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Stacking - Empty the Lounge - Solutions
By DinoKoek
All solutions to " Empty the Lounge " puzzle.
Stacking - Empty the Lounge - Unauthorized Entry
Unauthorized Entry:

For the first way to complete this challenge, look for the medium sized doll with blonde hair. Stack into her and you should get the ability to "seduce"
Seduce the guard in front of the door to the lounge and lead him away.
Stack out of the girl doll and then quickly move around to stack in to the guard.
Unlock the door, proceed inside, and the lounge boss will kick everyone out.

Stacking - Empty the Lounge - Fan-tastic

To the right of the door to the lounge is a tool rack with an engineery looking doll nearby. Stack into him and then use his ability to remove the fan to the right of the door.
Head through the duct to reach the lounge, triggering the host to make everyone leave on account of an uninvited guest.

Stacking - Empty the Lounge - The Fug of War
The Fug of War:

Head down the two sets of stairs near the lounge and you'll reach a pair of bathrooms. Somewhere around here should be a fat, bald doll with side burns and a mustache. Stack into him and head back to the lounge.
Position the doll's back toward the ventillation fan and let one loose to cause everyone inside to evacuate the lounge.
Now that you've completed all of the ways to beat this first challenge, stack into all three engineers and bring them to the train to move on to the next level!