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Kingz Online
Platforms: PC
Languages: English, Korean
Players: Multi-player
May 16, 2013 @ 2:58am
Dec 4, 2013 @ 11:25am
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We have been Greenlit!
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Release date: "Fourth quarter 2013"
About Kingz Online

Kingz Online is a build-your-kingdom game. MMORTS set in a medieval background, combined with strategic life simulation.

Story-wise, the Bizant Empire, the mightiest kingdom in the Lea Continent, gathered hidden clues about the creation of the world. Bizant waged war to take over God's power and your kingdom helplessly perished before Bizant's power.

You lost almost everything and drifted to Burnen. You decided to settle there and build your new kingdom. However, your kingdom will face many dangers: depredatory monsters, the Bizant Empire’s attempts toward continent unification, and chances of neighboring kingdoms' (especially of other players) sudden betrayal.

Build a variety of buildings and establish the most efficient military training system to raise your army. It is in your hands to attack other kingdoms or to be attacked by them.

Key Features

User-friendly MMORPG Approach
Although Kingz Online does include strategic life simulation elements, players can enjoy the familiar MMORPG-type play in full. Go ahead and explore the fields for some MMORPG fun. Exciting adventures in extensive worlds with countless quests and all sorts of monsters await you.

Character-Specialized Classes
At launch, choose among Defender, Berserker, Beast Hunter, and Elementalist. Each class has a distinctive combat style, of course as well as unique characteristics in kingdom reign. (Another class is coming soon.)

Massive Siege Battle
You can wage Siege Battles with your own army. Jump into the battlefields where many soldiers are in the thick of the fight and exterminate your enemies! You have options to auto-play or to lead your men yourself and fight all over the battlefield. Forge allies with other players across the world, or defeat their army and loot their resources!

Convenient Card Integration System
Kingz Online offers you many ways to obtain Cards, such as quests, monster hunts, and siege wars. You can register these cards on an integration system called Card Book and use them, for example, for skill casting or troop placement. A very easy and immediate process. No need at all to bother locating NPCs to learn, delete or modify different skills.

Constant Updates
Developers of Kingz Online are making a ceaseless effort to add more fresh content such as new buildings, new dungeons, powerful boss monsters and another continent.


In the beginning, the Creator created Astras, Demonias and the Ancient. He who spent all His energy to create the world, fell into an eternal sleep after He left the Emperor Stone to the Ancient. As they had found out about His doing, Astras and Demonias attacked the Ancient. And there was chaos across the world.

Bound to become extinct, the Ancient used the Emperor Stone. The Emperor Stone absorbed energy from Astras and Demonias, and threw them into another dimension. But, the Emperor Stone could not withstand the amount of absorbed power and imploded the world. The Emperor Stone shattered into pieces. The Ancient feared the power and stroke a deal with Guardians to keep the Emperor Stone pieces in control.

Thousands of years later... the Cardinal of the Bizant Empire, Innocent discovered ancient documents and learned about the Emperor Stone's power. Innocent started a war to gather the pieces. As a result, a chaos was stirred up once again in the Lea Continent.

System Requirements

CPU - Intel Pentium 4 2.8G /AMD Sempron 2800
VGA - NVIDIA GeForce 6600 / Amd Radeo X1550
OS - Windows XP (Service Pack 2) Vista, Windows 7
DirectX - 9.0c(2008.6)

CPU - Intel Pentium Dual Core / AMD Athlon 64x2
VGA - NVIDIA GeForce 7600 / AMD Radeo X2600
OS - Windows XP (Service Pack 2) Vista, Windows 7
DirectX - 9.0c(2008.6)

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:( i wana play this game but its only in chinese
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