ARK: Survival Evolved

ARK: Survival Evolved

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Jul 19, 2018 @ 6:27am
Oct 31, 2018 @ 10:35pm
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Welcome to Valguero, it's a unique new map!

It's still WIP but we want you to test our first playable version!

All resources are available!! (Except AB resources that will be added soon)

If you find any bugs please make a screenshot with GPS and post it in our "bugs and issues" channel on our Discord server[]!


Map completition
  • Map completion 77% Surface
  • 0% Aberration
  • 0% Underground Ocean
  • All Scorched Earth resources are available

Unique features
  • TWO new biomes! The Tundra and White cliffs (WIP)
  • Huge mountains instead of sea around the map
  • One bigger mountain in the north for orientation
  • A big surface (~82km²) with much more land than water
  • New weather effects

Future plans
  • Complete the Redwood biome
  • Complete the White cliff biome
  • Underground ocean with bigger dinos (Mosasaurus, Plesiosaurus, Tusoteuthis)
  • Complete Aberration cave system with all Aberration dinos
  • Add Thylacoleo nest/cave
  • Custom Tekcave

Ark modding contest
Valguero got so much support. We are so thankfull guys, you are awesome! :)

Sponsor & Partner
If you want to have your own Ark Server, click the picture! :)

Join our Discord server[] and join our community!
And follow us on Twitter and Facebook[] aswell to keep up to date! :)

Mod ID : 1445088670
Map Name : Valguero_P

You want to support us?
We have opened a Tipeee-page for project Valguero and you can support us there if you want to. IT'S ALL VOLUNTARY :)

Special thanks
MaveOfficial for the AMAZING Valguero trailer ! :)

Don't forget to rate and comment :)
Have fun and enjoy!
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Dec 23, 2018 @ 11:08am
Black Pearls?
[R+] #7
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Einfach So 11 hours ago 
kann man die map im single player spielen ?
Jefahfaah Jan 18 @ 7:51am 
@Mona, you have commented this on several maps, are you sure it's not on your end? This map, and crystal Isles works fine for me..
is your game up-to-date, are the mods up-to-date, are you using mods that are outdated or discontinued? did you try reinstalling ark and the mods alltogether?
or is your pc just a potato? :)
good luck! hope it will work for you
Scott_hn Jan 18 @ 7:51am 
@Mona You've just made the same complaint at several different maps in the last few minutes... I'll let others draw there own conclusions, lol.
Mona Jan 18 @ 7:47am 
can't load the map, game crashes every time
Cascayd Jan 17 @ 12:15pm 
Hi. I downloaded and explored this map today. It is really really good. Very much looking forward to the update =)
Entenkiller.Sturmenten Jan 16 @ 11:37am 
Sehr schön, wir freuen uns schon auf das Update. Können es kaum erwarten. Super Arbeit Jungs!
Ralph Jan 16 @ 10:22am 
Nekatus  [author] Jan 16 @ 10:13am 
HUGE update is coming in a few days. We gonna fix a lot of bugs(yes, the whitecliff overspawn aswell) and you will get a massive amount of new areas to discover!
Da Ru BlackScorpion Jan 16 @ 6:19am 
wann is den das nächste update geplant? super map sieht echt klasse aus habs heute installiert grandiose arbeit
SwEeTy Jan 16 @ 3:35am 
Habe leider noch immer einen Überspawn am ende des langen Flusses. Schade das der Tag/Nacht Rythmus nun 90/10 ist :o