse cursor is on. This can be a handy way of quickly turning small items in a hurry.
  • SaveShortcutBindings: saves your shortcut bindings to an external file.
  • SecondPassSpacing: adjusts how spacing works for two-pass textures. Not too important to the average player.
  • SetAccess: sets a Debug access level.
  • SetAgency: sets an Agency as the one being targeted for debug commands.
  • SetCamera: specifies a camera for other commands.
  • SetGlobalMadness: used to turn Global Madness on or off.
  • SetGroup: specifies a group.
  • SetMaxPopulation: allows you to set the population limit for Minions. Default maximum is 100, but you can go higher. This population doesn't require Lockers, and works fine with no Barracks at all!
  • SetSpawn / SetSpecificSpawn: sets a spawn type of Debug reasons.
  • SetTextureDetailLevel: sets the detail level of textures, from 0 (the Highest) to 8 (the Lowest). Just try playing Evil Genius on the lowest texture settings, I dare you.
  • Show: Shows all entities with a specific ID.
  • ShowAgencies: Shows active Agencies.
  • ShowAnis: shows animations for a character.
  • ShowDeviceInfo: shows info for your D3D Device.
  • ShowGroups: shows active Agent groups, including their type, agency and reason for visiting the island. This can be a good way to find Infiltrators or Saboteurs in a big crowd.
  • ShowInventory: shows a character's inventory. Many items, such as the Worker's hat or the "bare fists" that they can fight with, have unique descriptions that aren't seen in-game.
  • ShowOrders: lists all Minion orders that the game is currently processing.
  • ShowRefs: shows all reference details on an entity.
  • ShowSpawnInfo: shows details about selected characters who haven't spawned yet, but are going to soon.
  • ShowSpawns: lists all active spawn points in the game. This includes the Depots, hand glider landing points, cliff climbing points, etc.
  • Speed: changes the speed of all in-game entities. 1 is the default, so 0.5 is half speed, and 2 is double speed. You can go as high or low as you need to.
  • StatsGraph_MinVRange: sets the minimum vertical range of the stats graph.
  • StatsGraph_UpdateIntervalL/M/S: sets the update interval for either the long, medium or short-term graphs. L, M and S need to be used as separate commands, not all at once.
  • StoreCamera: lets you save camera details under a name that you specify, allowing it to be used with other commands.
  • SuperAgentCall: calls a Super Agent from your chosen Agency, bringing them to your island.
  • SuperAgentInfo: shows info about a Super Agent.
  • SuperAgentSetDefeat: sets whether or not a Super Agent has been defeated without requiring you to defeat them normally (or unlock their defeat method).
  • SuperAgentSetDefeatable: sets whether or not a Super Agent is ready to be defeated normally.
  • SuperAgentSetLock: lets you set whether certain Super Agents are locked or not. Good if you want to remove certain Super Agents for a while without killing them for good.
  • Take: takes away an entity type, meaning that you can't build or make it anymore.
  • TakeAll: takes away ALL entities from your build/buy menus.
  • TaskMon: opens the Task Monitor. This is a separate program that will open in the background, tracking all tasks in-game. It can be VERY laggy.
  • TestAccess: tests the access levels of every room, as well as the amount of subrooms inside them.
  • TextMessages: opens up funny test message that the developers used to try out the Messages/Glossary panes.
  • TestPath: tests pathfinding between two places.
  • TestSight: tests slight lines between two places.
  • TexBankDump: dumps a large amount of 2D textures.
  • Throttle: limits your gameplay frame rate.
  • Timer_FPS: tracks the average FPS of your game since you started a timer.
  • Timer_Start / Timer_Stop: starts and stops the Debugging timer.
  • Tutorial_ButtonPressDuration: how long the tutorial holds your buttons down for.
  • Tutorial_CursorMoveRate: how fast your cursor moves in the tutorial.
  • TransferIsland: transfers everything you own to another island, based on the specific layout name you input afterwards.
  • TransferIslandAvailable: decides whether or not you're allowed to transfer islands from the World Domination pane.
  • Tree: restores forests if they've been built over, etc.
  • UISucks: makes the Security Camera unlock notification appear. I need to test this more and see if there's something else it does, but I haven't found anything so far.
  • UnlockGlossary: unlocks all Glossary entries.
  • VSLOD: changes whether or not vertical shader LODs appear.
  • Watch: watches an entity.
  • Watch: watches a group of Agents.
  • WorldDomFeedbackInterval: changes how often feedback appears for World Domination-related actions.
  • WorldDomMapPos: shows the coordinates of your cursor.
  • WorldDomShowHeat: prints your current heat levels of each Agency into the console.
  • WorldDomShowRegionInfo: prints information of a certain Region into your console. This only seems to work if you zoom in on the Global Domination map or specifically name the region somehow.
  • WorldDomShowTotalIncome: prints your total income into the console, combining your income from all regions together.

Spawning Minions, Agents and Other Characters
Spawning minions, the most commonly used command, is quite simple. With the console open, type "add <amount>" and then enter a simple three-number code, such as:
  • 100 - Worker
For example: "add 5 102" creates 5 Valet minions.

You can see the rest of these codes down below. I'll host the rest of the IDs for non-character entities (like loot and base items) somewhere else eventually, since there's too many for this guide.
Increasing Your Minion Population
Remember that you can use SetMaxPopulation to increase (or decrease) the amount of Minions your'e able to support. Cheats need to be activated, but if you save, quit, and then restart the game/reload the save, they'll be turned off again without wiping away the new population limit. This limit does change if you move to a new island, though.

I personally like to use SetMaxPopulation 200 as my default. It's quick, easy, and frees up space that would be used for lockers while also letting me hire a lot of guards. You might prefer to go higher, or intentionally limit yourself to only a handful of minions even if you have high Notoriety!

Spawning more than your maximum won't get rid of the spawned ones, but they won't automatically be re-trained or re-hired either until enough of them die to push you under the maximum limit again.
Entity IDs for Spawning Characters
Inside the Resource.ERB file is a file called EntShortNames,txt. This file lists all of the codes for spawning entities. After decompiling the file with the old EvilPlanet Community ERBReader[www.nexusmods.com] re-uploaded by kjulo, I've managed to get them all. I'll only be posting the character IDs, since there are codes here for everything in the game, and it would be too long for a Steam guide.

Please note: some of the file names are a bit obscure, so these are going off my assumptions. Many of them are quite vague and only point to a number and a single word, which makes it hard to tell what they are.

Evil Geniuses:
001 - Maximillian
002 - Alexia
003 - Shen Yu.

100 - Construction
101 - Marksman
102 - Valet
103 - Technician
104 - Guard
105 - Biochemist
106 - Scientist
107 - Spindoctor
108 - Mercenary
109 - Diplomat
110 - Playboy
111 - Martial Artist
112 - Quantum Physicist

200 - Monkey
201 - Monkey in a Box

301 - Specialist Woman
302 - Specialist Woman 2
303 - PIE Female Thief
304 - PIE PATRIOT Bounty Hunter
305 - Mole Black Market Thief
306 - Mole Disguised Investigator
307 - Mole Justice Thief
308 - PIE Tourist Ponder
309 - PIE Diplomat
310 - PIE Ninja
311 - PIE Sailor
312 - Crime Lord 1
313 - Crime Lord 2
314 - Crime Lord 3
315 - Assistant
316 - Feeble Agent
317 - Crime Lord 4
318 - Crime Lord 5
319 - Crime Lord 6
320 - Wave Trooper
321 - MercSci
322 - Cosmonaut
323 - Unaligned Soldier
324 - Russia Burglar
325 - America Saboteur
326 - Europe Agent
327 - China Agent
328 - Unaligned Agent
329 - VIP Unaligned
330 - VIP USA
331 - VIP Russia
332 - VIP Europe
333 - VIP China
334 - Maid (from the start of the game)
335 - ANVIL Mentor
336 - Objective EG1
337 - Objective EG2
338 - Objective EG3
339 - Accountant 1
340 - Accountant 2
341 - Accountant 3
342 - Accountant 4
343 - Accountant 5
344 - Accountant 6
345 - Accountant 7
346 - Accountant 8
347 - Clone Assassin
400 - Plaything Male
401 - Plaything Male

500 - Moko
501 - Jubei
502 - Eli
503 - Ivan
504 - Voodoo
505 - Matron
507 - KaiserSoze
508 - PsychoSurgeon
509 - Hypnotist
510 - MadScientist

(These will be listed in groups, going from Pathetic -> Exceptional).
700-703 - Europe Investigator
705-708 - Europe Agent
710-713 - Europe Burglar
715-718 - Europe Thief
720-723 - Europe Infiltrator
725-728 - Europe Saboteur
730-733 - Europe Soldier
735-738 - Europe Soldier Veteran
740-743 - China Investigator
745-748 - China Agent
750-753 - China Burglar
755-758 - China Thief
760-763 - China Infiltrator
765-768 - China Saboteur
770-773 - China Soldier
775-778 - China Soldier Veteran
780-783 - America Investigator
785-788 - America Agent
790-793 - America Burglar
795-798 - America Thief
800-803 - America Infiltrator
805-808 - America Saboteur
810-813 - America Soldier
815-818 - America Soldier Veteran
820-823 - Russia Investigator
825-828 - Russia Agent
830-833 - Russia Burglar
835-838 - Russia Thief
840-843 - Russia Infiltrator
845-848 - Russia Saboteur
850-853 - Russia Soldier
855-858 - Russia Soldier Veteran
860-863 - Unaligned Investigator
865-868 - Unaligned Agent
870-873 - Unaligned Burglar
875-878 - Unaligned Thief
880-883 - Unaligned Infiltrator
885-888 - Unaligned Saboteur
890-893 - Unaligned Soldier
895-898 - Unaligned Soldier Veteran

900 - Tourist Man
901 - Tourist Woman
902 - Valet Hostage Trainer
903 - Technician Hostage Trainer
804 - Guard Hostage Trainer
905 - Marksman Hostage Trainer
906 - Tourist Woman B
907 - Tourist Man B
910 - Tourist Cosmonaut
911 - Mercenary Hostage Trainer
912 - Spindoctor Hostage Trainer
913 - Scientist Hostage Trainer
915 - Tourist American Man
916 - Tourist Chinese Man
917 - Tourist European Man
918 - Tourist NonAligned Man
919 - Tourist Russia Woman
920 - Tourist American Woman
921 - Tourist Chinese Woman
922 - Tourist European Woman
923 - Tourist NonAligned Woman
924 - Tourist Russia Woman
925 - Martial Artist Hostage Trainer
926 - Biochemist Hostage Trainer
927 - Playboy Hostage Trainer
928 - Diplomat Hostage Trainer
929 - Quantum Physicist Hostage Trainer
950 - Super Agent Europe
951 - Super Agent China
952 - Super Agent America
953 - Super Agent Russia
954 - Super Agent Unaligned
955 - Super Agent Unaligned (Ugly)
960 - Freak
961 - Freak Super Agent
980 - Test Dumy
999 - Female CIA
Creating Your Own Cheat Shortcuts
Shortcuts are an incredibly useful part of any developer console, and Evil Genius offers the same kind of system.

Through the console, you can create one of two things: keybinds, and shortcuts. I'll go over both of these in order.

Keybinds are the basics of any game. When you press a key that has something bound to it, it can be any game. You can even go into the Keybinds into the Options menu and adjust them yourself, but you'll still be quite limited in how you can actually use them and what different actions you can bind.

By entering DF_RedefineDebugShotcuts into the console, you unlock all Debug commands. This means that you can technically bind any normal keys to debug functions. You could make the I key give you $100,000, or even set up your Numpad keys to help control different parts of the AI. To make this more effective, though, you need something stronger.

Shortcuts let you queue up actions and have them bound to a single key, allowing you to specify multiple things at once. Let's use the pre-made shortcut of CreateMinion as an example: by entering the command "bindshortcut createminion U", I could set my U key to create a basic Worker minion whenever I press it.

Can I Make Shortcuts?
I'll be entirely honest... I haven't figured out how to create them yet. HOWEVER, when I manage to get a hang of it, I'll post updated details in this section explaining how it works.
Developer Mode / Command Text Dump
This is a raw text dump of the contents of default.ksb (at least, the English version of the file). I converted it into a table format to make it easier to read at a glance.

Auto-generated shortcut bindings file. Do not alter unless you, like, really want to
Command Name
Key Shortcut
StoreViewX (X = a number on your keyboard)
RestoreViewX (X = a number on your keyboard)
Shift+Pad -
Shift+Pad +
Ctrl C
Ctrl T
Ctrl M
Ctrl N
Ctrl A
Ctrl S
Ctrl O
Credit and Acknowledgements
This guide was originally made in 2013, but on June 27th, 2020, I decided to heavily revamp it. That required some indirect help, and it would be wrong to take all the credit for myself.

Sources of information
EvilPlanetWiki, now shut down (although it may be returning)?
GameFaqs (for storing some of the same information as EPW).
Codex of Knowledge[evilgeniuswiki.wordpress.com], a backup of Evil Planet Wiki.
Abyssion[www.angelfire.com]'s site, which had enough details for me to get into EntShortNames.txt within ten minutes of searching for a solution.
kjulo's reupload of[www.angelfire.com] the ERB reader, which I needed to get into certain files.

< >
Security_guard Sep 24, 2023 @ 3:20am 
Nevermind, I just changed my hungarian keyboard into english keyboard
Security_guard Sep 22, 2023 @ 5:53am 
I don't know why, but it's doesn't work for me. I typed maybe a hundred times, changed the languages, but none are was effective. How? Can you say it property please, how is HUMANZEE work in private please? I will thank you!
TheJim Mar 23, 2022 @ 1:18am 
Thanks for the tips, but had already tried all that.

I had to install a patch that works with steam and now it works without issue.

Found it in this guide on steam https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=125479570

In the official patch section it has a link removed:
Right click, press "View source"
It opens in notepad (at least for me).
CTRL+F, search for "link removed" and a bit to the right of that it should have the removed link.

Steam appears to not like the link, so I guess use at your own risk kind of thing.
STABBS Mar 22, 2022 @ 5:17pm 
@TheJim Its been forever since Ive played and got it to work but maybe try rebinding debug mode to a different key. I remember it took a lot of fiddling with the keys along with trial and error to get it to work
TheJim Mar 22, 2022 @ 2:33pm 
Thank you for the guide the HUMANZEE with its base level cheat access works fine.

However I can't get the debug mode to work at all, modified the files as described in the guide, made sure numlock was off (even tried with it on to be sure), but nothing Ctrl+D does nothing at all for me, console won't work, the shortcuts with debug mode won't work either, just can't get debug mode to turn on.

Anyone had this problem and managed to resolve it?
THIN BOARD Dec 13, 2021 @ 9:18pm 
hey thanks for this post first of all it was the most helpful one I could find but just one thing I cant get the increases/decrees notoriety or heat to work for me I've tried it with debug on and off with the humanzee on and off but I just cant get it to work any ideas on why its not working or how to get it to work
MithranArkanere Oct 8, 2021 @ 9:17pm 
If there's no Current.kbs file, simply go ingame and change any key binding, like binding pause to P or the pause key, or binding quickload to F9.
BenevolentNight Jun 26, 2021 @ 12:40am 
I think the command DF_AllowZoomToEntity Reffers to the fact that when you double click an object or character (including Minions and agents) the camera zooms in on that object or character and gives specific info such as power consumption, individual stats (for agents, minions, and henchmen), ect.

It may be on by default and when switched off would just give you the info without zooming in. havent tested it yet, I'll let you know when i do
SteahmChip Mar 31, 2021 @ 7:27pm 
what is SlowMovement #
in the Developer Mode?

It does not seem to do anything

I gather you enable developer mode
ctrl + d then press a number
type ` to bring up the console
then press a number
still nothing

On the other hand
type Ctrl+d to enable console
type ` to bring up the console
type speed .5
hit ENTER (keypad enter may not work)
speed is half so it works (though sound is slow mo' as well)
tobias599 Mar 24, 2021 @ 12:09pm 
Update: Just changed the default minion limit in the files, going to miss speeding up the game but it ain't gamebreaking anymore.